Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like Its 1999

AM: 8 Miles, 56 Minutes, East Side Loops

Last run of 2008 was with D Wykes and Pat Tarpy. Great way to end the year really because it was tough. We lashed in some coffee down at the exchange and braved the snow after we were well and juiced up. I was pretty happy and proud since the snow was really heavy and it was in our face for the first 3 miles. Nearly turned around but that was just a silly, fledgling thought. We discussed life and running. The time went by in a flash and to be honest I hope I have many more runs like this in the next 12 months. So tonight calls for some beers and a gathering at a friends house and tomorrow is business as usual with a medium long run planned. I am in a it of an emotional state right now because I wish I had this focus many years ago when the Christmas/New Year holiday meant a serious piss up with my mates and little or no running. Now its the opposite although I do miss the Drogheda crew.

So to all who care, I wish you the best but remember tomorrow is another day with the same problems so resolutions can axe me arse. My resolution started on day one of this blog. Tomorrow the journey continues.

Peace and Love


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