Friday, January 30, 2009

The Reasons Why


I woke up this morning and hit the Exchange. My coffee didn't taste good. This is not because it was not good coffee, its the Exchange, they never have bad coffee. My large, black, dark roast only tastes poorly when I am sick. Its when my throat is raw that the coffee doesn't slide down the gob in a tasteful, energetic fashion. Everyone has their signs that a cold is in the mail and mine is when my coffee tastes bad. Throughout the morning I was exhausted so I had a 20 minute nap which did nothing to help. As the day progressed I regressed and now I go to bed still feeling like crap. No music nows, no general news, just bad news. I have a tempo that I really need to do tomorrow so hopefully the news will be better.

Love Kel

Thursday, January 29, 2009

In Between The Years

AM: 8 Miles, T-Mill, BSC, 51 minutes
PM: 5 Miles, T-Mill, BSC 32:20, Core Work

This may be the longest and coldest winter I can remember since arriving in America back in 1996. Its not that the cold is any worse than previous winters but there is more ice on the ground than I can ever recall. My sidewalk is actually coated in enough ice to skate on. Last night we got a heavy rainfall which in turn melted lots of the snow banks and after another night of temps in the teens it all froze. I hit the t-mill out of necessity and actually enjoyed it. This afternoon I could have hit the road but I was not comfortable with the levels of black ice so I wussed out and went back to the gym for some 80's and an easy 5 mile followed by a core routine.

In addition to getting soaked by lashing rain last night, Francine and I witnessed the PC Friars score 100 points to defeat 15th ranked Syracuse at the Dunk. It was a carnival atmosphere and maybe the best basketball game I've ever been to. The students rushed the court at the end and it was all joy and smiles, something we have not had much of over the last 8 years under Tim Welsh.My friend Vinny recommended White Lies to me. They are a three piece band out of London and they are very good. Granted I only listened to 5 songs but they have an Interpol/Editors type vibe although they are a little more nu wave. The album has received mixed reviews but it is #1 in the UK album charts so obviously some people like it. This band could go either way, very poppy or underground. I hope its the latter. I will buy this album tomorrow from which was suggested to my by a comment on yesterdays post. I think I used the site a few years back mind you.

I am very please with the training today and I even got a few Job leads so life is good. I hope everyone is enjoying their training. To do double days feels so good and so uplifting that I find it difficult to sit still. Rather than feeling exhausted, I feel alive and truly inspired.

Peace and much love,


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daily Routine

AM: 12 Miles, T-Mill BSC, 1:15:00

A tasty 12 miler on the treadmill while listening to the BSC 80's mix on the screen. I had Paddy Moulton next to me so it was nice. We occasionally chatted but he was deep into his Metallica buzz and I was caught up in the sound of Talking Heads "Road To Nowhere". I felt great today even though I was tired from the session yesterday. Once I got the tempo going I felt I could have run all day. It is a testament to the strength but I am still concerned about pace. Its always the hardest part to get back once you've lost it. I always felt I had natural speed but right now there is nothing natural about running faster than 70 second pace for any length of time. All positive though because I know I'll get it back and the big picture stretches all the way to the end of November and the Irish Inter-County champs where selection will be made for the Euro Cross in Dublin. Ray is counting back from that event so pace will find me.

After Ryans recommendation of Frightened Rabbits I've been listening to their albums all day. I picked up "The Midnight Organ Fight" off iTunes and I've been caining it since. I will upload it to my shuffle for tomorrows training and decided which songs do it for me. Right now Fast Blood is kicking ass and you can hear it on theit myspace linked above.

In addition to this album I've been listening to Andy McKee. He is a guitarist that my friend Jimmy suggested I listen to. Normally I don't listen to straight acoustic albums but this guy is extremely talented and his guitar playing is very impressive. It has inspired me to pick up my own guitar again. However it is embarrassing to see the ease with which he plays compared to my strumming of the 10 odd chords I can play. The tips of my fingers are also really tender after 30 minutes of playing. So soft.

Good days my friends. Now check out Andy on the youtube,

Love Kel

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


AM: Workout 6 x 4 Minutes, 70 Sec Rec, 4:45 mile pace. (tot. 12)
PM: Yoga

Mark Carroll and I worked out this morning in the Baltic cold winds around the Blvd. I already had one easy interval session that was more of a tempo in the bag but today was my first real hard efforts in the 4:40-45 range of pace. Everything about the session was fantastic. I felt really comfortable through the first couple hitting splits through 1200m at about 3:35. The on the third we split 3:31 before hitting a hilly 4th. The 5th effort was the fastest, through 800 in 2:18 with wind on our back. The last one was uphill, into the wind so it was brutal but still at about 4:50 pace. I was pretty much cooked after 6 but Mark went on for 7 and I was perfectly content to let him off. He was dropping me on the reps so it was exactly the kind of help I needed. Its so much easier to push when someone is pulling ahead.

After a day of Job hunting and phone calls I went to Yoga. I missed last week so it was great to get back into the mellow session. As usual the practice was perfect. Very uplifting stuff and I got the hips nice and open. I had to work on my back. Its always hard when your hunchback like myself but yoga really helps fire up the muscles.

