Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tonight I'm Gonna Party Like Its 1999

AM: 8 Miles, 56 Minutes, East Side Loops

Last run of 2008 was with D Wykes and Pat Tarpy. Great way to end the year really because it was tough. We lashed in some coffee down at the exchange and braved the snow after we were well and juiced up. I was pretty happy and proud since the snow was really heavy and it was in our face for the first 3 miles. Nearly turned around but that was just a silly, fledgling thought. We discussed life and running. The time went by in a flash and to be honest I hope I have many more runs like this in the next 12 months. So tonight calls for some beers and a gathering at a friends house and tomorrow is business as usual with a medium long run planned. I am in a it of an emotional state right now because I wish I had this focus many years ago when the Christmas/New Year holiday meant a serious piss up with my mates and little or no running. Now its the opposite although I do miss the Drogheda crew.

So to all who care, I wish you the best but remember tomorrow is another day with the same problems so resolutions can axe me arse. My resolution started on day one of this blog. Tomorrow the journey continues.

Peace and Love


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


AM: Workout 3 Miles, 2 Miles, 1 Mile; 15:30, 10:18, 5:07; 75 Sec Rec
PM: Yoga

The plan was to do 2 x 3 miles but it was so hot in the gym that i needed to take an extra break so I could keep my HR from exploding. I went on the T-Mill because it supposed to snow and the wind was howling. PC has a couple of Woodway treadmills that are amazing and basically the best ones out there so Wykes and I jumped on them and did our sessions. I am very pleased with the session but my HR was above threshold due to the heat. I was roasting big time. The pace felt fast than outside but I don't worry about T-Mills in terms of accuracy, rather just effort. Great day, great session.

In the PM I had my weekly trip to Eyes Of The World yoga and had a good 2 hour class. I had a nice practice but my tight hips continue to be a problem and disrupt the quality of the class. Tonight we focused on opening up the chest for the heart and it was beautiful. Overall it was a great training day but the treadmill session reaffirms the fact that I have a long way to go. Happy, and many painful days ahead!

Love Kel

Monday, December 29, 2008

Clinging Onto Bottles

PM: 8.2 Miles, 53:20, Fruit Loop, Blvd

Feeling pulled apart by horses is an apt way to describe how I feel right now. I drove down to Long Island today to hang with the crew from Runners Edge. I had a reasonably early start so decided to wait and run later in the day, thinking of course that I would be home by 4 or 5. But then I forgot to account for Southern Connecticut traffic on the way home. Ended up taking an age and I rolled in at 7 bells. My hip has been sore since the drive from Canada so I shelved tempo run plans until tomorrow and opted to go for an easy run around the usual loop while listening to Bloc Party and Stars. I felt crappy and very tired but I got it in and right now I am content and at ease.

Driving sucks ass and since I am a sales rep who spends lots of time behind the wheel it is not good to feel this way. My hips took an awful beating on the drive back from Canada and again from 8 hours today. However, I am not going to negative town, I just need to learn to be better with stretching, hydration, and breaks. Otherwise, life is good and tomorrow should be a fantastic training day.

Love Kelrock

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Year End List

Music is basically as important to me as running. I just happen to be better at running than music! I can't sing for peanuts, my guitar playing is suspect but my DJing is proficient! Anyway, it doesn't matter, music is joyful and personal. I run with my shuffle almost everyday and I listen to music for hours every night. With that being said I have not listened to many albums this year. I think it was an average year for albums really. But irrespective of the quality of album output throughout a year there is always a few blinders and for me this year was no exception. I looked at a lot of year end lists on the blogosphere and in the many music publications. Fleet Foxes was without doubt the most acclaimed album of the year across major zines and on most blogs. I did not like it, it is not my cup of tea and the songs did not strike a chord in me. Likewise, another top 10 album on almost everyones year end list was TV On The Radio "Dear Science", a good album, but not one of my favs at all. It gets an honorable mention but thats it.

It is very difficult to listen to everything and digest it all, especially albums that need work. Vampire Weekend is a good example of this. I wanted to like this album because I liked what I read and the reccomendations came thick and fast. But I simply couldn't love it. I listened on a few runs and had it playing in the house. Solid tracks but nothing that gets the hair on my neck standing. I did not listen to Deer Hunter, The Walkmen, Of Montreal and many others. I will try to revisit these in 2009 but clearly I spent too much time with the 10 albums on my list below.

10. French Teen Idol - Enlightened False Consciousness (Lost Children)
I went back and forth with the number 10 spot. This album just pipped Air France and simply because I made this my ultimate chill album over the last 6 weeks. I also love the fact that it was free. Not because I'm cheap, rather here is a guy who completely loves music and wants people to hear it so he gives it away. A lovely philosophy in a capitalist world. The album has lush piano, swirling synths, beautiful pads, creative samples, striking crescendos. The ingredients create Post Rock meets Electronic at 3am after a night on the tiles. Fantastic music and very emotional.

9. Bloc Party - Intimacy (Vice)I really enjoyed this album, and I love that they did a bit of a Radiohead on it by releasing it on the web with little introduction. It is the third studio album by Bloc Party and for me it hit the spot. I only listened to it over the last month on a regular basis and 4 or 5 of the tracks make the shuffle playlist daily. The album opens with Chemical Brothers meets Fatboy Slim big beat sound and the lively tempo sets the tone for a fantastic album. Having said this, it is the slightly more mellow tracks that get me fired up because of the depth and honesty in the lyrics. Not that I can call Bloc Party downtempo! Without much fanfare this album is a real treasure, full of beauty and emotion coupled with thrilling instrumentation. Perhaps not better than the previous two albums but certainly as good and consistent. Lovely pop tunage.

Bloc Party - Better Than Heaven (Intimacy)

8. MGMT - Oracular Spectacular (Sony)I first heard these guys as "The Management" up in Creed, Colorado. Tom McArdle and Mark Brissette were working on a ranch with Brett Easton Ellis style rich kids who had absolutaly no morals. One of them, a guy who attends Dartmouth College was out of his gorge on something and kept playing a song called "Kids". If Creed was good for one thing it was my introduction to this band. The buzz has worn off a bit but its a great album and many of the tracks helped me on my dark evening runs last Feb and March. Electric Feel, Kids, and Time To Pretend are my favs. Uplifting pop not far from The Flaming Lips leaves you feeling warm all over.

MGMT - Electric Feel (Oracular Spectacular)

7. Parlour Steps - Ambiguoso (Nine Mile Records)Vancouver outfit Parlour Steps are my suprise of the year. I stumbled across these guys searching the blogosphere and they are quite simply spectacular. They have a few albums preceeding this one but I can't trek through their back catalog because this album is still without a weak point and hasn't come close to being played out. Lovely music, great voice and lyrics, and lots of joy to play endlessly.

Parlour Steps - Thieves Of Memory (Ambiguoso)

6. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (Last Gang Records)

A love it or hate it experience is what you will get when you listen to this Toronto Duo. Me, I love it. Its like The Knife meets a Spectrum computer trying to load the latest version of Fifa 88'. Their sound evokes old video arcade noises. I personally love the eight-bit computer sounds and the banshee vocals. Its all very uplifting and beautiful when banging away in my ears. Its eclectroclash and nu rave rolled into one. Piercing noises, drums, synths, and chopped up lyrics. Underneath it all is beautiful melody. The album is bold and very infectious.

