Friday, May 29, 2009

Tunnel Vision


Up in Albany today working for the Fleet Feet folks at the Freihofers 5k expo. Good times, good fun, great people. I met Dr. Tim Maggs who's articles I used to enjoy in New England Runner. Anyway, Tim is a Chiropractor who specializes in the treatment and continued improvement of biomechanics. He was kind enough to give me an assesment with standing X-Ray of pevlis, back, and neck. Of course it revelied abnormal structural flaws. Most glaring was my curved back and pelvis hight. I have a 3/4 inch lower pelvis on my right side. Anyway, this was evidence that I needed to help with my continued improvemnt after my knee injury and it is good stuff to share with Mike Silva, my PT as he helps me on my road to recovery after surgery (if I have it). So today, despite being very long, was awesome in many ways. I learned so much about my center of gravity, weight baring, shut eye tilt etc. All great info that will be compiled into an 8 page report that can only aid my future as a runner and fitness nut.

New Bat For Lashes Video. In all fairness, she is fantastic.

Love Kel

Thursday, May 28, 2009

TODAY I Woke Up Sucking A Lemon


The thing with this blog is I don't want it to go down negative street. But the conundrum is that I promised it would be daily (as possible) and honest. So honestly, I am extremely frustrated. I took the day off to let my knee issue settle down but as I drove up here to Albany I realized that it doesn't matter. I have no swelling in my knee. It is just bones. The issue is the piece of cartilage that is causing havoc on the medial side of my joint. So with that being said I am going to run again tomorrow so I can feel the pain. I want to be very specific when I see the Doctor on June 10th. How do I not be negative? Well, I am going to be on the road of the next few days so info will be limited and I will focus less on training and more on music. Not tonight though, I am wrecked and need kip. Bottom line, knee hurts and will continue to hurt. I will push on through and on June 10th it will either get better or worse (stay the same) and I will tell the doc to give me a standing X-Ray to see if the bone on bone is bad, and I will ask for another scope if it will help. I really want to run this summer and I want to race but it may have to be on a bike.

Love KElRock

PS Thanks for the comments and emails of support!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


AM: 40 Minutes Alter-G, Core
PM: 2:10 Bike Ride, Core

I'm feeling somewhat deflated right now. I kicked the day off with a very encouraging 40 minutes on the alter-g at 80% body weight, running 6:15 pace. I felt very little knee pain and had a nice, easy run. This evening I went out on a ride with Jimmy Harvey. I did 20 minutes myself before we met up and hit roads around Cumberland and Lincoln. I finished off with another 30 minutes myself around the blvd. It was a great ride. Once the spuds were done I went to take the dog for a walk and that is where my day went pear shaped. My knee became really sore on every 3rd or 4th step. I jogged 100 meters and it was really sore. Almost exactly the pain I had three months ago. How random is this? I've been feeling much better and my MRI said all swelling was gone and the bones were healed. But then again, there is still some loose cartilage and now I know why the Doc wanted me to run. I am pretty sure after tonight that when I do my planned 10 minute jog in the AM I am going to feel sharp pain. It will no doubt end in another surgery. Of course I can't say this for sure until June 10th when I see the Doc but if it didn't sufficiently heal in 12 weeks of only biking then its not looking good. And it is not looking good for my goal to run Euro XC. So with all this being said, the Euros is still my goal and if it doesn't happen I am not giving up. Rather I will just take my time, avoid all the action and defend my national XC in March 2010.

I watched the Champions League final today and thought it was an average game. Man United didn't look like the team I saw in the Premiership this season and Barca kicked them off the field. I tried to listen to God Help The Girl again and I just can't get into it no matter what I try. Its not Belle & Sebastian, not even close.

Blur are pondering US dates which is a good thing, especially since they will prob play smaller venues than the UK shows. I will be going if they come. No question about that. New MEW album has leaked onto the web and I am trying to completely avoid it. I am thinking that I never get to listen to the albums I have because I am always searching for new leaked materials! Time to live for the now and wait, patiently, for whats coming.

OK, I'm off because I'm suffering mild depression. Time to listen to some music. The tunes below fit my current vibe. Radiohead, Interpol, Sigur Ros........the answer is always there.