I didn't listen to any new music today. However I will be taking a listen to Ryan Hall's suggestions. I love Andrew Bird but his new album didn't hit home like his first one did. However I do like what I hear from Frightened Rabbit so its more Scotland on the iPod for tomorrow in the gym......yes the gym, we are getting 6--8 inches of snow tonight so this dismal winter, like the economy or my Job prospects, shows no signs of improving.

When its all said and done, workouts like I did today, make everything a little better.

Peace and Love,


Monday, January 26, 2009

An Accident In Paradise

AM: 10.15 Miles, 66 minutes, Lincoln woods.

I was pretty tired after the weekend and only I had Mark Carroll to run with I may have slogged this run out even slower. It was really cold and one of those days when the air is heavy and slow. You know what I mean, those days when running fast or feeling fast is impossible. Anyway, Mark and I made the best of the situation and hit up Lincoln woods, one of my favorite college spots. I had fully intended on going to the gym when I got back but bagged it since I have a big week ahead. Ray has upped my training starting tomorrow so the next 7 days will be hard. Since I am not working recovery should not be a problem.

The JOB search is in full swing right now. I had some good phone conversation with people I really admire in our industry and the theme is consistent. Its not a good time to be looking for a Job that is at least lateral in move not to mention an upward move which is what I would hope. I don't mind grafting for many more years to earn my place but with Visas included in the mix I need to make sure I get a secure job. Anyway, right now I can't be picky and I will keep the head down and plough on through.

The word around the campfire is that Radiohead are playing The Grammys seeing as they are up for an award with "In Rainbows" and Jonny Greenwood is up for best score with "There Will Be Blood". Hopefully both albums win but its The Grammys so who really cares anymore. If Radiohead are playing on February 8th I will be tuning in big style.

Maybe while watching The Grammys I will have my new Thom Yorke Biography! Yes, there is a new book hitting the shelves next month titled “Thom Yorke: Radiohead & Trading Solo”,
and it is written by Trevor Baker. The Book is
“a tale of the extraordinary drive, ambition and perfectionism of just one man. Thom Yorke’s story has never been told and this biography goes further and deeper than ever before with the help of in-depth interviews from former classmates, producers, video makers and other key players in his life.”


Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl Lyrics


I have been listening to this song on repeat lately even though it is old. I think it is really beautiful and I suggest every one listen to it often and loud. It is called "Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old" by Broken Social Scene.

Peace and love,


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Lion In A Coma

Friday: AM 6 Miles, 37:50, Blvd Saturday: AM: Tempo Run 6 Miles, 32 Minutes, Central Park (13 Tot.) Sunday: PM: 11.75 Miles, 1:11:40, Fruit Loop, Blvd.

Its not like I have a mass amount of readers but for those few who happen upon Fitter, Happier, More Productive every few days I apologize for the missed updates. I was down in NYC with my Irish crew and I had no Internet until now. So there is so much to talk about. Kicking off with training. I ran a solid 6 mile morning run early on Friday before we hit the road. After a long ass day and a few pints in various watering holes around the city I hit the scratch at 3am. I was surprised to feel quite bouncy on Saturday morning so I hit central park and ran a hard lap, right at threshold. It was very cold and windy so I just ran in training shoes and bundled up. Francine and I warmed up and cooled down together. Lovely. Another long day and late night called for a lie in today. I saved the run until I got back to P-Town and again I felt extremely bouncy. Maybe I should have should have more late nights!

Week 13 Ended As Follows:

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: AM: Tempo, 6 miles 32 min, wu 20 min, cd 11 min. Tot. 11 miles (63 Min)
Wednesday: AM: 12 Miles, 1:15:20, From BSC followed by Core Work
Thursday: AM: 10 Miles, 65 minutes, Blvd, Fruit Loop
PM: 4.2 Miles, No Time, Blvd
Friday: AM 6 Miles, 37:50, Blvd
Saturday: AM: Tempo Run 6 Miles, 32 Minutes, Central Park (13 Tot.)

Sunday: PM: 11.75 Miles, 1:11:40, Fruit Loop, Blvd.

Week Total: 68 Miles, 7 Runs, Core Work

With all that has been going on and having friends in town this week ended up being fantastic. I really expected a few days off and with Jimmy "My Iron Lung" Rohan in town I assumed late nights every night. Everybody is getting a little older and with Grace expecting in April it seems that Sups Rohan has toned down the
late nights, although not many can hang with the red fella, even now. Next week will be a brilliant week of running and job searching.

On Saturday night I saw M83 in concert at The Fillmore in Irving Plaza. As far as gigs go it was OK. It could have been amazing but some people really get me down. Why spend $38 bucks to see an amazing band only to talk and laugh and get drunk the whole way through the gig? This is what was going on around me. Full conversation over the music. It was infuriating but fortunately it did settle down by the half way point and the remaining part of the show was exceptionally moving. I was blown away by the energy and quality of the show. Emotional is what I expected and it is what I got. After the show we hit the Beauty Bar on 14th street. It is one of my favorite bars in the world and Saturday night served up hours of amazing Nu Wave and cool people. We danced hard and had a great time. The Beauty Bar is a converted Salon with a late 60's vibe. The bar retained all the aspects of the 60's and the fixtures that adorned the beauty salon. The head ovens line the wall and there are manicures available for donations! The back room plays 80's nu wave and has a very retro feel. Jimmy was buzzing and reckons it was one of the best bars he has ever been too. Expect hipster, pretentious people but its all good. It suits the place and the vibe is uplifting and creative. I love it and on a Saturday night it is a place everyone should check out.