Crystal Castles - Vanished (Crystal Castles)

5. Portishead - Third (Island)
When I heard Thom Yorke play a song called The Rip I was delighted to hear it was a Portishead cover. I immediately went and got the album. One of the most satisfying moments of the year 2008 was sitting in Coffee Exchange listening to this album with a large dark coffee. It left me feeling very tense and uneasy while being completely moved. If this was a movie it would be directed by David Lynch. Beth Gibbon's voice is so haunting and full of soul. The music is beautiful and the album a thrill to listen to. Utterly absorbing.

Portishead - The Rip (Third)

4. M83 - Saturdays = Youth (Mute)
For me M83 will always be about "Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts" simply because it was on this album that I discovered Anthony Gonzales. We went to see them in Boston and I was completely blown away. Soft lyrics over epic soundscapes and journeys. Truly emotional music. On this album Gonzales goes in a slightly different direction. He maintains all the characteristics of M83 but the theme of the album is a nostalga for the 80's, particuarly for John Hughes style films like Sixteen Candles. The cover is a tribute to 80"s youth movies, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, and even The Karate Kid. Among the hazy nostalga of tracks like standout "Kim and Jessie", are some pure M83 moments that keep the album focused and organic regarless of the pop and commercial cross over. From start to finish the album is epic and the 80's refrences are not just cinamatic. Morgan Kibby offers her vocals on the tracks Skin Of The Night and Up! and its on the latter that the tribute to Kate Bush becomes evident. Buy the album and listen often.

M83 - Graveyard Girl (Saturdays = Youth)

3. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colors (Modular)
An album full of breezy anthems. This sophmore record from the Australian trio is a joy to listen to and perfect company on those long evening runs. No album better displays the nu-wave revival than this. Lansing-Driden do a great job but In Ghost Colors really nails it for me. The lyrics are hardly ground breaking but Dan Whitfords voice is straight out of the 80's and it suits the music so well. The album is complete with excellent synth based tracks that echo the best parts of New Order. "Lights and Music", "Hearts On Fire", and "Feel The Love" are superb, and extremely energetic. These storming tracks are intertwined with epic moments like "Strangers In The Wind", with rolling baselines over Fleetwood Mac style guitar. This album will make you smile and dance around your home, no doubt about it.

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (In Ghost Colors)
2. Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer (Sub Pop)Apologies To Queen Mary is one of my favorite albums of this decade. At Mount Zoomer was always going to have its work cut out to satisfy but with ease it succeeded and I can't stop listening to it. The album is kind of an instant classic for me since it is like a more patient version of ATQM. The tracks are more subtle and yet still extremely melodic and driving. An Animal In Your Care is one of my favorite songs of the year and it is buttressed by a whole album without any weak points. If you like stuttering pianos, textured synths, arrangement that swells and breaths, and lyrics that are simply awesome, then this album is for you.

Wolf Parade - California Dreamer (At Mount Zoomer)

1. Sigur Rós- Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust (EMI, XL)The title means "With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly", and it makes me truly happy. The title can be held in sharp contrast to previous (all amazing) works due to its uplifting positive vibe. While previous works were completely epic this is more folky and summer sounding. "Gobbledigook" has a Dave Matthews sounding intro before joyous drums kick in to create festival atmosphere. This is Sigur Ros right? When I first saw these guys live it was in the Boston opera house in 2005. I went with my friend Shawn Donnelly and neither of us spoke during the show, no one in the crowd did either. When it was all said and done I still couldn't speak and I remember the first words I uttered to Shawn when we got out onto Stuart Street. Basically I said that I couldn't be friends with anyone who would not be in some way moved by a Sigur Ros show. I still stand by that. The live performance is beautiful, plain and simple, regardless of what kind of music your into. So this is the Summer album by Jonsi and the boys and I love it so much. It is not as good as some of the other albums but that means nothing. In Rainbows was the best album of 2007 but it is nothing on Ok Computer or Kid A. Great bands put out amazing albums everytime. Sigur Ros are a great band that make otherworldy music. Listen to this album with your hands in the air and a smile on your face. It is the best album of 2008.

Sigur Rós - við spilum endalaust

Buzzes Like A Fridge

AM: 13 Miles, 1:19:27, East Bay Bike Path.

Pat Moulton and I decided to keep it flat today so we ran out and back on the East Bay Bike Path. Apart from running to the start of the path and back most of the run is completely pancake and great for steady running. We were both cruising along but my legs were really heavy after yesterday. Its a long old drive from Cambridge to Providence and that length of time in the car (10 Hours) is going to leave the legs heavy. Coupled with the tropical temps today, 61 degrees, it was a bit of a shock on the body. Otherwise I felt amazing and really enjoyed my 13 miles. Pat added on a bit at the end which was fine. I was not tempted to go with him!


Monday: AM 10 Miles Steady 63:00, Treadmill
Tuesday: AM: 10 Miles Steady, 62:30, Treadmill
Wednesday: AM: 9 Miles Easy/Steady, 65:00, Ice Storm!
Thursday: OFF Rest Day, Legs very stiff after slipping so much yesterday.
Friday: AM: 9.5 Miles Steady, 65:00, Another bad day of Ice and Snow.
Saturday: AM: 10 Miles, 64:00, Good Running, University Of Waterloo.
Sunday: AM: 13 Miles, 1:19:27, East Bay Bike Path

Week Total: 61.5 Miles, 6 Runs. A great week of running, especially considering I felt so bad at the end of last week. Took a sensible day off to allow my legs to recover. Also did some good core work after the treadmill sessions. Love running.

I have to get my year end list up. No surprises lined up, just some great albums and more than anything it is the albums that are missing that might be more of a surprise. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week-end,

Love Kel

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Can Wipe You Out Anytime.

AM: 10 Miles, 64 Minutes, Waterloo University, Waterloo, ON

We met up with some friends in Waterloo before returning to P-Town. I started out with Francine and her buddies for an easy 10 minutes before picking it up and running pretty hard for 8.5 miles. It was unseasonably warm and compared to the recent freeze it felt tropical. Lovely run, lovely day and a great end to the Christmas visit north.

We got back after a smooth 10 hour drive and seeing the small but very welcoming Providence skyline left me feeling warm. We immediately hit up Nice Slice on Thayer for some pizza before unpacking. Providence is pretty much home these days since I get the same feeling every time I return after a break away. It is simply a great small city and I love living here.

So tomorrow is back to normal and I am meeting Pat Moulton in the AM for my long run, his regular run. With the return to normalcy comes better blog posts and the usual banter surropunding music and life. Right now I want a cup of tea and some of the wonderful British chocolate I got from Francine's folks.

Love Kel

Friday, December 26, 2008

On The High Rise Estate

AM: 65 Minutes, Port Elgin, About 9.5 Miles

Another tough morning to run. There was a lot of ice rain mixed with snow and it was blowing in my face for half of this run. At times I actually got a little grumpy because I couldn't open my eyes! All in all it was a lovely run though and a nice stretch of the legs after yesterdays day off. I hadn't intended taking a day off yesterday but it was really icy and I really wanted to kick the cold that has been lingering. Anyway, it was a good move and it made the run today feel very nice considering the conditions. Played lots of Techno today on the run but finished up with Morrissey.

