Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Road Trip


My bike ride ended before it started tonight. After I pumped up my tires the back tire that we replaced on the ride yesterday exploded. I have never seen it happen and it solidified my theory that something was stuck in the tire. It blew with such force that it took the tire off the rim. I never made it out the door. I was depressed so I took the dog for a walk and making my night worse I had to return the dog to his owners. We get Shiner back in June for 2 weeks so its not too bad. I went to AS220 and met up with Ed Torres, Kim, Ro, Myles and Pat Tarpy for a Gansett and Burrito. Tomorrow I hit the road with my boss for some account visits and to rebuild bridges that have minor cracks. We will end up in San Fran at the weekend for Bay To Breakers. I may miss posting for a while and I will certainly have no training to report but I'll get my MRI results up as soon as I hear and naturally I'll have an accompanying song to depict the mood........

Love Kel


  1. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_pXMVr1MQN10/SWp4g5Ntr2I/AAAAAAAAACI/wT2tlqOd0k8/s1600-h/006.JPG

    worry no more my friend, you can take em all or rotate them

    ...this reader is hopeful for good mri results! safe travels!

  2. Have a good trip keith, and best of luck on the MRI results, trish