Ian O'Riordan wrote this piece in the Irish Times the other day. I thought it was great, not only because he included my own predicament as an example but because it hit the nail on the head as to what is happening in athletics sponsorship today. I appreciate the shout out very much so thanks Ian! However the article is serious stuff. Athletes are loosing their contracts and additional sponsorship deals. Milton Friedman talked about how the social/moral responsibility of corporations is to increase shareholder profits. Unfortunately it is this attitude that got me my marching orders and many athletes too. In order to achieve the 2009 financial targets for shareholders these companies have decided to get a leg up by freeing up a lot of salary expense. Marketing expenses usually follow and the case of Derval and Gillick do not surprise me. It was nice that Ian pointed out this additional stress that is placed on athletes to make a living. The sport is top heavy and very fickle. Its far from the glamour of the Premiership or NBA and I truly hope this period of uncertainty passes so we can get on with selling lots of running shoes and supporting athletes to endorse the various brands. Maybe then I'll get a Job out of it.

Martin Fagan ran 61:05 today in Austin, TX. He lead from gun to tape and missed John Treacy's Irish record by a few seconds. It is great to see him find his range. I have no doubt he will challenge Johns marathon record in the coming years. More to come on this.

Anyway, I'm tired so peace and much love,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Is Full Of Love

AM: 10 Miles, 65 minutes, Blvd, Fruit Loop
PM: 4.2 Miles, No Time, Blvd

Two fantastic runs is all I really have to say. This afternoon I had my typical desire to run more but used common sense to just finish the loop and get in the door for dinner. I met Mark Carroll and Pat Tarpy for the morning run. Pat was doing a session so only warmed up with us. After fueling up with some black coffee I felt amazing. It was the easiest of runs and Mark and I just chatted as the miles and minutes flew past.

Basically today was just 2 easy runs and exactly what easy days are supposed to be about. Tomorrow I will be running early in the AM and heading into NYC with Jimmy and Grace. On Saturday night we will be seeing M83. Love having friends around and love having the good times. It is perfect timing really because it has taken my mind off the Job loss and it has given me new perspective. Friends are very important and make things real and bring everything back home. If this is bad times then bad times really aren't that bad.

Love Kel

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Broken Social Scene

AM: 12 Miles, 1:15:20, From BSC followed by Core Work

Great morning of training. It was cold so I decided to hit the BSC but got running outside since it was clear and dry. I got back and finished a few miles on the T-Mill and then hit the mats for some general strength bollix. I started out easy but going very hard by the end. I felt completely recovered from yesterday which is exactly how I should feel since it was only a tempo.

After that I was with the crew from Ireland and we went shopping and had some good energy and vibes on the go. AS220 for dinner followed by Tazza for coffee. Living the dream in Providence as an unemployed running industry guy. Overall, I am buzzing about feeling good running this morning and I am looking forward to a double run tomorrow.

Tonight is all about watching the premier of season 2 of Flight Of The Concords. I know it was on Sunday but thats what on-demand is for. I love these guys, the humor, the songs and the general energy around the half hour. It puts a smile on my face everytime. Until tomorrow its lots of peace and love. Enjoy the training and listen to plenty of good music.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indeed, yes.

AM: Tempo, 6 miles 32 minutes, 3 wu 20 min, 2 cool down 11 min. Tot. 11 miles (63 Min)

My lack of post yesterday was not due to a severe depression or any such mental state. Rather I used something that has not been part of my psyche for many a year and that something is called Rational. I knew I had a workout today and with my knee still not quite right and having my friends Jimmy and Grace in town I decided I would hang with them, eat some good Indian food, have a few beers, and watch PC roll over Cincinnati. It was all good and the day off helped immensity.

I had intended on meeting Mark Carroll but since I needed to work out early the roads were too icy so we abandoned plans to meet. I went down to the BSC and jumped on the t-mill. The work out was 2 x 3 mile but after my last treadmill debacle and subsequent depression I decided I'd run a straight 6 mile at a true tempo pace starting at 5:27 finishing the last mile at 5 min pace for a 5:20 ave. It was just what I needed and I felt amazing. I can't express how much I love running and how helpful running is during times of trouble.

With my iPod in hand I opted for the standard 80's channel and it did let me down, not at all. I had Genisis, Hall and Oats, Inxs, Simple Minds, Kate Bush, and many others. Straight after we went to the Providence Performing Arts Center to watch Obama make his acceptance speech along with a couple of thousand other Providence Peeps. At just over 18 minutes in length his speech got me fired up. I know there is a bit of a messiah aspect to him but politics aside he gives a great speech and its very motivating and uplifting. These are characteristics I love to have plentiful in my life. We then hit the town for some shopping, including CD purchases of Animal Collective "Merriweather Post Pavillion" and Glasvegas "Glasvegas" (old but i needed it). I also got the Thom Yorke -Eraser (remixes, Japan release). Another good to great day without flaw, without hassle, and full of love and friendship.