Today we head to Cambridge, Francine's old stomping grounds. I will get in some miles tomorrow and maybe even try to squeeze in the tempo run that I had to abandon last week. Usually after or even during Christmas I feel like ass from eating and drinking too much but right now I feel fantastic and I am completely buoyed by watching Liverpool roll over Bolton Wanderers. 

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, I know I did but I am looking forward to getting back into routine, posting more detail on these blogs, listening to more music, and taking training to the next level. I am getting tired of running 50 mpw so hopefully the next 4 weeks I will get my leg feeling healthy so I can be up around 70 which is where I need to be.

Peace and love,


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Gathering

AM: 65 Minutes, steady running in an Ice Storm, tot. 9 Miles???

The effort was certainly harder than the total distance suggests. It was my first day running outside since last week and it did not disappoint. No snow but lots of icy rain that cleared the roads but still made running tough. I am delighted with the last 4 days and seemed to get in more consistency than I thought I would.

As far as my head cold goes, I've been getting better but tonight after a good lash of PBR we got into Francine's folks Hot Tub and for no reason other than good energy and better times we started doing flips out of the hot tub into the massive amounts of snow. Fantastic fun despite the ridiculous temperature changes. This is what the holidays are all about.

I have an easy day of running tomorrow so maybe I'll throw in some core work around eating lots of good vegetarian food. 

Peace and Love


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Black Star

AM: 10 Miles, 62:30, Treadmill, Port Elgin.

Same as yesterday, only slightly faster. The old Precore is a saving grace for me. I don't have a camera with me so I can't share any images from this different planet I am on but more snow fell today and apparently we are getting a further 10 cm tomorrow. To be honest, that is nothing compared to what is already on the ground!

This image was taken with photobooth off the old macbook. Its Francine's parents back deck and there is 3 feet of snow on it. Around the corner is a hot tub that I will be hitting up tonight, with Newcastle in hand and lots of good energy.

I am a little out of routine with it being Christmas etc. I am also stealing wireless from next door so its patchy at the best of times. With the situation being as it is I will be only hitting up small daily posts until Sunday night when I arrive back in P-Town so I can post my year end lists (its coming TJ) I have pretty much decided my top 15 albums and my top 10 songs of the year, most from said albums.

I love you all,


Monday, December 22, 2008

Drinking Guinness By The Fire

AM: 10 Miles, Treadmill, 63:00, Core Work

To mention the snow is futile right now. Please accept it when I tell you there is literally feet upon feet of powder everywhere. Even the hardiest of Canadians are complaining. So today was another treadmill and I was lovin it. Beautiful running listening to a mix of tunes ranging from Hot Chip to Sigur Ros. Started out at 7:00 min pace and quickly squeezed it down to a faster pace.

Again, I want to thank you all for the comments. It makes these times a little easier and keeps the belief high. Most people are enjoying the holidays and getting ready to start their new years resolutions but the day I started this blog and subsequent comeback was my resolution so this week is a holiday but running has its place and on Friday when its all said and done its back to work.

Peace and Love, and many pints of creamy black Guinness,


Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Longer Afraid Of The Dark

PM: 10 Miles, 64:05, Treadmill, Port Elgin Canada

Managed to make it to the gym despite the blizzard. We were the only car on the road so it was all good. Francine did yoga but was the only person to show up so she had a fantastic personal session. I jumped on an old school precore treadmill and banged out 10 miles and cleared the pipes. I ran progression so I started at 7 min pace and finished at 6 min pace. I felt crappy but by running harder I felt I was actually doing more good because I was really hacking up some stuff.


Monday: AM 8 Miles Steady PM 4.2 Miles Steady
Tuesday: AM: Tempo Session; 2 X 3 miles, 15:16, 15:10, 1 Min Rec Tot: 12 Miles
Wednesday: PM: 8 Miles Easy
Thursday: OFF Sick 45 Minutes Spin Bike
Friday: OFF Sick
Saturday: OFF Sick
Sunday: PM: 10 Miles Steady

Week Total: 42.2 Miles, 5 Runs. It is almost not worth totalling up these weeks because they amount to so little but I feel like I am getting really fit and if I can get through these early weeks of running I will be able to hit it hard come Feb/March. Positive.

So the remainder of this evening will bring about tea drinking and movie watching. I may throw in some chocolate to the mix as a reward for getting in 10 miles today. I might be stuck at the 50 mpw average over the last month but strangely it works. I CANNOT run 100 miles in a week, I break down because of my back being curved and my hips being completely messed up. I have a leg length issue and osteoporosis on top of all that. However, I am learning at this late stage to deal with this. The blog helps so again I thank you for your comments and emails.

Coming this week, depending on the weather is running everyday, new music information, and the year end albums and songs list according to Kelrock.

Peace and Love,


No Way Out

I didn't post yesterday because I couldn't. Francine and I were in the car for another 7 hours trying to navigate our way to Port Elgin on snow covered roads. The old Matrix has been reliable but this was a test of her 14" front wheel drive. All good though, we made it late last night, got some grub and went to bed. Another day off running yesterday. I want to thank my friends for their comments, it makes it easier to miss consecutive days when the approval comments come flooding in! 

I am going to the gym today despite still feeling rough. Fortunately I got in 11 hours of sleep last night. A luxury that I experience only when I am sick. I am going to take some snaps of the blizzard outside. There is no running this afternoon because it would be pointless and completely lacking any benefits. I can't see the end of the back garden due to the white out conditions. Hopefully the gym is open (if I owned it I would be sitting at home with a cool scoop and some football)

So thats the buzz so far. I will update later,

Love Kel

Friday, December 19, 2008



Since there were some comments I feel like I should explain myself. It is difficult to complain when one of my friends/readers is from Alaska, but the whole day was a tough one even for the most vicious of Alaskan runners. 

We hit the road at 6AM out of P-Town to beat the storm but by the time we hit Syracuse it was snowing heavily. Once we hit 81N to Kingston it was a joke and down to single lane traffic moving at max speeds of 35-40 mph. The remaining 120 Miles took about 4 hours. In the meantime the cold I was trying to kick last week came back with a vengeance that crushed my spirits. My throat was so sore and raw on the whole drive. 

By the time we hit Kingston a foot of snow had fallen and the wind was biting. Snow was literally blowing every direction and gathering in drifts that made waking the sidewalks a kin to a core routine. Temps were below -4 F and -20F  with the wind chill. It was the coldest wind I have experienced in years. So with having a head cold, and no where to run I had to bag the day. Its only going to help my leg get better anyway so I don't mind.

The snow has stopped and we plan on hitting the road to Port Elgin tomorrow. Francine and Wykes are gone to run on T-Mills at the gym and I am getting rid of this head cold once and for all.

Love Kel

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Whos In A Bunker?

AM: Spin Bike, 45 Minutes, Hard with Pick ups

Its fairly late and I am leaving to head north west for Canada in the AM so this will be brief. I took a day off running and replaced it with some spin bike. I fully intended on doing an hour but my shuffle lost power after 20 minutes and just getting to 45 was an accomplishment I am very proud of. I did some core work and a small amount of yoga to supplement and for a day off I feel completely at ease and a little fitter, happier, and more productive.

I have so much to discuss that rather then starting I am going to wait until the next few days. The basic plan of attack is to get back running throughout next week in Canada. Enjoy the holidays with good wine, beer and company. Do lots of resting and reading. Compile my official year end music list, and generally enjoy life without the worries of work. 