Love Kel

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Be Constructive

PM: 2 Hrs Trainer Ride with 10 x 3 minutes Power Intervals

Exhausted. Tonight was the hardest interval session I have done on the bike. I warmed up for 45 minutes and then did 8 x 1 min on/off to get the HR up and the legs really turning over. Then it was power interval time. I started off really hard to set the tone for the session and the whole way it was long and hard. By number 7 I was really struggling and by number 9 my HR was over 200 which is pretty much max. On the last one I was 201 for the last 2 minutes and I nearly threw up. Awesome stuff. Had some slamming techno in my ears and I kind of wish I actually did throw up, it would have made the session that bit more bad ass! I had some stuff going on that I needed to get out of my system and I was ready mentally after some tempo and steady state stuff to really test myself. Furthermore, from this session I will be able to use my HR to better monitor my next few tempo and steady state sessions. All this stuff is coming from Carmichael's book but its pretty straight forward and very similar to running. I have Alter-G in the AM which will be nice.

I got some more music suggestions to check out. The list is getting longer! Sunset Rubdown has leaked in full onto the internet and I am going to try avoid downloading so I can purchase the album at the gig on June 11th. I heard Apollo And The Buffalo + Anna Anna Anna OH at this blog. More fantastic music but thats all I am listening to until the gig.

I am too tired to write anymore so I am going to lie down and try to sleep. It will be futile but at least being horizontal in bed will aid my recovery before tomorrow. Although I can't stop looking at Sunset Rubdown youtube vids. Check out the Black Cab Session below.

Love KEL

Monday, May 25, 2009

Colt Stands Up, Grows Horns

AM: 70 Minutes Trainer Ride w/short sprints
AM: 35 Minutes Alter-G
PM: 2 Hours Ride with 30 Minutes Tempo

Memorial day was training day for this dude. My planned long ride was shelved when Mike Silva, being the work horse he is, opened Foundation Performance. I did some trainer ride to get the legs turning over. Threw in some short sprints and then after the trainer ride I rode down to Mikes and jumped on the Alter-G where I did 35 minutes of running at 6:30 pace and at 80% body weight. This was a better session and I did not feel any real knee pain during the session. When I got off though I was a little sore 2/10 on the pain scale. Jumped on the bike and rode home after, very pleased with my mornings work.

In the afternoon I did 30 minutes steady and then lashed 30 minutes at Tempo/Steady State. It was great and I had a tail wind so I was really flying. I met Coxy for an hour cool down and its always a good sign when 2 hours is up and I don't want to stop. All in all 3.5 hours training is a good day.

On the music front all has been quiet. I saw Grizzly Bear open for Radiohead a couple of times and I thought they were pretty good but not amazing and certainly not a band that I went home and searched out. In all fairness it is tough to warm up and for me to judge the band based on these shoes is pretty shoddy. I remember seeing Interpol warm up for Coldplay in Marley Park. Myself and Vinny were not really into Coldplay and we were part of the 5% of the crowd who were into Interpol. The show was mute, lacking energy, and almost an after thought. Yet this was the reason we went! Coldplay hit the stage and everything changed. We stayed for most of it before leaving........

So with that being said I am going to give the new Grizzly Bear a listen. I like the track 'Two Weeks', both the album version and the live version. I have been rather negative about Fleet Foxes. I didn't enjoy the album all that much but I can see why people like it. Yes, the track 'Two Weeks' has some Fleet Foxes sound but I simply like it, thats the buzz. I have three albums in the hopper from artists I don't know all that much about. Someone suggested the new Royksopp but I have already been listening to it. I am a huge fan of Melody A.M. and everything else has been downhill even if some tracks off The Understanding really hit home. I will check out The Girl+The Robot but one of the singles I heard was disappointing.

Peace and Love,

Sunday, May 24, 2009

An End Has A Start

Saturday: AM: 1:02 Trainer Ride, PM: 1:14 Ride With Tom McArdle

Sunday: AM: 2 Hours Steady Ride, PM: 9 Minutes Run, Blvd

Saturday was an easy day and with heavy rains in the morning I jumped on the Trainer and watched some soccer news on the box. In the afternoon myself and Tom set out for another easy ride ending at the Hope track for some Brown alumni shenanigans. It was another recovery day of training and I went out on Saturday night for a couple of scoops and good energy.

This morning started out with some bad weather but we got out early enough before the rain started. Alas it was about 30 minutes in and the skies opened up. The rain actually felt refreshing since it was so humid. Myself and Tom bumped into a random dude on the bike path getting a nice paceline going into the wind. On the way back from Colt State park the rain stopped and it was great, albeit a little messy. I was pretty drenched at the arrival home and despite full intentions of doing more than 2 hours I opted to stop. No point catching a cold or anything.

In the PM I did my first outside run of the last 3 months. Ir was on the blvd and just over 1 mile. Frankie kept me company and I am more optimistic after this effort. Tomorrow is Alter G for another 30 minutes. Outside running doesn't feel any worse but I need to keep it conservative. More positives today. Coupled with the fact that I can now go to Sunset Rubdown. My clash is actually on June 10th so all happy days.

