Wednesday, May 27, 2009


AM: 40 Minutes Alter-G, Core
PM: 2:10 Bike Ride, Core

I'm feeling somewhat deflated right now. I kicked the day off with a very encouraging 40 minutes on the alter-g at 80% body weight, running 6:15 pace. I felt very little knee pain and had a nice, easy run. This evening I went out on a ride with Jimmy Harvey. I did 20 minutes myself before we met up and hit roads around Cumberland and Lincoln. I finished off with another 30 minutes myself around the blvd. It was a great ride. Once the spuds were done I went to take the dog for a walk and that is where my day went pear shaped. My knee became really sore on every 3rd or 4th step. I jogged 100 meters and it was really sore. Almost exactly the pain I had three months ago. How random is this? I've been feeling much better and my MRI said all swelling was gone and the bones were healed. But then again, there is still some loose cartilage and now I know why the Doc wanted me to run. I am pretty sure after tonight that when I do my planned 10 minute jog in the AM I am going to feel sharp pain. It will no doubt end in another surgery. Of course I can't say this for sure until June 10th when I see the Doc but if it didn't sufficiently heal in 12 weeks of only biking then its not looking good. And it is not looking good for my goal to run Euro XC. So with all this being said, the Euros is still my goal and if it doesn't happen I am not giving up. Rather I will just take my time, avoid all the action and defend my national XC in March 2010.

I watched the Champions League final today and thought it was an average game. Man United didn't look like the team I saw in the Premiership this season and Barca kicked them off the field. I tried to listen to God Help The Girl again and I just can't get into it no matter what I try. Its not Belle & Sebastian, not even close.

Blur are pondering US dates which is a good thing, especially since they will prob play smaller venues than the UK shows. I will be going if they come. No question about that. New MEW album has leaked onto the web and I am trying to completely avoid it. I am thinking that I never get to listen to the albums I have because I am always searching for new leaked materials! Time to live for the now and wait, patiently, for whats coming.

OK, I'm off because I'm suffering mild depression. Time to listen to some music. The tunes below fit my current vibe. Radiohead, Interpol, Sigur Ros........the answer is always there.

Love Kel


  1. Head up Keith, head up big fella.

  2. Let Down is the perfect song for the moment. But "everything will be in it's right place" soon enough. I wrote an entry today on why it's hard to run slow that may be of interest to you on this day.

  3. Weren't you scared? The Alter-G machine, the G-Trainer, is not UL listed, no CE certifications, no ISO 13485 quality assurance program as a medical device, and has had products recalled for everything from rusted parts to pressure failures.