This whole blog is very emotional for me. Not for any particular reason it just is. And I love it.

So with everything being said, my day is truly insignificant compared to that of m good friend and fellow Red, Mark Davis. He became the father of a boy who weighed in at 6 pounds 12 ounces and goes by the name Ty Anfield Davis. For those of you not in the know Anfield is the home to Liverpool FC and the greatest ground on earth bar none. It puts a huge smile on my face when I think of young Ty who will grow up with the coolest name of everyone he will encounter.

You'll Never Walk Alone


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Red Fez

PM: 8 Miles Easy, Rhode Runner Group, East Side

I will be taking the advice of John Clark and Ryan Hall and backing down over the next few days. I ran in some discomfort tonight and it is taking a lot not to turn negative with this blog post. My knee hurt and my quad pain was 6/10 on the scale. I was happy to finish my loop and use the foam roller for 30 minutes.

Having the company of Rhode Runner team member Clay Howland helped and my general mood wasn't too bad despite the uncomfortable strides I was taking. Tomorrow is a day off and maybe Friday too. I will get massage when I arrive in Canada this weekend. I am ahead of the curve and I seem to get a little fitter if I just think about running so a couple of days on the spinner will be just the ticket.

Dinner tonight was consumed in the Red Fez, a hipster joint in P-Town that caters for thrifty vegetarians and beer drinkers alike. We joined PC strength coach Ken White and enjoyed local brews, Mac and Cheese, and great conversation. It puts having some leg pain in perspective. Yesterday I had a great workout, today I am having a beer with my girlfriend and a mate in a cool ass joint in the center of Providence. I also drank a ton of coffee today, hung out at Rhode Runner chatting to the life guru Jay Romasco, did some exercises with Mark Carroll and got lots of work done. Who am I to complain? I even found the time while having my second cup of coffee in the exchange to peruse the music blogosphere and loose time to melody and percussion. 

Its so easy to listen to "The Nun's Litany" by Magnetic Fields over and over again. Such a fantastic piece of poetry......... "I want to be a brothal worker, I've always been treated as one. If I could I'd be a back street lurker, I make more money and have more fun".....

Peace and Love,


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sort Of Like A Dream? No. Better.

AM: Session, 2x3 Miles, 1 Min Rec, 15:16, 15:10 On Coogan Loop

Running today was very satisfying. I harbored intentions of going inside on the T-Mill since we were scheduled to have ice rain and snow. The day kicked off with some rain and looked like it was going to be a wash, however at about 9:30 it stopped and cleared up. I respect the weather services but sometimes they get it so wrong it defies belief. No wind, nice air temps, and certainly nothing that resembled rain or snow. I warmed up to the sound of Portishead before selecting 6 very uplifting and melodic techno tracks from artists like Gui Borratto and Milton Jackson to accompany me during my 3 mile efforts.

My first rep was nice and controlled, 5:01, 5:09, 5:06. I purposely slowed down on mile two since I knew I could not maintain the pace of the first mile. After the brief but very effective one minute break I got going again. 5:02, 5:05, 5:03 were the splits. I was so tempted to kick it in on the last mile down Elmgrove but a tempo is supposed to be exactly that. In the old days I'd finish tempo runs and be on my hands and knees. Today I stopped wanted to do more. A wonderful feeling.

Another wonderful feeling is listening to David Byrne and Brian Eno - Strange Overtones I got this from the pitchfork media top 100 songs of 2008 list. The list is fantastic because every track is available to listen to and there are a few MP3's linked such as the one above. If you are a fan of music its worth checking out.

I'm not going to lie, my leg is sore. I can't quite figure it out. I felt effortless on my run today but now it feels like my femur is crumbling. I know its either my IT band or something related because it is a very addicting pain when I rub it with my fist. I am going to try an ignore it and keep things business as usual. These are the pains associated with not running a step for 6 months.

My Yoga class tonight was a challenge. The whole concept of Yoga is suspending the mind and being at one with the breath, not loosing focus. But I could not take my mind off my pain and since I am truly excited about my run today I had all manner of thoughts rushing around my head. Despite all this the class was great and I got a wonderful stretch in. I kept repeating the conversation piece from an Air France track. Sort of like a dream? No. Better. Its a small girl asking the question and a small boy responding. I equate this to my session today. Was it sort of like a dream? No, It was better. I did not think I would feel this easy running these reps in training so soon. I am way ahead of where I'd been during past years coming off injury. In 2005 I managed to run 28:43 for 10k in the spring. In the fall of 2004 I was not running and during the winter I was trying to get fit. I could not have done todays effort. Now, I know I was younger but I feel great so why can't I get back below 29 minutes for 10k in the spring of 2009.
My band of the evening is Air France. The track "Collapsing At Your Doorstep" is the one I was referring to and the inspiration for the title. This group is new to me. I know they are a Swedish duo and I know I like what I hear. Its poppy, upbeat, and puts a smile on my face. Just what I need right now. Good day, and one more important step towards 2009..............

Peace and Love


Monday, December 15, 2008

Ritter Sport

AM: 8 Miles, No Time, Blue Hill Trails
PM: 4.2 Miles, No Time, Blvd

I left the watch at home today. Not that it really accomplished anything because I think I ran pretty quick this morning. However I crawled this afternoon and not because I was trying to recover, rather my legs hurt, both knees felt old and worn and I probably should have just bagged it but alas I didn't and I need someone to tell me off!

Keeping it positive though, this morning was great. I felt fantastic and other than knee pain my heart and lungs were in a relaxed state of being. Lovely stuff. This afternoon I was sore and limping so I can't say I enjoyed my run and I wished I took it off. I listened to some great tunes on the iPod and when I got home Frankie had some veggie burgers and Kate Bush ready to go. Let me tell anyone who reads this blog that I LOVE Kate Bush and I wish I could have seen her perform one of her few concerts back in the 80's.

Other great things about today. I am eating a Ritter Sport Chocolate and Cornflakes bar. I wish Francine never discovered this bar. Anyone who knows me can attest to my Chocolate addiction. It does not manifest itself too often over in these United States because I don't particularly like American chocolate. I like the creamy euro chocolate especially run of the mill cheap Cadbury (UK) and Rowntree (UK) bars that can be picked up down the News Agents. Ritter Sport is euro but I tend to avoid it, until now. This bar is exceptional, and by saying I could eat one everyday I am not overstating the fact. So I am eating one now and every bite is a dream. Along with this I have a cup of tea on the go and none other than the Drogheda Independent ready to read. The local paper fills me with Joy and even though I can get the news online nothing beats having the weekly town paper in all its glory. I actually have two editions here so lots of town gossip to catch up on.

I wonder how many of the current crop of Female Solo Artists look at Kate and think, impossible, its impossible to be that good. Maybe not many, but I think this is the case. Tori Amos is a bit of a modern day Kate and despite being fantastic, she is no Kate. I have a you tube clip below that is amazing on so many levels. David Gilmore has a ridiculous guitar, Kate is wearing some serious vintage clobber, and the base player may have the best hair do I have ever seen, ever!

