Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indeed, yes.

AM: Tempo, 6 miles 32 minutes, 3 wu 20 min, 2 cool down 11 min. Tot. 11 miles (63 Min)

My lack of post yesterday was not due to a severe depression or any such mental state. Rather I used something that has not been part of my psyche for many a year and that something is called Rational. I knew I had a workout today and with my knee still not quite right and having my friends Jimmy and Grace in town I decided I would hang with them, eat some good Indian food, have a few beers, and watch PC roll over Cincinnati. It was all good and the day off helped immensity.

I had intended on meeting Mark Carroll but since I needed to work out early the roads were too icy so we abandoned plans to meet. I went down to the BSC and jumped on the t-mill. The work out was 2 x 3 mile but after my last treadmill debacle and subsequent depression I decided I'd run a straight 6 mile at a true tempo pace starting at 5:27 finishing the last mile at 5 min pace for a 5:20 ave. It was just what I needed and I felt amazing. I can't express how much I love running and how helpful running is during times of trouble.

With my iPod in hand I opted for the standard 80's channel and it did let me down, not at all. I had Genisis, Hall and Oats, Inxs, Simple Minds, Kate Bush, and many others. Straight after we went to the Providence Performing Arts Center to watch Obama make his acceptance speech along with a couple of thousand other Providence Peeps. At just over 18 minutes in length his speech got me fired up. I know there is a bit of a messiah aspect to him but politics aside he gives a great speech and its very motivating and uplifting. These are characteristics I love to have plentiful in my life. We then hit the town for some shopping, including CD purchases of Animal Collective "Merriweather Post Pavillion" and Glasvegas "Glasvegas" (old but i needed it). I also got the Thom Yorke -Eraser (remixes, Japan release). Another good to great day without flaw, without hassle, and full of love and friendship.

Keep the dream alive because despite the negative times, good energy always brings better times.

Love Kel


  1. animal collective any good, why have you not gotten frightened rabbit?

  2. thats another fantastic tempo. genesis and simple minds...love it!!! glasbegas album is very good in my humble opinion. new u2 single is ok, nothing special...think the album will be special tho. regarding the obama speech, i also love his speeches and i love how intelligent his speeches are...doesn't hurt having ted sorenson on board to write the speeches. i was all fired up for his speech yesterday and felt a little let down by it. it was good, but i don't see it being remembered really....think hes more of a do-er rather than a say-er....anyway time will tell!!! good to see you're staying positive...