Friday, May 8, 2009

Darts Of Pleasure

PM: 2:04 Steady Ride, about 40+ Miles

It was a beautiful day for a ride so I decided to hit up colt state park and ride a few hard laps with fartlek pick ups. There was a strong headwind on the way out and this allowed me to hammer back very fast. I forced the pace of my ride into the head wind to make sure I was keeping my HR high and I was spinning at a high cadence until the way back. At that point I used the big ring and put in a time trial effort for 8 or 9 miles. I felt strong although my legs were a little tired. Good ride, good training, lots of positives.
Tonight we went to see Franz Ferdinand perform in downtown Providence at the Strand (lupos). I love when a show completely over achieves. I saw Franz Ferdinand in 2004 and they were good. It was an outdoor gig full of drunkiness and energy but far from inspiring. I wouldn't even class myself as a big fan of this style of music. But last night was EPIC. I go to hundreds of gigs and I knew they would put on a good show but did not expect this kind of energy in Providence. Madness and cheer along with some stage diving and an invitation to cause mayhem was all part of the evening. It was almost sold out and the downstairs was crowded with people who knew the lyrics and were into dancing hard. They simply put on a brilliant show. Take Me Out sounded awesome and along with Dark Of The Matinee was a highlight of the opening set. The show had a mix of old and new and the encore opened with a fantastic rendition of Ulysses followed by Lucid Dreams which was in turn accompanied by some of the finest electro that I have never heard. They invited the warm up act Born Ruffians on stage with them and for 5 minutes they jammed playing uplifting techno. It was like being at a rave. Finally the closer of This Fire tore the roof off the place. Really, really great show.

If thats not enough to get me fired up for weekend training...........

Peace and love,

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