Peace And Love,


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Still Hooked On Cellophane

AM: 13.4 Miles, 1:18:32, Fruit Loop and Laps of Blvd

Once again I woke up feeling like ass. I had a loose arrangement to meet Pat Tarpy but opted to send him a text canceling the training run. My reasons were that I truly thought I may only do 5 miles and I did not want to ruin his training. Myself and my iPod was the ticket. I started out pretty easy and after several coughing fits and a few pipe cleanings I actually started to feel good. I had no cold sweats and generally my energy came back as the run went on. I started to really roll by the end and I even clocked some 5:30's during the closing miles. Stars were the choice of sounds for this training run mainly because I'm on a Stars kick lately and because I figured the slower tempo and melancholy sound of their music would keep me running slow. The trouble is that I love melancholic sounds and I find "Depressing Music" very uplifting. So today was basically awesome from about mile 2 through the end. Upon completion I had an invite to Brian Mulligans house for brunch and it was fantastic. Just what I needed to recover from the effort.

Week 7 Ended

Monday: PM: 7 Miles, 45:00, Downtown up to Blvd.
: AM: Tempo Run; 5 Miles 25:40, Total 10.5 Miles

: 1 Mile, Treadmill


Friday: PM: 9 Miles, 56:10, Steady Running, Fruit Loop, Blvd
Saturday: AM: 8.25 Miles, 49:51, Fruit Loop Blvd; PM: 4.15 Miles, 27:01, Blvd Sunday: AM: 13.4 Miles, 1:18:32, Steady/Fast

Total Miles: 53.3 Miles, 6 Runs, One Tempo. The week could have been so much worse with this head cold really getting me down. However it ended up alright and sets me up for what should be a great forthcoming week.

I mentioned that I was listening to Stars today. These guys hail from Montreal (who doesn't these days) and they make beautiful music. I was introduced to them after they warmed up for Death Cab For Cutie in Providence in 2004. We actually missed them since we arrived late for the gig but we got the album off Fagan and Francine became a huge fan while I sat on the fence. However, I saw them again recently and their album "In Our Bedroom After The War" has definitely hit me in the right places. I suggest you get it but in the meantime if you want to check out their sound they are giving away one of their tracks from the September 2008 EP "Sad Robots". It is an old track from the album "Night Songs" called "Going, Going , Gone" and it is a live recording. Wonderful stuff. Get it here (just add the song to cart and the download will be available)Today was also the running of the annual European Cross Country Champs It was a tough day for some of the Irish. Mary Cullen ran wonderfully to finish 4th, two seconds out of a medal. Amazing. Otherwise it was a day of bad luck and obviously some fatigue. Martin Fagan finished in 24th but has been harbouring a bad cold and to make matters worse he took a fall. Andrew Ledwith who was also expected to produce the form that saw him finish 3rd at NCAA's struggled home in the 30's. David McCarthy another obvious pick for a medal struggled in the U23 event. This tells me how much of a toll the NCAA season takes on these guys. I suffered a similar fate back in 2000 when I picked up a cold en route to Malmo for Euro Cross. I finished 25th but it was without doubt my worse effort of the season. It is so hard to maintain focus and form after NCAA XC. Coupled with the consistency with which everyone picks up the cold and flu bug. I would bet my record collection that had this race been run on NCAA Monday, Dave would have got a medal and Andrew would have been top 12. Fagan would have been top 5 and Ireland would have won a medal in the senior race. Hollie Knight was another victim of the post-ncaa season running what was a poor race considering her fine form going in. Our Junior girls however ran great and it was nice to see Florida State Susan Kuijken win the womens U23. I know Davey could have done the same but I will have to wait for the recap when Mark Carroll gets back tomorrow. So all roads lead to Dublin in 2009 and after following along today I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be on that team. Its a long shot but also a long year in which anything can happen.

Peace and Love,


Saturday, December 13, 2008

AM: 8.25 Miles, 49:51, Fruit Loop Blvd
PM: 4.15 Miles, 27:01, Blvd

Yeah, I know I said last night that I was sick and that the monster was in the post blah blah blah. The truth is that I do feel like crap. I have lower energy levels than normal and I have a head that feels like its going to explode, and not just from the fact that Liverpool can't win at Anfield anymore.

So I decided to get out for a run after I had some coffee, really just as a shake out to try improve my overall vibe. I ended up doing my standard 8+ mile loop and even though I had the cold sweats I actually felt fast and pretty smooth. I bumped into Pat Tarpy and Kim Smith so I stopped for a couple of minutes for a chat before cruising in. I was thrilled to get something done today. This afternoon I had an urge to get back out and do my typical afternoon loop. So when 6 bells rolled around I had the gear on and before I knew it I was listening to Sigur Ros and bouncing down the Blvd. When I say lovely stuff, I mean it in the most sincere way.

Myself and Frankie visited with some friends and got stuck into a nice bottle of Belgium Ale. Its nice when someone asks do you want a beer and expecting a bud or green bottle euro beer you reluctantly accept only to receive some kick ass Belgian ale. Fitting also since tomorrow Brussels will host the lads at the Euro Cross Champs. My good luck goes out to the Irish teams who have a great shot at medals. And I had a moment of reflection sending good energy their way as I got the La Rulle Triple down the hatch.

I am one week away from my year end music review and I am having some real difficulty figuring it all out. Take the fact that I don't love the album that is topping most lists, TV On The Radio's "Dear Science". Likewise Fleet Foxes have a nice sound and are very appealing but will not make my list. Neither will Coldplay and Oasis certainly won't be near the list. Its got me thinking that I may see myself as a music connoisseur but I clearly have slightly different tastes than much of the music media out there. Not that I'm particularly bothered by this mind you.

Tomorrow the goal is more running and a good deal of it too. Today, irrespective of the mushroom cloud head, was terrific and very uplifting. I love running.



Friday, December 12, 2008

Here I'm Allowed Everything All Of The Time

PM: 9 Miles, 56:10, Steady Running, Fruit Loop, Blvd

After a miserable 2 days it was awesome to get out and do a proper training run. I wish I could say that I felt amazing but I didn't, I felt awful. I actually cut the run short since I had planned on doing a minimum of 10 miles. Everyone around me has been sick recently and for some reason I have been avoiding it. In fact, I have been feeling more energized and alive this fall than I have for a long time. But tonight I feel it. I guess the last two days in the car coupled with some awful weather has finally taken its toll on me. I felt cold, clammy and stuffy on the run tonight. My legs have no juice and my quad, IT pain reared its head again. Got the day in but I am not sure how I am going to feel tomorrow. This week has the potential to be a complete wash, but I am not injured and I expect to get sick at least once during this winter and if its now then so be it.

Since I was feeling so rough I decided to listen to Mr Morrissey on my run tonight so he could answer some of the questions that have been running through my head. Especially my constant concern about this pain in my femur bone. Its always good to get 40 or 50 minutes with Moz and tonight was that night. I ended up getting some Radiohead on the end and it was one of my favorite songs of all time no less, "Idioteque". Radiohead are the best live band on the planet. Now this is my opinion but it is shared by many who know their music including most musicians themselves. This track, from the ridiculously good Kid A, is one of the highlights of any Radiohead live show so when I came in tonight I watched a live version in order to lift my spirits.
You want to see Passion? Look no further than Thom Yorke during this and every live performance. He is a constant inspiration. Check this version from Glastonbury in 2003, and see if you can notice his frustration towards Jonny who is playing the loop too slow!

