Thursday, January 15, 2009

Parting Of The Sensory

AM: Workout Indoor, 1 x 2220M, 4 x 400, 1 x 1780M (Total 11 Miles)

FIRST OFF, Thank you all for the comments. The dream is still alive and you are all awesome for caring. Much love and respect to you all!

The cold today made it impossible to workout outside. I opted for the indoor track as opposed to the T-Mill. Based on the turbulent day that was yesterday I decided to forgo my planned 8 X 1k. I did not sleep well and spent all morning tieing up loose ends (I'm not nearly done). So in an effort to get something out of the workout I did a fartlek type session. The reason for the odd measurements is beause I did the reps in lane 4 which is about 220m. On the first effort I did a 10 lap run with one lap in 34-35 seconds and the recovery in 45. This would reflect 31 -41 if it was on an outdoor track. After the first effort I did 4 x 400 @ 64 with 55 seconds recovery and then another 34 - 45 effort for a mile. The total time for the two odd distances was 6:45 and 5:27 but the change in pace is defo harder than just running a steady tempo. It was a perfect reintroduction to speed and turnover, two things I am lacking in a major way. Running around an indoor track with flats on is not something I envisioned myself doing ever again. Despite the fatigue it was awesome to be back out there. Don't be afraid of the track, its the stuff of dreams.

I still feel like I work for Reebok. There is no switching off and tonight I had the opportunity to meet up with my boss Kevin, TK, Boz, and Coxy for a few pints of stout at The Chieftain in North Attleboro. It was just what I needed and we hope to get another night out again soon. These are mates for life outside of work and business.

Tomorrow I start the Job search after I make a personal call to every account I have ever worked with. I have no idea if I want to stay in sales but I do know one thing, I love running and I believe in the sport and all associated with it. It is one of my passions and the one thing I like to think I know everything about. So whatever scenarios spring up I will be looking at them all and willing to graft in order to get my ass back in the game.

Lots of training tomorrow and of course lots of music news to catch up on. By the way, do not buy the re-issued Radiohead material. EMI are milking it for everything its worth and Radiohead will not see a penny.

Peace and Much Love



  1. Hang in there, man. You're fit, happy and productive. Like you don't already do this, but listen to good music, hang w/good people (runners) and have good laughs.

    You'll be fine!

  2. Met with Under Armour today. Can't tell you how disappointing it is to see the carpetbaggers coming to the party and legit people like you getting dismissed. Fortunately, they can't buy credibility.

  3. Yo Kelrock,
    Long time reader first time poster....great to see you back on the track man. I am sorry to hear about the job man but I know you will certainly land on your feet. Thanks for all the help that you've given me in my running man it was great to get a run in last week.
    Keep it rolling man and I'll give you a buzz over the weekend...........


    Check out the new u2 album cover: type&img_extra=image extra

    I think you'll like it....

    Read all about it here:

  5. work your contacts and keep with people that bring good thoughts and advice....this blog is more important to you than ever is a resource and an outlet kieth!!!