Friday, January 30, 2009

The Reasons Why


I woke up this morning and hit the Exchange. My coffee didn't taste good. This is not because it was not good coffee, its the Exchange, they never have bad coffee. My large, black, dark roast only tastes poorly when I am sick. Its when my throat is raw that the coffee doesn't slide down the gob in a tasteful, energetic fashion. Everyone has their signs that a cold is in the mail and mine is when my coffee tastes bad. Throughout the morning I was exhausted so I had a 20 minute nap which did nothing to help. As the day progressed I regressed and now I go to bed still feeling like crap. No music nows, no general news, just bad news. I have a tempo that I really need to do tomorrow so hopefully the news will be better.

Love Kel


  1. You don't "have" to do any workout if you're not up to it. Respect our body and it will do the same for you.

  2. Got knocked out with stomach bug last tues evening, had post raheny 5 session planned for wednesday, instead spent 24 hours virtually half asleep. Took that to stop me doing it but felt better thurs evening. Hoping you get it from your system quickly.