I ended up with with 14+ hours of Cross Training this week. It was all biking no doubt but hopefully when I get my legs back under me and if I get this knee sorted out I will have a good level of fitness. Just need this knee to work. Stressful times here on Humboldt.

Peace and Much Love,

Friday, May 22, 2009

Idiot Heart

AM: 32 Minutes Alter-G Treadmill, Core PM: 2:01 hours Recovery Ride, 38 Miles.

Without any fanfare or pressure I had my first run, or pseudo run in 4 days shy of three months. I was very nervous so opted to not talk much about it. In the end it was pretty uneventful. I did the 32 minutes at 80% body weight and at speeds ranging from 9 MPH - 10 MPH. I felt awkward and constantly worried. Clearly favoring my right leg and altering my stride to land forefoot I was all over the place. My knee didn't start hurting until 25 minutes but never really got bad. I promised myself that I'd stop if it got sore so I did. Back on the G-Trainer Monday morning and I will be trying to run as naturally as possible. It is imperative that I don't try and avoid my natural running in order to try and avoid knee pain. The pain needs to go away, bottom line.

This afternoon I met Coxy and we did an easy 2 Hour ride. Bristol bike path with some Colt state park action. It was a nice, warm ride and I felt great despite having heavy legs and sore quads. I may do one mile outside running tomorrow and I should be meeting Tom McArdle for another 2 hour ride. Maybe I can get him to start up his blog again.

The new Sunset Rubdown is getting very positive reviews and now I have to figure out how I can join Terry Shea at the gig. I have a conflict on the 11th and I need to figure out a way to be in two places at the same time!

Training is going good but running has me in a bit of a downer. My uninspiring run today leaves little to be desired. Knee is not great and I need to hit some miles to find out how bad it really is.
I can't stop listing to the the tune Idiot Heart. I am not posting any other tunes because the this tune is everything to me right now.

Love Kel


This is superb. New album coming from Sunset Rubdown in June called 'Dragonslayer'. Heard my first single. Check it out. Amazing. Is this project going to surpass Wolf Parade? Spencer Krug is so talented.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Do It To Yourself

PM: 44 Miles Bike, about 2:18, very windy.

Rode with Ben out North Providence and into Lincoln/Cumberland with Blvd add-on. My least favorite element to ride in is wind. Tonight was very windy and very hot so there was a lot of pollen and lots of dust/sand blowing everywhere. My throat is still raw and my eyes hurt. That aside, I had a great ride and it was nice having Ben company. I elected to do most of the pulling especially into the wind because I wanted to give myself some punishment. I deviated from Carmichael since today was supposed to be recovery. I will do that tomorrow and put today down as a good endurance day. The wind and rolling hills kept my HR in a nice zone.

Driving to work today I heard "Just", by Radiohead on the FM. I love when radio stations play Radiohead songs because it doesn't happen that often and I rarely listen to any radio outside of NPR. While flicking through the stations this morning it came on and it was joyful. The song is so important to me because it reminds me of my late teenage years and the great times I had but specifically it reminds me of getting into Radiohead. I am not one to boast about being there from the beginning. I thought Creep was a good track but I never got into Pablo Honey and only bought it after OK computer. The Bends got me into Radiohead and songs like Street Spirit, Fake Plastic Trees, and Just towered above anything Oasis were doing at the time. I can't post the video because EMI are arseholes so here is Just live from Glastonbury in 2003. Listen to the crowd, amazing.

Love Kel

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


AM: 1:25 Endurance Ride W/40 Minutes Tempo, HR 175

Lovely training today. Not long though, more specific. After a warm up outside in the nice temps I struggled to bring my bike inside for my tempo. I would prefer to stay outside but now that I finished reading my book by Chris Carmichael, titled The Ultimate Ride, I see the need to do tempo work in a specific fashion. The way things are in P-Town is its either stop lights for the flats or hills if I want to avoid traffic. On the bike the point of the tempo is to maintain HR. To do this running is easy but on the bike stops kill your HR and Downhills do the same. Carmichael suggests doing uninterrupted sessions on the trainer. If I had more time I would stay outside and ride to a decent spot but with limited time during the week its all good to hop on the trainer for specific work. It was a great session and I felt awesome.

As for Chris Carmichael, he has made a great career for himself out of his training system but it seems like he just took running principals and applied them to cycling. His programs are like running schedules except a little longer. I am doing 2 tempos this week and a long ride, recovery day, 2 endurance day, and some fartlek. If anyone reads this that thinks Carmichael's system is rubbish, please let me know because I am buying into it and going full tilt until I am back running.