I could easily go to a Radiohead concert every week, it is just so uplifting. So for the rest of the night its about focusing on kicking this illness before it turns into something nasty............

I Am Awake At 4AM To The Terrifying Undeniable Truth That There Is Nothing I can Do To Stop The Monster

Love Kel

Thursday, December 11, 2008



The skinny on this day is that I didn't run. I really couldn't to be honest. It was a busy day of selling in and the ice storm we hit made driving slow and arduous. I got home tonight at 9pm and it is still lashing rain and very cold. Decided to bag it. Sometime work has to come first because at the end of the day I get a pay check and it means sacrifice. Vinny Mulvey posted on my last blog a reference to putting work first and he is very right......No Alarms and No Surprises Please!

I had my Tuesday blog post about my tempo run removed by the folks at blogger. I guess Portisheads record label did not like me putting a download of their track up on the web even though it is a cover by Thom Yorke and it is available for free on every Radiohead website including doesn't change the fact that "Third" is a great album.

I am off to bed, I am tired and today was a long ass drive in awful weather. I did have company in the form of Mr Ted FitzPatrick which was fantastic. The next three days the temptation will be to make up for loosing two days but it won't happen. They will be good quality training days but nothing crazy. Lots of music news etc to catch up on tomorrow.

And for those of you that want to know or care, the New Reebok product is being very well received so its all positive.

Love Kelrock

PS I find this video that Francine showed me tonight extremely funny.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


PM: 1 Mile, Treadmill, Hilton Garden Inn Syracuse, NY

Yes, that is one mile, 6 and a half minutes of running. No panic, no alarms, just shoddy wiring in the Hilton Garden Inn fitness center. Ted Fitz and I are in a business park off I-90 and it's about 6 bells. Its snowing and there is ice everywhere, not to mention no where to run without taking on major traffic. So we make a rational decision to hit up the fitness center. There are two treadmills side by side and there is a large TV with Jim Cramers Mad Money on....Sell Sell Sell. The scene is set and the intention is 8-10 miles. So in the middle of some conversation and while Jim screams in our ear about some new stock the machines stop, the TV turns off and all electricity in the room is lost. And thats it. No happy ending unless we wanted to wait for new fuses or if we wanted to risk running on icey roads in the dark. We waited around for the electricity to come back on but no cigar. Instead we did some core work and hit downtown Syracuse fo some grub. Overall I am pretty annoyed but I would be worse if I had to stop due to injury. I am feeling good and despite being tired from a long day of travel and some selling we were both buzzing along for 6-7 minutes. Fitzy is starting a training load for Boston and will be ready for some fast times.

I am almost finished my year end list of albums. I am deciding whether or not to include techno albums or if that should be a seperate catagory. I also have more than 10 which was going to be my cap so I will either do a top 15 or I will have an Honorable Mention List.

Selling in to a couple of Fleet Feet stores tomorrow so I will try and get a double in the AM and when I get home. I am a little off schedule but work comes first....sometimes.

Peace and Much Love,


Monday, December 8, 2008

Water Only

PM: 7 Miles, 45:00, Downtown up to Blvd.

I fully intended on doing a morning run before I hit the road for Portland, ME. However, my Achilles tendon got sore last night in bed. If its not the Achilles then it is one of the longus muscles that runs along side the Achilles. Either way I had some pain and when I heard from Francine that it was zero degrees I decided bed ways is best ways. When I got back from Maine it felt much better and more loose. It was still Baltic outside but I decided to go for a run and I felt fantastic. I ran harder than I wanted to simply because it was so cold. Today was a nice recovery day and the run felt pretty effortless. The only thing that hurt was my cheekbones from the wind. The tendon is a little inflamed now but nothing serious.

On the run I was considering my Albums of 2008 list that I will have to compile over the next few weeks. I will do a top 10 list and post a track from each album, preferably a live version of one of the tracks. Right now I am listening to an album that will be in the top ten. Wolf Parade "At Mount Zoomer" is simply fantastic. I was very nervous about this album because I make no secret of how much I love "Apologies To Queen Mary". Its been a consistent car and iPod album ever since I was introduced to it by Brian Hanley down in Austin, TX. But after I listened to AMZ a few times it really grew on me. "An Animal In Your Care" is a mainstay on my shuffle, the piano break down gets me everytime, without fail. The first time I really felt a connection with this song was in September when I was testing my knee and considering this whole last gasp attempt at running. I love the iPod shuffle for the very reason that I can play songs loud and completely uninterrupted. I never gave this diamond of a track much love but now its one of my favorite Wolf Parade moments. Mount Zoomer is not an actual place, rather it is a reference to Magic Mushrooms grown in British Columbia. I read this in NME so it must hold some validity. It is also noted as being the nickname for one of the studios they record in. I like the mushroom story better.
Anyway, if you don't know much about Wolf Parade, check out their myspace and there you will find some brilliant tunes in the music box, in particular "I'll Believe In Anything", the track that got me completely into Wolf Parade.

So check out this track and if you like it buy Apologies To Queen Mary and then buy At Mount Zoomer. Its a demo of a track that appeared on ATQM in a more polished style. The link will be up for 7 days.

Download - Wolf Parade -- Modern World (Rough Demo)

Peace and Love,


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Love And Caring

AM: 8.3 Miles, 52:13, Fruit Loop, Blvd PM: 4.2 Miles, 27:04, Blvd

We had our first snowfall today. In all fairness to call it snow is a little bit of an embarrassment to actual snow coz it was really just a dusting and certainly nothing that required treadmill temptation or Skinny Ravenesque Ice Bugs. I was out at a Christmas party last night and I had a headache this morning. Not a hangover, just a headache. I hit up Starbucks for a clover and despite helping it didn't really get rid of it. But 8.3 miles of steady running listening to Crystal Castles did help and I felt amazing after about 800 meters. When I tell you that this morning was wonderful, I mean it was wonderful in a way that I didn't want it to end. I am so strict about staying on schedule that I felt guilty about the .3 on the end........Ray, I nearly threw caution to the wind but I showed great restraint and pulled up!

In the PM I did the old up and down of the Blvd and even though there was a freezing cold wind and it was kind of icy nothing was extinguishing the warmth I had in me. Listening to one of the best albums ever written (and I'll debate this with anyone) Radiohead's "OK Computer" the run went past with Usain Bolt speed. I actually was a little "Let Down" that the run had to end but like I said, I am sticking to the plan.


Monday: OFF - Let the quad pain settle down
: AM: 6 Miles Easy, Blvd

Wednesday: AM: 7 Miles, Easy/Steady
: PM: 8 Miles, 52:00, North Providence

Friday: AM: 4.2, No time, Blvd; PM: 7.5 Miles, 49:00, Fruit Loop, Blvd
Saturday: AM: 10.15 Miles, 65:42, Fruit Loop, Pawtucket, Blvd.
: AM: 8.3 Miles, 52:13, Fruit Loop, Blvd, Steady Running; PM: 4.2, 27:04, Easy Blvd.

Week End, 55.3 Miles, 8 Runs. Really pleased with the week. The last 3 days were some of the best runs of the year. Really, really positive.

