Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hang The DJ

AM: 26 Minutes Elliptical, Core Work, Stretching
PM: 60 Minutes HARD Trainer Ride.

Twas raining all day here in P-Town. I hit the gym this morning for some elliptical trainer. I stopped at 26 minutes because I had planned on 25 but I was listening to a great track by Silversun Pickups so I had to finish it out. My knee was a little sore after. The PM ride was inside because of the lashing rain. I had planned on a workout but had no interest in doing intervals so I basically did a progression ride. I started hammering early and by the end I was past LT. Lovely ride especially with the techno I had blasting in my ears. I have not been talking about the sound of the underground here but moving forward I will be bringing it into the fold. We are dog sitting our favorite boy Shiner. I am walking him hard so its a nice little extra work and/or test on my knee. So far the result has been mediocre! MRI scheduled for Monday so its all good. My fate will be sealed very soon. Right now I am feeling pretty happy. The red fez does that to me.

Peace and Love


  1. Which Silversun's song were you listening to? On first listen I really didn't like the new album.

  2. looking foward to see you back in dublin at the euro's keith..ur motivation is inspiring....check these songs out santigold"lights out"and"artistes"quality tunes....paul

  3. odd colin's not there and ed's on the bass