I bought the new Passion Pit album today, "Manners", and I am very happy with it. Great tunes and great vibes. It has met my expectations and I am pleased. The music was my company for the tempo and it went by so quickly. Happy days.

Love Kel

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They Drain Me Like A Vampire

PM: 2 Hours Endurance Miles. Blvd, Seekonk. Tired!

Had a nice evening ride in perfect temps. I was pretty tired from the off seeing as my HR was very elevated on the first, small climb. I persevered and kept pushing. What was supposed to be a very easy ride ended up being hard, not that I'm complaining. I work in reverse, the older I get the more hard days I want to do. Makes no sense but then again nothing in my athletic life has ever really made sense. I had a good talk with my Doctor today and I will be starting Alter-G and even some light grass running. He hopes to avoid my third knee surgery by allowing me to tolerate the small piece of cartilage in my joint. He seems to think surgery may not be that helpful since the erosion is so great. Basically more management of pain and more days away from running should see me return to full fitness. I cannot train properly for another month so I am targeting a July 1st return to a running program and that gives me just under 5 months to get ready for the Irish Inter-County, Euro Trials.

Julian Plenti is......Skyscraper. So looking forward to this album. The tracklist has been released and he is touring to support the album. From Pitchfork Media:

Plenti apparently "acquired the music production software Logic Pro" in 2006, allowing for him to make music without a band. Then he started making music without a band.

Banks/Plenti will play "select shows" in support of the new album.

Julian Plenti Is...Skyscraper:

01 Only If You Run
02 Fun That We Have
03 Skyscraper
04 Games for Days
05 Madrid Song
06 No Chance of Survival
07 Unwind
08 Girl on the Sporting News
09 On the Esplanade
10 Fly as You Might
11 H

I have the track "On The Esplande" and it is fantastic although a little weaker than the other two tracks I posted last night. I am disappointed that "Cellophane" is not on there but I don't want that to be perceived as a negative. I love the track and would love to hear it recorded but I know the album will be magic. Finally a challange for Two Suns by Bat For Lashes!

In other news, Radiohead are back in the studio recording a new album. I can't bring myself to say anymore and I feel bad even mentioning it here because I don't want to get excited beyond belief until I hear something recorded. Radiohead do this kind of thing all the time and it does not mean that an album is coming anytime soon. However, In Rainbows landed with no fanfair so.........

Peace and Love,


Monday, May 18, 2009

Julian Plenti

PM: 2 Hours Trainer with 25 minutes Tempo

I am having major bike troubles. OK, so I am actually having minor bike troubles but since I have no mechanical skill set these minor trials cause me major frustration. Basically I have a dodgy tire so I bought new ones. But I couldn't get the new ones on. Rather than risk getting another puncture I stayed on my trainer. It was raining so it wasn't a bad thing. And not to mention that Fagan is in town so we were catching up and he didn't mind my bike efforts. Tuned into the iPod for the tempo part of the ride. Why can't I get a tube and new tire on my bike? Very annoying. Coxy helped me and although he was much better he advised I stretch the tire out on the rim without a tube. Hopefully I will be able to ride tomorrow.

I had a long week out on the west coast and it is great to be back. I am feeling good about my knee and generally I have a better outlook than I had last week. Another major contributing factor to my mood is Julian Plenti. Who or what is Julian Plenti? It is the solo work of Paul Banks. Paul is the wonderful lead singer of one of my favorite bands ever, Interpol. Another member of the band, Sam Fogarino, has done inspiring work as Magnetic Morning and now it is time for Banks to do a solo project. He has played solo under the name Julian Plenti for many years but the tracks have never seemed to be more than live one offs, until now. You can download the new single from the link above. Of course it requires signing up for the news letter but thats a given. I want and even NEED to know when new stuff is coming out and if there is an opportunity to see Banks perform solo. Check out the song in the you tube below. He has a new album called Skyscraper coming out on Frankies B--Day, August 4th, and there has been leakage since I have found stuff on the blogosphere and even youtube has other tracks. They are all amazing. The first you tube below is what is available for download from his site but the other tracks are live, old, and sound stronger in my opinion or at least after initial listen. I don't know if they will be on the new album since he played them prior to TOTBL but they are beautiful so hopefully they will be resurrected. Check them out and try tell me he is not amazing. I have rambled and I am not sure if I am factual in my info but right now I need to get back to listening.......

Love Kel

Friday, May 15, 2009

MRI, Sunburn, Life

In San Diego airport dealing with another delay. I wanted to catch up on the latest news and when there is free wifi access its perfect for time wasting. Although I look at interweb surfing as more of an intellectual stimulus than watching mind numbing TV so maybe time wasting is not the right term. Anyway, Jamie Carmichael brightened my morning with the fabulous picture he posted with all his dogs. Thanks me man!