I am updating my DJ equipment. I am pretty much in the dark ages of CDj's although the Technics 1200's will NEVER go out of fashion. I am proud to have began my DJing life on the wheels of steal and I feel bad for kids now that only know the digital world. With that being said Digital is the standard now and I am using my own CDJ 500's and Some CDJ 200's that Marc Davis gave me. Reality is that I need to upgrade to some of Pioneers better product and that is what I plan to do as soon as the Christmas spend is done. Me man Sean D uses very nice, reliable, and significantly updated CDJ 200's. They play mp3 data discs and have text read out. The 400's can plug straight into the iTunes folder on a lap top but they are significantly more expensive and for the little bit of home mixing I'm doing they hold no extra value. The industry standard is the CDJ 1000 which has scratch platter, hot cues and lots of other gimmicks that would be awesome to have but not at $1200 each. So basically, I need to sell more shoes in order to get my equipment up to scratch.

Running is great right now, and even though it is going to be zero degrees tomorrow I am really looking forward to my 6 mile recovery day before my first 5 mile tempo on Tuesday.

Peace and Love,


PS, Pete Watson of Auburn XC fame had his dogs run 6 miles in 29:05 today. Admirable considering it was their first race of the season, its only December, and they stopped at one point to check out road kill. Congrats Pete!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Melodic Techno

AM: 10.15 Miles, 65:42. Blvd, Fruit Loop, Pawtucket.

Morning run with Paddy Moulton. I was a little tired today so meeting Pat was just the ticket. We hit the road at about 8:45 and it was cold. But literally after 3 minutes it was just fantastic and the fatigue subsided while the energy exploded. I never get board of running the same loops. I am not necessarily a creature of habit but I rarely deviate from the fruit loop and blvd. The Blackstone boulevard is just a 1.75 mile trail that runs along some of the nicest and most expensive neighbourhoods in Providence. It is 3 minutes from my front door (I rent, and get a great deal) jogging so I tend to do a lot of running on this path because its somewhat soft. It is also part of many loops you can run from the Brown University track and the roads are wide and quite. Running around here is pretty flat so I will run down the Fruit loop to get some hills. The Fruit loop is what I've called this section for as long as I can remember. I guess Google maps tells me it is Gulf street. Anyway, I was told many moons ago that it got its name because it was, and still is I believe, a hang out for gay men to meet each other. So maybe Fruit loop is a little derogetory but I mean it as no insult to those that choose to meet down along the Blackstone River. It is afterall a lovely place and a great place to run before hitting the blvd.

I got a great email today from my man Jay Romasco. I was just coming out of The Aldan Invitational at Brown Indoor track and I got his email which was basically about how awesome running, coffee and music are. They are of course the subjects of this blog so Jay gets an honorary mention and invite to comment anytime. I was also talking to JC who happened to be out at NXN in Portland living the dream. The energy was just fantastic and all very positive.

Those vibes continued into the evening when I attended my first Christmas party of the year in Sean Donnellys house up in Sommerville. It was a great night and there were plenty of friends, drinks and kick ass techno. I threw together a bit of a 45 minute mix that i will post here later in the week.

All in all, another great and extremely positive day. And despite the forcast of snow I can't wait for the run tomorrow morning.

Love Kel

Friday, December 5, 2008

Really Good Black Coffee

AM: 4.3 Miles, Easy Running, No Time, Blvd PM: 7.5 Miles, 49:00, Fruit Loop, Blvd, Steady Running

Please don't think I'm an asshole for saying that running today was so awesome I doubt anybody in America enjoyed their Friday, December 5th day of running as much as me. It kicked off this morning at 7:15ish when I went for my morning run on the blvd. I felt so good that I had to force myself to slow down. I listened to "In Rainbows", and as tracks like Big Ideas played I asked myself why I can't feel like this everyday. My run was made that little bit better when I bumped into my main man Jay who was out doing his own spiritual jaunt. I was terribly excited about doing my second run in the PM and it was perfect. I'm talking bouncy, no pain, nice weather, deep dreams. The blvd is about 1.7 miles long so an up and back is part of almost every run I do. I was so lost in thoughts and my music that I actually couldn't remember one whole length of the run. I am not delusional, I am just truly excited to be back training, so much so that I fall into deep visualization when I feel good. I spoke to Steve Jones this morning and that certainly lifted my spirits too. Basically, the runs today are the reason I decided to attempt this whole comeback. If I never race I at least want to have the feeling I had today, frequently and over a long period of my remaining time on earth.

I drink coffee from the Coffee Exchange in Providence. It is the best cup of coffee I've had east of Boulder's Espresso Roma. The Roma is the best cup of regular black drip coffee I've had in the 12 years that I've been in America. This place was a major part of my time in Boulder and the people and unique energy in the place was just as infectious as the strong, extra bold coffee they served. My friend Mark worked there and also worked at the exchange. He chooses his establishments wisely. Kate Lesta, the owner and manager of the Roma also happens to be a promoter of all things techno in Boulder and she invites fantastic DJ's from all over the globe to grace the decks at her Communikey events. She is awesome and totally encourages melodic and minimal techno to play loudly and frequently from the coffee shop sound system. In the morning a line of CU Students, Faculty, local residents, business people, hipsters, hippys, and everyone in between bulge the entrance and all bop their heads to the sound of Micheal Mayer, Booka Shade or Pantha Du Prince. It is an awesome experience and I miss those guys. The exchange is a little different. The coffee is just as good (the Roma wins out because of the music policy. Coffee tastes better to the sound of the underground) but the vibe is different and not in a bad way. The same kind of diverse crowd attends the exchange but ultimately its more of your Brown University crew along with lots of local activists, writers, artists, musicians and even politicians/lawyers (they are there every morning) Every morning I wake up I think about the Exchange and how it is pretty much the perfect start to the day. Just like the Roma was back in Boulder. The moral of this blurb is that having a local coffee shop that serves amazing coffee and makes you feel better is awesome. I do drink Starbucks. There is one around the corner from me that uses the clover machine and when I am on the road it is the best and most consistent dark cup of coffee you can find. Frankie and I also like to walk around when we wake on the weekends (the Exchange is 1.7 miles so its a long walk) BUT if I had walking access to places like the exchange or roma I would go no where else. The starbucks being a 1 minute walk versus driving to the exchange is always a troublesome delemia for Frankie and I so it is typically only a weekend morning thing. Obviously there are many other coffee shops out there and I do hope to experience the best the country has to offer but right now I can't imagine anywhere in the US that serves as good a coffee as my two locals. I am lucky to have the exchange and I was lucky to have Espresso Roma. With good coffee life is just the little bit better.

Tomorrow is all about the sounds. I have a lot of music to catch up on and I am going to Sean D's Christmas party. I linked one of his mixes here a few weeks back and I may record a mix of my own this space,

Peace and Love from a happy camper,


PS McArdle just text me to tell me that Delta Spirit -- Children is a great song. I think its alright but I don't love the style of Delta Spirit. Its not really my cup of tea.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


PM: 8 Miles, 52 Mins, North Providence

Hit up the old stomping grounds and went for a run around some of the old familiar loops with Mark Carroll. The great thing about running with Mark is that the conversation is always lively and the runs go by quick. Tonight was no exception and the fact that I felt bouncy and extremely energized only contributed very positively to my over all state of being. I wish I felt so effortless on all my runs. I can safely say that my quad is better and I am hitting up the blvd for some AM and PM action tomorrow. Back on schedule!

