Monday, December 1, 2008

Templete For Drawing Of The Moon


Yes, another complete day off. Aside from a few stairs and a walk to/from the car park I pretty much sat on my arse all day. I had some work to get caught up on which killed off a few hours. That and catching up with people at work including a visit from ATL's finest Mr Andy Keel was the craic from the day.

I didn't really get much of a chance to listen to the new sounds I have in my iTunes, but that is what tonight is for. I am really exploring Bloc Party "Intimacy", an album I picked up from Fagan yesterday. I did like their other two albums. Not exactly what I would describe as my kind of sounds but certain tracks really hit the spot so I am assuming I am going to get something similar from this album.
I've been running to "The Prayer" a lot, especially last winter before I blew my knee out. Its a great tune. I have been intrigued by this album for a few reasons, but none more so than the fact that they did a Radiohead on it and released it Digitally on very short notice. Also I have read that it was utter bollix by some of the music media and typically that means I may like it. But it was this review by Luke Turner of "The Quietus that did it for me,

"Bloc Party will always come up against the fact that Radiohead’s OK Computer still stands monolithic over the terrain of personal and existential angst expressed through muddled guitars and electronics. This notwithstanding, although Intimacy is another album from Bloc Party about lonely souls in a hard and indifferent world etc. etc. and so on amen, for the first time, it’s arguably worth joining them in their struggle."

I joined the new Boston Sports Club that opened down the street from me. This may seem like a waste of cashola in these tough times however its all about convenience and despite Reebok having a great Gym and PC having a first class facility neither are a 5 minute walk from the house and if I want to hit up a spin or yoga class I like having it ready and available and just a walk away. I also need to do more core work and a gym membership tends to twist ones arm since its an investment of sorts.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm back running. Leg felt better tonight but I resisted temptation to hit the Blvd by instead taking a trip to Starbucks for some average coffee with my man Coxy.

Two days off is nothing,

Love Kel

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  1. check out idea by bono i think...only a 5er and you get some cool rare tunes every week....