MRI results came but without consulting the Doctor I won't really know what the next step is. Of the 4 initial problems, 2 have healed and 2 remain. The stress fracture is pretty much healed. The bone swelling has gone and there is a nice gap between the femur head and tibia head. All positive. What is not positive is that there is still a 5-6 millimeter piece of cartilage floating around the joint and their is still a deep "pot hole" in my remaining cartilage (of which there is very little). The pain I am feeling now is the debris from the pothole and the small floating piece. I could try and deal with it by running through it, however I could easily create more problems and develop more weakness resulting in further Stress Fractures. The other option is another surgery to get rid of the debris and clean up the small remaining piece I have left. I think this is the most likely scenario. Finally there was talk of micro-fracture surgery which could result in complete healing but the commitment to time off is significant and at this stage I don't know if I'm willing to sacrifice a year of training and/or exercise. I will discuss in depth with Brian McKeon next week.

I am heading up to San Francisco now for the Bay 2 Breakers road race. Should be fun however I need to get back to Boulder. I had a great day there and hanging at the Toad with the Jonseys was wonderful. Got some severe sunburn on my arms that enhance my cycling tan. Apparently people are proud of their cycling tans. I think I look like a bit of a farmer.

OK, I have a lot to get my head around. The last few days were busy and mentally taxing. We at Reebok have lots of work ahead of us and some great challenges but the feedback was wonderful and it is great to know that some of the best dealers in the USA are supporting our efforts.

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Road Trip


My bike ride ended before it started tonight. After I pumped up my tires the back tire that we replaced on the ride yesterday exploded. I have never seen it happen and it solidified my theory that something was stuck in the tire. It blew with such force that it took the tire off the rim. I never made it out the door. I was depressed so I took the dog for a walk and making my night worse I had to return the dog to his owners. We get Shiner back in June for 2 weeks so its not too bad. I went to AS220 and met up with Ed Torres, Kim, Ro, Myles and Pat Tarpy for a Gansett and Burrito. Tomorrow I hit the road with my boss for some account visits and to rebuild bridges that have minor cracks. We will end up in San Fran at the weekend for Bay To Breakers. I may miss posting for a while and I will certainly have no training to report but I'll get my MRI results up as soon as I hear and naturally I'll have an accompanying song to depict the mood........

Love Kel

With A Buzz In Our Ears We Play Endlessly

Sigur Ros - ViĆ° spilum endalaust - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Monday, May 11, 2009

To Get Love Returned

PM: 1:47 Bike Ride, Seekonk, Blvd

Myself and Ben headed out after I had my MRI. I did not get the results yet, I should hear something about it tomorrow. I requested the results get faxed to Mike Silva and he gets back to me quicker than the Doctor. Anyway, we bumped into Coxy on his way home from work and he joined us for some action too. I had my first puncture of the season and being the amateur I am I needed to enlist the help of the other two! We lost about 10+ minutes because we were trying to find a piece of glass or something in the wheel or tire. We did some nice pacelines around the country roads and it was very nice. Got home, walked the dog, had some good food and tomorrow i find out what the score is with my knee. The question of whether I need surgery will be answered. Something has to be done because I am not doing anything and my knee is still sore. It feels like there is a piece of cartilage floating in the joint. Not nice.

This is the buzz and I am prepared to deal with what ever is thrown at me. I am listening to some Interpol. Paul Banks has the vocals that are hitting the spot right now. A little "PDA" live from Reading. Radiohead headlining this festival in 2009. Would LOVE to go but alas I will have to do with the bootleg.

Love Kel

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Theres A World Outside

AM: 3Hrs Bike Ride, 2:15 Outside, 45 mins Trainer.

Perfect temps for a bike ride today however the wind was brutal. 30+ mph consistently. The first ten miles took Coxy and I 40 minutes. Granted it was uphill also but the wind almost knocked us off our bikes once or twice. Once the wind was on our back the story was completely different. 30 MPH was easy! The ride was really nice and when I dropped coxy off I went to add on another hour. After 15 minutes I got sick of the wind (I turned back into it once I dropped coxy off) and I happened to pass my house so I went in and jumped on the trainer for the last 45 minutes and enjoyed the second half of the Chelsea v Arsenal game. Threw in a few minute efforts very hard for good measure and was pretty toasted after. Great training and a lovely way to end a solid week.

