Monday, May 11, 2009

To Get Love Returned

PM: 1:47 Bike Ride, Seekonk, Blvd

Myself and Ben headed out after I had my MRI. I did not get the results yet, I should hear something about it tomorrow. I requested the results get faxed to Mike Silva and he gets back to me quicker than the Doctor. Anyway, we bumped into Coxy on his way home from work and he joined us for some action too. I had my first puncture of the season and being the amateur I am I needed to enlist the help of the other two! We lost about 10+ minutes because we were trying to find a piece of glass or something in the wheel or tire. We did some nice pacelines around the country roads and it was very nice. Got home, walked the dog, had some good food and tomorrow i find out what the score is with my knee. The question of whether I need surgery will be answered. Something has to be done because I am not doing anything and my knee is still sore. It feels like there is a piece of cartilage floating in the joint. Not nice.

This is the buzz and I am prepared to deal with what ever is thrown at me. I am listening to some Interpol. Paul Banks has the vocals that are hitting the spot right now. A little "PDA" live from Reading. Radiohead headlining this festival in 2009. Would LOVE to go but alas I will have to do with the bootleg.

Love Kel


  1. id love to hear about your diet keith.As an amateur it would be great to hear what fuel you are taking on board

  2. My bike diet is really poor. I am not used to consuming food while exercising since it is pretty non-existent in my running. I usually drink a water bottle with cytomax for anything under 2 hours. if I am going over 2 hours I bring a second water bottle and a gu. I have bonked twice and neither time was very nice.