Keep the dream alive because despite the negative times, good energy always brings better times.

Love Kel

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Midnight Souls Still Remain

AM: 10 Miles 63 Minutes, T-Mill, BSC
AM: Bike, 1:30, Wild Colonial Pub

I had a fantastic day of training today. I kicked things off this morning with a 10 miler at BSC. We got another 5 inch snow fall out of nowhere. It came down all morning so I decided to hit the T-Mill. I really enjoyed it and again hit up the 80's channel for some Hall & Oats, Kim Wilde, Wham, The Police etc. The time went by so quick.

After the workout was over I went down to meet Brian Lang and Ben at the Wild Colonial where we set up out trainers for a nice hour and a half ride which included many reps at various paces. I was pretty cooked after the ride but it was great just to be in a pub, a place where we typically lash down pints on the bikes hammering each other. Loved it!

Week 12 Ended As Follows:

Monday: AM: 10 Miles, 63:50, T-Mill, BSC
Tuesday: AM: 4.25 Miles, 27:55, Blvd, Easy
PM: 8.56 Miles, 55:40, Milton Loop From RBK, Steady. YOGA
Wednesday: PM: 10 Miles, 63:50, Blvd
Thursday: AM: Workout Indoor, 1 x 2220M, 4 x 400, 1 x 1780M (Total 11 Miles)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: AM: 14.3 Miles, 1:23:40, Hard Running
Sunday: AM: 10 Miles 63 Minutes, T-Mill, BSC
AM: Bike, 1:30, Wild Colonial Pub

Week Total: 68.11 Miles, 7 Runs, 1:30 Bike Ride, Yoga, Core.

Despite the day off this was a great week of training and another great, and very positive step in the right direction. I am really pleased with where I am for the middle of January. It is so early!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Poor Man's Memory

AM: 14.3 Miles, 1:23:40, Hard Running

Since I had a day off yesterday and actually slept last night I felt really alive this morning. I did my long run and set out at a steady pace. I progressed to a fast last 4 miles (20:50) I had no intention of getting down to tempo pace but the tunes were pumping in my shuffle and I felt great. The only downside is that my knee started hurting immediately after and now it is inflamed. This is very frustrating. The weather was cold at the start and I nearly opted for the treadmill but I am so glad I didn't because it warmed up very quickly. Overall it was a great morning of training and sets me up for a good night out at the PC hoops game.

People have been very supportive since we were all let go from Reebok and it is really refreshing and inspirational to have such selfless, caring friends. I must thank John Clark for the kind words on his blog. It is very easy to question yourself when you loose your Job. Was I good enough? What could I have done better? But JC's post really lifted my spirits. Thanks me man!

I have not listened to any new music in weeks. This will be remedied over the next few weeks while the Job search continues. Any recommendations are welcome. Until tomorrow,

Peace and Love,


M83 - You, Appearing. Such an emotional and very beautiful song.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Brewing Up A Storm


Day off from running. I was scheduled for an easy session of 5 miles but my knee was tender after the indoor session yesterday and since it was really cold and I am still suffering from insomnia I decided to bag the run and take my first day off in a few weeks. I have a long run tomorrow. I am fried right now, mentally drained with so many thoughts going through my skull! Save the info for tomorrow, I'm off to try and get some kip,

Love Kel

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Parting Of The Sensory

AM: Workout Indoor, 1 x 2220M, 4 x 400, 1 x 1780M (Total 11 Miles)

FIRST OFF, Thank you all for the comments. The dream is still alive and you are all awesome for caring. Much love and respect to you all!

The cold today made it impossible to workout outside. I opted for the indoor track as opposed to the T-Mill. Based on the turbulent day that was yesterday I decided to forgo my planned 8 X 1k. I did not sleep well and spent all morning tieing up loose ends (I'm not nearly done). So in an effort to get something out of the workout I did a fartlek type session. The reason for the odd measurements is beause I did the reps in lane 4 which is about 220m. On the first effort I did a 10 lap run with one lap in 34-35 seconds and the recovery in 45. This would reflect 31 -41 if it was on an outdoor track. After the first effort I did 4 x 400 @ 64 with 55 seconds recovery and then another 34 - 45 effort for a mile. The total time for the two odd distances was 6:45 and 5:27 but the change in pace is defo harder than just running a steady tempo. It was a perfect reintroduction to speed and turnover, two things I am lacking in a major way. Running around an indoor track with flats on is not something I envisioned myself doing ever again. Despite the fatigue it was awesome to be back out there. Don't be afraid of the track, its the stuff of dreams.

I still feel like I work for Reebok. There is no switching off and tonight I had the opportunity to meet up with my boss Kevin, TK, Boz, and Coxy for a few pints of stout at The Chieftain in North Attleboro. It was just what I needed and we hope to get another night out again soon. These are mates for life outside of work and business.

Tomorrow I start the Job search after I make a personal call to every account I have ever worked with. I have no idea if I want to stay in sales but I do know one thing, I love running and I believe in the sport and all associated with it. It is one of my passions and the one thing I like to think I know everything about. So whatever scenarios spring up I will be looking at them all and willing to graft in order to get my ass back in the game.