So in order to get fitter, happier, and more productive I bought a juicer. Francine has wanted one for a long time and we ripped the piss out of her because the assumption was we would have it for a few days and then it would get put away and never used again! How wrong I was. I love the thing, and to be honest it has made me feel spectacular. I feel more energized in the mornings and my mood is heightened. We have become somewhat addicted and it can only be a good thing. I am still not sacrificing my large dark roast coffee from the exchange though.

I have no new music news. My buddy Vin suggested a couple of albums which I am vaguely familiar with so I'll check them out on the weekend. There is just no time to get through all the magical sounds out there. So tonight I am listening to Explosions In The Sky "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place". These guys make beautiful music with a rock band set up sans vocals. Kind of like Sigur Ros, if Sigur were from Austin, TX.

There are good days and there are bad days, today was a good day........and I only ran 8 easy miles,

Love Kel

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm White Noise

PM: 7 Miles, 49 Mins, Rhode Runner Training Group.

Yes, I met the lads down at Rhode Runner and warmed up with them before actually joining them in their session of 6x3 minutes. With absolutely no disrespect to the guys I can do their work out pace while keeping it as a hard training pace for myself. I just keep running the recoveries, double back and meet them to go again. The pace on the efforts was about 5:50ish.

I felt wonderful tonight and despite my knee not quite being 100% it was not exactly what you would call sore. Uncomfortable is not the right word, but its the first word that comes to mind. I am eager to get going again on the training so tomorrow's run can't come soon enough.

Nothing beats post run recovery than a trip to AS220 and Taqueria Pacifica for a sweet potato burritto and a Gansett. While we were enjoying the grub a great track came on. The Knife "Heartbeats" is just a magical tune. It may have garnered more popularity when Jose Gonzales covered it but the original is just an awesome tune and you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE Please listen to it and support The Knife with some purchases if you like it. It came out back in 2003 or 2004 but I have not heard it in a while so it was a nice addition to an already lovely night.

I've been spending a lot of time with Zeitgeist and the whole Zeitgeist Movement lately and its really having a profound impact on me despite the fact that I feel powerless to contribute or energized enough to make the necessary changes in my lifestyle. I was directed towards the movie by my friend TJ. Basically the Zeitgeist movement speaks of a world that is not driven by Scarcity for it is this that makes humans act in such self preserving ways even if it means stealing and committing crimes. Zeitgeist questions 'The System" of society we live in and attacks the new world order of the power elite and the system that is in place to perpetuate our social stratification. It is very radical and extremely leftist, it attacks religion, the monetary system and the Government. The message actually touches me and I tend to agree with a lot of it. I have been doing more research into Peter Joseph the founder of this movement and the creator of the film and I tend to buy into a lot of his belief system and I am tying to do more of my own research into some of his conspiracy theorizing. I try not to get too involved in conspiracy theory so this is quite new to me. Anyway, if you have any interest in this you can check it out here. The movie has been watched by over 5 million people so it has obviously tweaked the interest of many. When you can't sleep these are the things you read and watch. I am Jacks raging bile duct..........

Peace and Love,


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Reel Around The Fountain

PM: 6 Miles, 42:00, Easy Running Blvd.

After 48+ hours off my leg felt improved enough to go for an easy jaunt. It was not pain free but certainly improved and by the end it actually felt better. I nearly added on with a few laps of the Brown University sports fields but opted to do some extra stretching. It is fantastic to get the shoes back on. Its truly amazing how good an easy run makes you feel, especially when listening to good tunes. Tonight I listened to "Crystal Castles" by Crystal Castles.

Tonight I did my Yoga practice with Francine and the crew down at 'Eyes of the World' studios. It was one of my better practices and I felt really strong throughout the class. So I will chalk this down as a joyful day and I am ready for an updated training schedule from Ray.

I read today that The Prodigy are releasing a new album in March. Their first single and accompanying video can be viewed here. It sounds very Prodigy which I guess it should. I used to be a Prodigy fanatic and unlike some people who say "I was into them way back in the day", I actually was into them way back in the day! I along with some friends of mine saw the Prodigy play live when the "Experience" was just released. We're talking 1992ish here. We met the lads and had a good chat, got some pics and talked about rave. Funny thing is they were only about 19 or 20 and we were 14 and 15. But the buzz was unreal. For me they hit their peak in about 1996 before they became more Electro Punk and I just kind of lost interest but always kept the respect.

Moz has released the potential cover art for his new forthcoming album "Years Of Refusal". I say potential because I've seen some other covers but this looks like the final product. I never know what he is thinking so I don't yet know the relevance of the baby. Interestingly he was holding a violin on the cover of the last album and on "You Are The Quarry" he is holding a gun! January will also see a re-release of "Southpaw Grammer". So basically lots of Moz in the early part of 2009.

And seeing as we are on a Smiths buzz I just read today that the "Other" two members of the Smiths, Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke, will be DJing in New York City at one of my favorite bars alternating Tuesday nights. The Beauty Bar is awesome. Francine and I went there about 3 years ago with her bro Marc and his wife Dominica. We drank pints of Pabst and just watched the hipsters file in while a female fashionista played nu wave and punk records on the decks. The bar used to be a beauty salon and the head ovens are still mounted on the wall along with tables that are set up for manicures that happen several nights a week. I may have to get down to one of these nights although seeing as Moz is one of my hero's it would be hard to justify supporting either of these guys given that both Moz and Jonny Marr hate them! Naturally I could really care less and laziness will be the real reason I don't go.
So thats the story from today. Loving being back into training after a brief absence and buzzing for tomorrow,

Love Kel

Monday, December 1, 2008

Templete For Drawing Of The Moon


Yes, another complete day off. Aside from a few stairs and a walk to/from the car park I pretty much sat on my arse all day. I had some work to get caught up on which killed off a few hours. That and catching up with people at work including a visit from ATL's finest Mr Andy Keel was the craic from the day.

I didn't really get much of a chance to listen to the new sounds I have in my iTunes, but that is what tonight is for. I am really exploring Bloc Party "Intimacy", an album I picked up from Fagan yesterday. I did like their other two albums. Not exactly what I would describe as my kind of sounds but certain tracks really hit the spot so I am assuming I am going to get something similar from this album.
I've been running to "The Prayer" a lot, especially last winter before I blew my knee out. Its a great tune. I have been intrigued by this album for a few reasons, but none more so than the fact that they did a Radiohead on it and released it Digitally on very short notice. Also I have read that it was utter bollix by some of the music media and typically that means I may like it. But it was this review by Luke Turner of "The Quietus that did it for me,

"Bloc Party will always come up against the fact that Radiohead’s OK Computer still stands monolithic over the terrain of personal and existential angst expressed through muddled guitars and electronics. This notwithstanding, although Intimacy is another album from Bloc Party about lonely souls in a hard and indifferent world etc. etc. and so on amen, for the first time, it’s arguably worth joining them in their struggle."

I joined the new Boston Sports Club that opened down the street from me. This may seem like a waste of cashola in these tough times however its all about convenience and despite Reebok having a great Gym and PC having a first class facility neither are a 5 minute walk from the house and if I want to hit up a spin or yoga class I like having it ready and available and just a walk away. I also need to do more core work and a gym membership tends to twist ones arm since its an investment of sorts.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm back running. Leg felt better tonight but I resisted temptation to hit the Blvd by instead taking a trip to Starbucks for some average coffee with my man Coxy.

Two days off is nothing,

Love Kel