Got the new Metric album but only gave it one listen and chose to listen to The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart instead. I also played the Greatest Hits of The Psychedelic Furs to get ramped up for the show in 3 weeks and to reconnect with some older songs. The thing with Metric is that I don't want to like them. Francine's brother Marc was playing a gig in Toronto in a club on the same night as these guys. He was playing in the smaller upstairs room at the same time as Metric in the bigger downstairs room. Basically the lead singer was not happy that a band was scheduled to play at the same time and she requested to the venue that Marc and his group Mossyrock be denied playtime so their sound or vibrations don't inturupt Metric. What kind of bullshit is that? However I heard a song from the new album so I found a blog hosting it and listened but in just writing this blog post I think I am going to forget about it, maybe.

Are The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart too poppy? I'm not sure but I would say yes, however I like something about these guys. Fagan told me he is still loving the "Empire Of The Sun" album. I struggled with it because of everyone telling me I would love it. Its not bad but I am going to revisit it again tonight.

A very solid 14+ hours of training this week. Its time to keep it going strong, and bring some great energy to my MRI tomorrow! Wish me luck,

Love Kel

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Smell Of Cinders And Rain

PM: 1:36, 32+ Miles, Bike Path

The dog we are sitting, Shiner, was very sick yesterday and caused us much sadness. It is very hard to see the big man feeling so rough. Francine or I stayed at home with the dog. I eventually got out with Coxy when we got a break in the rain at about 12 bells. We rode a steady bike path effort in the light rain and it was really nice. I got back in time to catch the Liverpool game and see another solid 3-0 win. Although Man U have 2 games on us it is really nice to sit a top of the table at this stage of the season.

I am a little tired. I think I have been doing a good, solid amount of XT but I have not been sleeping enough and with most of my riding being at a hard effort I think my recovery is limited. Today was nice and easy but maybe the first real easy day I have had this week. Based on the forecast tomorrow is going to be extremely windy so a long ride may be out of the question but we'll see.

Big positive is that The Psychedelic Furs are playing at the Showcase in Foxboro. I will be there. A great 80's band.

Peace and Love

Friday, May 8, 2009

Darts Of Pleasure

PM: 2:04 Steady Ride, about 40+ Miles

It was a beautiful day for a ride so I decided to hit up colt state park and ride a few hard laps with fartlek pick ups. There was a strong headwind on the way out and this allowed me to hammer back very fast. I forced the pace of my ride into the head wind to make sure I was keeping my HR high and I was spinning at a high cadence until the way back. At that point I used the big ring and put in a time trial effort for 8 or 9 miles. I felt strong although my legs were a little tired. Good ride, good training, lots of positives.
Tonight we went to see Franz Ferdinand perform in downtown Providence at the Strand (lupos). I love when a show completely over achieves. I saw Franz Ferdinand in 2004 and they were good. It was an outdoor gig full of drunkiness and energy but far from inspiring. I wouldn't even class myself as a big fan of this style of music. But last night was EPIC. I go to hundreds of gigs and I knew they would put on a good show but did not expect this kind of energy in Providence. Madness and cheer along with some stage diving and an invitation to cause mayhem was all part of the evening. It was almost sold out and the downstairs was crowded with people who knew the lyrics and were into dancing hard. They simply put on a brilliant show. Take Me Out sounded awesome and along with Dark Of The Matinee was a highlight of the opening set. The show had a mix of old and new and the encore opened with a fantastic rendition of Ulysses followed by Lucid Dreams which was in turn accompanied by some of the finest electro that I have never heard. They invited the warm up act Born Ruffians on stage with them and for 5 minutes they jammed playing uplifting techno. It was like being at a rave. Finally the closer of This Fire tore the roof off the place. Really, really great show.

If thats not enough to get me fired up for weekend training...........

Peace and love,

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hang The DJ

AM: 26 Minutes Elliptical, Core Work, Stretching
PM: 60 Minutes HARD Trainer Ride.

Twas raining all day here in P-Town. I hit the gym this morning for some elliptical trainer. I stopped at 26 minutes because I had planned on 25 but I was listening to a great track by Silversun Pickups so I had to finish it out. My knee was a little sore after. The PM ride was inside because of the lashing rain. I had planned on a workout but had no interest in doing intervals so I basically did a progression ride. I started hammering early and by the end I was past LT. Lovely ride especially with the techno I had blasting in my ears. I have not been talking about the sound of the underground here but moving forward I will be bringing it into the fold. We are dog sitting our favorite boy Shiner. I am walking him hard so its a nice little extra work and/or test on my knee. So far the result has been mediocre! MRI scheduled for Monday so its all good. My fate will be sealed very soon. Right now I am feeling pretty happy. The red fez does that to me.