Lots of training tomorrow and of course lots of music news to catch up on. By the way, do not buy the re-issued Radiohead material. EMI are milking it for everything its worth and Radiohead will not see a penny.

Peace and Much Love


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


PM: 10 Miles, 63:50, Blvd

I had a whole other level of emotion on my run tonight. It was very cold and icy but I needed to stay outside and get through this training. My emotion was out of balance because today I lost my job. It is so interesting to me. You hear of economic downturns and people getting laid off but you never really believe its going to happen to you. Furthermore you hear about the security guards and the escort to the front door but you never think it actually happens. Well it does. I experienced it, although I avoided the escort!

Reebok has been my life for over 2.5 years and I loved it. Naturally it had its tough times but I believe in the brand and the guys I worked with were the best. They will always be friends, and some will be very close friends for life. The Adidas group made a decision about what direction the Reebok brand would be taking and having specialty reps was not part of that plan. Most accounts found it odd that we competed head to head with Adidas for sales anyway, so they understand.

So now I am unemployed and very confused. Today I woke up as a Reebok rep ready for the good fight and tonight I go to bed as Kelrock, looking for a job. I can wear other shoes now (although truthfully I will stick to my Road Plus VI) and other racing flats. I can stick on some of my old New Balance pieces without feeling guilty. Its all a bit strange. Anyway, I don't want to go on about it. I will land on my feet, hopefully.

I am posting a youtube video that tells me everything will be alright. I still have health, music, running and most of all friends in the form of family, mates and Frankie.

Peace and Love,


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In Time

AM: 4.25 Miles, 27:55, Blvd, Easy
PM: 8.56 Miles, 55:40, Milton Loop From RBK, Steady. YOGA

Finally got to listen to my Interpol playlist today. I started this morning while running an easy loop of the Blvd. Despite the cold temps I actually felt pretty limber and warmed up quickly. I slept well last night and struggled to actually get up. It is rare that I get a good night of sleep. I don't have insomnia but I have something. Basically I find it hard to fall asleep and I am rarely tired at bedtime. Maybe the third night after 3 days of EXPO I might feel tired but in general I am wide awake no matter what time I get up at and regardless of the quality of training I did that day. I started taking melatonin which really helps but I am up to two pills a night and that is not good.

Anyway, for my PM run I did a nice loop from Reebok HQ and at times I was taking my life into my hands since rush hour had just started and cars seemed to care little about my skinny arse running along the side of the road. I was glad to get through unscathed and in shape for my weekly trip to Eyes Of The World for mellow Yoga. Right now I am fairly tired but like most nights I know that without the aid of my melatonin I am not falling asleep. Francine thinks I need to listen to more mellow music before I go to bed, something I have started to do recently.

The Grammy awards are coming up soon and no one really cares. The award show has lost its way in recent years and the whole event gets crappy ratings and falls on deaf ears. So, noticing their decline the Grammys have launched a new advertising campaign that is pretty cool. It features Thom Yorke, Coldplay, Kanye, and Lil Wayne. The images are made up of the names of songs that influenced the artists, who are all nominated by the way. The campaign is called "Celebrate The Music That Made Us". The songs are repeated throughout the images and its all pretty sweet. I love how "Unravel" gets the biggest slot on Thoms head. It is my favorite Bjork song, one I could listen to over and over again. Other noticeables are "Ashes To Ashes" by Bowie, "Organ Doner" by Shadow, and "Man On The Moon" by R.E.M

Love it,


Monday, January 12, 2009

Its The Smiling On The Package

PM: 10 Miles, 63:50, T-Mill BSC, Core

Here is where I stand on Treadmills. I don't like them but they serve a purpose when necessary. Tonight I was getting out for my run fairly late. The roads are very icy, especially the bike lane on the blvd where I planned on running. I am working too hard to wreck my season by slipping so I would rather mix it with the gym folk and run 10 miles on the mill. I don't care about what percentage in height it needs to be (1.5% is what I use) and nor do I care if its calibrated with precision. It is a good effort and I typically feel satisfied when I'm done. I ran easy for the first few miles and then progressed each mile until I was just under 6 min pace. T'was grand.

What was frustrating however was my iPod dying after 3/4 of a mile. I made an Interpol playlist since that is where my mood was and I just got through the opening track "Evil" and had started the intro bars to "Take You On A Cruise" when suddenly it went silent and the noise of the gym came stuttering in. So in looking for something to keep me occupied I decided to plug into the system attached to the mill. One of the channels was "80's Hits" which is what I settled on and it was fantastic. In no particular order here are the artists that I can remember, Kim Wilde, Duran Duran, General Public, Til Tuesday, Tina Turner, Kajagoogoo, Talking Heads, and a couple more. I turned from negative to extremely positive and I was literally bouncing along at the end wanting more.

I went to the Parlour Steps Myspace this morning to see if they were touring anytime soon and I was delighted to see they acknowledge my blog and the fact that I put their current album in my year end top 10. How cool in the gang is that! It makes me respect them even more and again I suggest you go out and buy Ambiguoso right now. I don't think it will be up there for too long but guys from a band I love read my review and year end list. This small gesture makes this old man very happy.

The video below is "Take You On A Cruise" by Interpol performed at Les Eurockéennes De Belfort in 2005. I got home from the gym and decided I needed to hear this song since I only got a small taste in the gym. Its a great performance and Paul Banks voice sounds amazing live. In fact, like Radiohead, this is a band that sounds better live. Check it.

Peace and Love,


Sunday, January 11, 2009


AM: Trainer Bike Ride, 1:45. Tour Of Flanders Video
PM: 8.3 Miles, 55 Minutes, Fruit Loop, Blvd.

Once again I opted out of my morning jog in favor of meeting the lads down in Providence Bike for a trainer session. We did a simulation of Tour Of Flanders. Well, we did as best we could basically following along with the stages on the screen and we used the "bergs" as climbs. It ended up being a great workout and 1:45 in the saddle is a nice way to start the day.

For PM action I did my 8+ mile loop over the slush that lined the side of the road. It didn't bother me at all. Its funny how stuff that is ordinarily an annoyance doesn't seem to bother you when things are going well. I would have typically hit the T_Mill on a night like this but to be honest I wanted fresh air after the ride this morning and being on cloud 9 from yesterday it was easy to hit the slush and jog around my fabled loop.

Read some kind words from my main man John Clark today and it allowed me to reflect on the general mood I find myself in these days. His advice was to basically take one day at a time and not to worry about next month let alone next week, and he is completely right. I often get myself into trouble when I set time goals because the desire to do that extra mile, or extra run in the evening is always present, but unnecessary.

Week 11 Ended As Follows:

Monday: AM: Workout, 5 x 5 Minutes, 1 Min Rec, 12 Miles Total
Tuesday: AM: 6 Miles Easy, 38:15. 30 Min Spin. PM: Yoga
Wednesday: PM: 11.1 Miles, 69:19
Thursday: AM: 8.2 Miles 53:50, PM: 5 Miles Easy
Friday: PM: 10 Miles, 65 Minutes
Saturday: AM: Workout, 6 Miles @ 5:02 Pace, 30:09; 12 Miles Total
Sunday: AM: Bike 1:45, PM: 8.3 Miles, 55 Minutes

Week Total: 72.6 Miles, 8 Runs, 2:15 Bike, Yoga, Core

True to form this week was my best in my comeback........I wonder how long this will last? Truly excited about this week. I am right where I need/want to be and this is where I'll stay. No doubt my long runs will increase in duration but everything else stays the same. No jumps until Ray says so! Really pleased.

I figure since I am in a pretty good mood I should post a video that reflects how I feel. The energy, the passion, the depth, the beauty etc etc. This is what its all about for me. One of the best songs ever written, "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"

Peace and Love,


Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Longer Wound Up Like A Spring

AM: Workout, Tempo Run, 6 Miles, 30:09, Goddard State Park

It took 10 weeks of slow build up but I have finally turned a corner. Without doubt this morning was the best I've felt in 8 months. Lots of things pointed to having a great tempo run this morning. It was the first time I worked out with other people. Today Mark Carroll and Pat Tarpy joined me in my tempo. Additionally, I wore light weight trainers for the first time, there was no wind, and we had a beautiful if very, very cold morning down at Goddard. The ocean looked great and it was a perfect winter day.

I was hoping to get through 5 miles at a logical pace progression. I figured threshold would be around 5:10-05 pace. We hit the first mile at 5:07 and it was really easy. We then went, 5:02, 5:01, 5:02, 5:01, 4:55. I felt completely in control and almost at conversation level. Mark and I stopped at 6 and Pat went to 7 but I felt I could run for another 4 miles at the same pace. There was no fatigue at all. I am over the moon with this effort and I think I can officially say I am getting in shape. Its not like I lit the world on fire but I think I am in about 30:20-10 10K shape. In another month I will be in 29:45 shape and by May I should be in at least 29 minute or under shape.

We hit up Boston for the afternoon and I met up with my fellow blog inspiration Tom McArdle. Tom is still struggling with a constant string of nagging injuries that keep him from evolving his training. It is hard to watch from the sidelines, especially since I feel so good. The race at Terrier will obviously not be happening and its a good thing. I personally don't want to push the envelope too much and I think a 5k running around an indoor track might be a little too much.

Right now, I am not changing the course or training load. Patience is an essential ingrediant right now. Ray has the training load exactly where it needs to be. Happy days.

Love Kel

They Don't Love You Like I Love You

FRIDAY: PM 10 Miles 65 Minutes, PC Loops.

Ran tonight with Max Smith, Mark Carroll, and Pat Tarpskin. It was a fantastic run and I felt amazing. I followed up the run with some quality Sushi down at Sakura and then I hit up the Wild Colonial for a couple of pints. It was in general an awesome day. What was not awesome was coming home to find that my wireless router re-set itself. I could not get online at all and I had to deal with 90 minutes of phone conversation to fix it, not to mention 40 bucks because my warrenty had expired. Ended up hitting the scratch at 1:30 AM and could not sleep. Did not get my FF changes in. Miserable, but still happy, if that makes any sense.

Love Kel

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

AM: 8.2 Miles, 53:50, Fruit Loop Blvd
PM: 5 Miles, Blvd, Core Work, BSC

There is just so much going on right now that there are not enough hours in the day. Of course running gets priority in these times and just as well because it makes me very happy and I am very much in the honeymoon period where all the runs are fantastic, even the hard ones, and the ones that hurt.