Peace and Love

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Looking Over Your Shoulder

AM: 75 Minutes Trainer Ride w/ Fartlek
PM: 1:46 Outdoor Ride

I stayed indoor for my morning ride because I was lacking motivation and with the weather improving throughout the day I knew I would be outside for the afternoon. I did some fartlek based on the music I was listening to. It was wonderful and some of the efforts I did were almost vo2 max. In the evening I hit the Blvd and after three hard 5k laps I caught up to some guys from the Brown cycling team. I joined them for another 6 or so laps before breaking off again myself. It was a recovery ride for those so I ended up being forced to slow down. After my initial hard laps the riding with the guys seemed pretty relaxed. I finished off with some hard riding with 100 rpm cadence. Just what I needed.

I have been getting some music recommendations on my comments and these will all be visited. Today I spent time with Fraustdots and I must say that I was very impressed. They have a Psychedelic Furs feel about them. Naturally this is a huge positive. I will get to the other suggestions tomorrow. I had a fantastic day of training and now we are dog sitting so I will have reason to go for a couple of long walks. If any of you are wondering why I have not spoke about the Alter-G it is because I didn't get on. Mike, my therapist, decided that I would not start rehab until I get the results of my MRI next week. I guess it makes sense. My knee is still not better and if the MRI shows some dodgy cartilage floating around maybe I will have to get surgery at which point any Alter-G running benefit will be lost.

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

They Took A Vote And Said No

PM: 1:46 Trainer Ride w/ 2 x 5 minutes hard, 5 x 1 minute hard, single leg drills.

I had a wonderful trip to Albany, NY to see Charles at Fleet Feet. Myself and the Boss hit the road early but got back at a reasonable hour so I was excited to get out for 40-50 miles. But as luck would have it the skies opened up when I was near home and the lashing rain and 48 degree temps forced me to attach the bike to my trusted trainer and I watched a replay of the Man U-Arsenal game. Ronaldo is Man U and that was very evident today.

I rode very hard on the bike and used two five minute tracks I love to play while doing my efforts. Music is such a great asset when your on the bike. Love it. I have some new music to check out recommended by Mr Ryan Hall. I spent all day listening to Bat For Lashes. I don't want to beat it to death but by now you understand my level of respect for this artist. A lovely trip to AS220 with Frankie, Wykes, Tarpy, Molly, and Kurt B has me in a very mellow mood tonight. Nothing like a couple of Narragansetts to ease in the dreams.

Tomorrow is Alter-G for the first time. I am very nervous but the information it gives me will determine my training over the next month. I just want to get to the Euro cross and after that, well, all sparks burn out in the end......

Love Kel

Monday, May 4, 2009

Life In A Glasshouse

AM: Core Work, 20 Minutes Elliptical Trainer, AIS
PM: 60 Minutes Spin On Trainer

Stepped out of my comfort zone this morning and did some elliptical trainer. I planned on doing 10 minutes and that became 15, then 20 at which point I forced myself to stop. As expected my knee was tender after but not bad. Cycling is painless on the knee but the elliptical is a little better for getting my running head back. Did some solid core work and a full active isolated stretch routine. More than anything it was to kill time before going to work.

Drove home with Coxy and jumped on the trainer for an hour. Again I was confronted with only having one hour to train so I rather get a strong session on the trainer than deal with riding outside. I rode high cadence to get the hills of yesterday out of my legs. Despite my frustrations with the bike, I do love how hard I can train day in, day out. I felt amazing today but had I done a hard long run yesterday it would not have been followed up with such a spring in the old step.

Bat for lashes on Letterman last night. Watch the video, I need say no more.

Love Kel

Sunday, May 3, 2009

So Find A Place As This Forever Divine

AM: 78.5 Miles, 3:52, Chester. Ct

Rode with the Team Exodus boys in what can only be described as a hellish day for me. The original plan was for a 5 hour jaunt but things changed when certain circumstances arose. The group was dwindled down to 4 when a couple of guys chose to go and do a small race. Additionally the weather forecast was not in our favor and we knew that at some point in our ride the skies would open (happened at 60 miles) so rather than do the 5 hour loop the guys decided to do a race replacement hard 80 mile loop. Connecticut is considered flat but believe me it is anything but. The entire ride was either up or down and I'm talking short, extremely steep, and ofttimes unpaved roads. Throw in lots of wind and you get the picture. The other three guys are all in racing season and all have cat 2 status so I knew I had it in for myself. I lasted until 68 miles before I cracked and lost the wheel. It was not a fitness issue, it was a wattage issue. My HR was pretty low and I was dropped on a long, gradual decent!