This morning was very windy but quite mild. I did my usual 8.2 loop listening to The Cure and Cut Copy. It was one of those mornings that I felt flat and not very smooth. But I was out running and thats all that matters. I did a bunch of work and hit the phone hard calling accounts etc before an afternoon run from BSC. I don't know what it is about night time but I always feel great running in the dark and I set out to run an easy 4 miles but ended up going 5+ and I had to cut down a few side streets to make sure I was not going too far. I could have run all night. The shuffle was playing Stars, Air France, Interpol, Radiohead, M83, Joy Division, and some Techno. I hit the gym and did my Mike Silva routine. Just fantastic.

Right now in New Zealand the second "7 Worlds Collide" concert series is going on. It happened in 2001 and it was monumental. This year it is no different. It is basically the same crew except Eddie Vedder has been replaced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco fame. Amazing stuff. It is the brainchild of Neil Finn (Crowded House) and it raises money for Oxfam. Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway of Radiohead are involved and so is Johnny Marr. I mean, come on! I would give anything to see this. They are playing amazing songs like "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out", one of my favorite songs of all time, "Fake Plastic Trees", "Bodysnatchers", and the one below "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want". This is an extremely talented group of musicians and the surprise of the concert series so far has been Phil Selway playing a solo song, "Family Madness". The recording is not great but you get the idea. Radiohead are so talented it is beyond comprehension. There will be a DVD available of the show and proceeds will go to Oxfam so I suggest everyone who cares about fighting global poverty and is interested in amazing music buy it when it becomes available. The 2001 edition is still available, similar line up and very much amazing stuff.

Another great day in Providence, lovely training, great music and great email banter with Jay. When you starting a blog Jay????

Love Kel

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Breath After Coma

PM: 11.1 Miles, 69:19, Fruit Loop, Blvd.

When I woke up this morning it was a winter mix of mainly ice. The roads were like sheets of glass and just driving was treacherous. After 5 minutes of scraping the ice off my car I decided that I would leave my run until the PM. I went and visited some stores and stopped into Reebok on my way home. My friend and Co-Worker Ted Fitz ridiculed me for running on the T-Mill. He said the legends of Irish distance running would be sickened by my behavior. Alas I did not run on the treadmill. When I returned to P-Town the rain had stopped and it actually warmed up. I hit the roads with a spring in my step and let me tell you that tonight's run was one of the best I've had since starting back 10 weeks ago.

The air was thick with mist and very damp. It completely reminded me of running around Drogheda in the winter. I was getting very vivid flashbacks to running with the club on Tuesdays and Thursday nights. I started out very easy tonight but by the end I was flying. I would love to have done more but I was running late to meet Francine. Beautiful training session. I listened to Moz again and had time to kick it with some old school progressive house at the end. Uptempo music, uptempo mood, uptempo run. Fantastic stuff. This is a happy camper going to bed.

Love Kel

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris

AM: 6 Miles, From BSC, Easy 38:15
30 Min Spin Bike, Core Work

PM: Mellow Yoga

Today was an easy day in terms of running. Ray had me scheduled for an easy 5 mile run but the loop I did ended up being a little longer. I was full of energy so I jumped on the spin bike to maintain a little sweat and to finish listening to the Morrissey album that I found leaked on the interweb. I followed up the bike with some Mike Silva exercises for my tight hips. Overall it was a fabulous workout and despite the fatigue I carried into Yoga this evening I was anything but tired during my practice. I felt really strong and can actually feel myself becoming more comfortable with the various poses. It is a nice feeling.

Regarding the Morrissey album. I am going to listen to it through about 10 more times before I decide whether or not its awesome or just very good. Right now "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" is my fav (you can hear it on the link or the myspace page dedicated to him). Its a song that has been played live many times on the last tour so I know it well but I haven't gotten bored of it. Not even slightly. I don't know what it is about the Mozzers voice that I find so appealing. His lyrics, and general personality I find really intriguing, not to mention his animal rights activism. The guy is a legend and I wish I listened to him growing up. I will be getting tix to see him in Foxwoods and Boston's House Of Blues for my 6th and 7th Moz shows.

Other tunes I listened to an awful lot today were Feist -Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix) and this fantastic band from Sweeden, The Embassy I listened to their 4 myspace tracks through at least 5 times before 8 AM this morning while supping coffee and sending emails at the Coffee Exchange.

Today was a good day.

Love Kel

Monday, January 5, 2009

Rolling Hills Ahead

AM: Workout: 5 x 5 minutes w/ 1 min rec, tempo efforts. Tot. 12 Miles

Had the kit on ready to go this morning but the ground was too icy and I could not deal with another treadmill workout. Waited a few hours until the sun came out and hit the road at 11:30 taking advantage of an early lunch, and getting caught up on work in the morning. I did a tough loop around Milton that required some hard hill running during the efforts. The workout went flawlessly although it is still hard to come terms with the lack of pace and turnover. I also have a slightly altered running style due to my knee surgeries that seems to make it difficult to really open up. Its almost as if my knees are protecting themselves by forcing me to take shorter strides, thereby reducing the impact forces. Either way, I am improving rapidly and should/need only focus on the positives. This was my first real fartlek style workout and I am delighted with it.

There is not much happening on the music front. I have been delving back into the world of techno now that all the "Best Of" compilations are surfacing. Some of the techno over the last year has been fantastic, especially the Berlin minimal sound with melodic overtones. I could listen to it all day, everyday, and still be completely lost in joy. On another but not too different tip I have been streaming the new Animal Collective "Merriweather Post Pavillion", an album that is being highly anticipated by myself and many others. They are a difficult band at times but this album seems a little more "pop" on first listen and takes their electro, sonic sound and their deep vocals to arrive on some sort of middle ground. I haven't really formed an opinion as such, that will require many more listens, however on the first go around "My Girls" seems like one of the strongest songs. No doubt that will change in a few weeks and thats a good thing. Good albums always evolve and this album is a nice way to start off a new year in music. These guys are playing a couple of NYC shows in a few weeks so I may have to get involved. M83 and Animal Collective in a 5 day period would be inspirational.

Tomorrow calls for an easy day of running so I will hit up the BSC and do some spinning and hit up Eyes Of The World for my weekly mellow yoga class. All good, all happy.

Peace and Love,


Sunday, January 4, 2009

And Fade Out Again

AM: 90 Minutes Bike, Trainer, Providence Bike
PM: 8.2 Miles, 51:45, Fruit Loop, Blvd

It is slightly embarrassing that I didn't post in 2 days but my reasons are sound. First off, I went out on Friday night and intended on returning home to post my training but alas the Gansett down in the Wild Colonial was so nice that it passed the hour of midnight when I arrived home. I figured since it would show up on Saturday I'd just post both training sessions on Saturday night, and the same thing happened so here I am on Sunday catching up with all the training. 

Let me tell you that today was beyond fantastic in terms of training. I was scheduled for a 4 + 8 double but I could not turn down the opportunity to participate in the Training ride down in Providence bike at 7:30 in the AM. I was a little too tired to run so I opted to replace the morning run with the ride rather than supplement. The afternoon eight miler was easy, bouncy, and extremely uplifting. I listened to The Smiths all the way and I may have looked like I was on acid since I had a smile across my face all the way. 

Yesterday I did 13 miles with D Wykes and Tarpy. That run was also amazing despite the late night prior. Due to my complete love for all things running I tend to think about the next morning when I am out these days so I go easy on the scoops and just enjoy the pub scene without getting bolloxed. Its always lovely.

So Week 10 Ended:

Monday: PM: 8.2 Miles Easy, 53:20
Tuesday: AM: Workout, 3, 2, 1 Mile. 15:30, 10:18, 5:07 (total 12 Miles), PM: Yoga
Wednesday: AM: 8 Miles, 56 Minutes, Snow
Thursday: AM: 11 Miles, 74 Minutes, PM: Yoga
Friday: AM: 8.2 Miles, 57 Minutes, Easy
Saturday: AM: 13 Miles, 1:25:15, Easy/Steady
Sunday: AM: Bike, PM: 8.2 Miles, 51:45

Week Total: 68.6 Miles, 7 Runs, Bike, Yoga.

My best week so far. Felt amazing on every run and had an overall general feeling of joy. Its weeks like this that make me realize how much of an idiot I was to constantly over do my training over the last few years. If I can maintain this for 6 months I'll be strong enough to compete at a decent level again.

In other news and events this weekend. I got tix to see M83 perform at the Fillmore in Irving Plaza NYC. I will be meeting my mate from Ireland and we will be hitting up this religious experience with Francine and Grace. I truly can't wait and I'll have some pics to share with you all.

We had a little gathering on Saturday night that saw myself and Mark Carroll sup pints with a bunch of old skool Rhode Island runners including Charlie Breagy and Geoff Smith. Loved it. Love the chat and love meeting people. I was in stitches laughing and also very inspired. Geoff won a couple of Bostons so its hard not to feel motivated after talking to him.

Anyway, I'll be back to regular posting this week. I am really happy to be back in routine. Lots of tough training and amazing music to discuss over the next 7 days. I also have some races lined up so time to get the intervals and strides rolling. The dream is alive and well,

Love Kel

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Today, the same as yesterday.

AM: 11 Miles, 74 Minutes, Fruit Loop, Blvd, Pawucket
PM: Hatha Yoga, 2 hours

This morning myself, Dylan Wykes and Paddy Moulton hit the roads for about 10 miles. It was freezing cold but the roads around the Blvd were pretty clear and overall the footing was fine. We got talking and cruised around a loop that ended up being 74 minutes and right around 11 miles. It was a fantastic start to the new year. Speaking of which, this whole new year thing means little to me. I am looking at today as another day closer to being back in racing mode. But inside I am happy to kick off 2009 with a great day of work.

We hit up Eyes Of The World  for a 2 hour hot yoga class. It was awesome and I feel really elevated since I did it. In fact we all got a bit hyper so we went for pizza down at Fillini's Pizza and then went to The Wild Colonial for a pint. I love the Colonial because not only is it just a cool, thinking persons spot but one of the main bar tenders is a good friend and local Runner. It makes for good times and great conversation. If you ever find yourself in P-Town and you want a drink, this is a place you should look up. 

Better times ahead,

Love Kel