Here is my beef with the sport of cycling. I learned today that my strength is climbing. I have no trouble ascending the steepest roads and at times I would pull up the hill and not realize that I had a huge gap over the others. I was purposely slowing down so I would not look like a dick or some upstart showing off. However the same guys I drop on the climbs can drill me on long flat sections. Forget descending, these guys are like pros while despite getting better all the time I am still a little hairy on the sharp bends, especially when the roads are unpaved. Overall I am thrilled with the ride because I know I took it to the guys on the climbs but the fact that I cracked on the long run into town will play on my mind all week. Its just how I'm wired. Maybe I used too much energy bouncing up the hills? I don't think that is the issue though. I believe I do not have the power to ride 30 mph into a head wind. My legs crack when my HR is still below LT. I need to work on that aspect of riding because being good in the hills is well and good but if I can't handle the distance or the fast flat sections I will get eaten up and loose any advantage I have with climbing. Finally, I may have got my fuel wrong. I started getting cramps in my hammy and calf which I don't think is normal. I was literally stretching on the downhills.

Great, great week of training on the bike and today was a real boost in training. It was an exhausting ride and the guys said it was not far off a race effort. Not bad considering I have only been riding for 5 weeks and today was my longest of the season by 20 miles. Check out this picture of a wooden bike. Amazing.
The frame is made entirely out of wood. Pretty cool. As for running, some great results out at Stanford this weekend. Its fantastic that the 1500's are experiencing the same resurgence that the longer distances are. Wonderful running.

No music news today, really didn't listen to many sounds. Tomorrow is another day.

Peace and love,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Hands Of The Watchman

PM: 45 Min Trainer Spin, Steady with some pick ups

I worked the Providence Cox Marathon Expo today. I don't know what it is about expo's but I never fail to leave without my legs feeling trashed, my mouth chapped, and my voice sounding like I smoke a pack a day. I planned a day off but I figured a nice spin would help me for tomorrow's long ride over the hills of Ct. And that was it, the Saturday 2nd of May, spent in the Westin ballroom with good people preparing to run either a half or full marathon. We did hit up Rasoi for some fine Indian food tonight. Plans to get the Hitman v Pacman fight went out the window since I am tired and want to get some kip before suffering on the saddle. Knee was a little sore on the floor today but that should be expected.

I still have not gotten to grips or discussed the fact that the Bat For Lashes show I was supposed to attend happened to be postponed. My devastation has been bottled up and I just hope the rescheduled date comes out soon. I would have bought tix to the NYC shows but they were sold out. And then I read stereogum today and find out that the show was simply breathtaking with the likes of David Byrne in attendance finding inspiration among the hopelessly devoted fans. Tough times in the Kelrock musical journey.......

Peace and Love,


Friday, May 1, 2009

I've Got High Hopes That Things End Famously

PM: 1:45 Trainer ride, w/ 30 minute Tempo.

It started to rain when I got home today and even though it was a half day of sorts I figured the rain would most likely get heavier (I was wrong) so I got on the trainer and listened to a few albums I wanted to get caught up on. After 45 minutes of steady state riding I did 30 minutes at LT although I think by the end I was slightly over LT. I did a steady 30 minutes cool down and by the end I was pretty wiped. Since the ride I have actually been very tired and grumpy. I lost a lot of fluids and my head is a little warped when the old demons of frustration at this knee problem kick in. I know I need to stay positive but its OK to have a day here or there when the energy is a little low. I have been thinking a lot about the situation and reflecting on the general issues over the last few years and any time this happens it always ends up messy. I have bad luck when it comes to running and I just need to deal with a way to accept it.

Today on my ride I listened to music from The Stills and Passion Pit. I cooled down to the sound of The Daysleepers. These guys are a great example of modern shoegaze. Really, really good atmospheric indie rock from a group of lads out of Buffalo, NY. They have an album out called "Drowned In A Sea Of Sound", and although I only know a couple of tracks off it thats all I need, because I know I like them. Check out the three free downloads they have offered on their website. I love when bands offer up their music in such a generous way. I hope they reap the rewards. I am buying the album now so I guess it does work! If you like the tunage please support the artist.

Summerdreamer MP3
Mesmerise MP3
The Soft Attack MP3

I have an expo tomorrow morning for the cox marathon so another day on the legs. I doubt it will be too busy but hopefully we sell quite a bit of Reebok product. I need to improve my mood and maybe not think so much about life. I got an email today from a friend telling me he felt I was getting a little morose in some of my blog titles. He was right that I am morose but my blog titles are almost always morose! They are lyrics from songs I listened to that day. The above title comes from an old 'Stars' song titled "International Rock Star", a beautiful tune by a wonderful group. OK, time to lift the spirits and get some Dalai Lama inspired altruism into my buzz rather than the self loathing,

Love Kel