Tuesday, January 27, 2009


AM: Workout 6 x 4 Minutes, 70 Sec Rec, 4:45 mile pace. (tot. 12)
PM: Yoga

Mark Carroll and I worked out this morning in the Baltic cold winds around the Blvd. I already had one easy interval session that was more of a tempo in the bag but today was my first real hard efforts in the 4:40-45 range of pace. Everything about the session was fantastic. I felt really comfortable through the first couple hitting splits through 1200m at about 3:35. The on the third we split 3:31 before hitting a hilly 4th. The 5th effort was the fastest, through 800 in 2:18 with wind on our back. The last one was uphill, into the wind so it was brutal but still at about 4:50 pace. I was pretty much cooked after 6 but Mark went on for 7 and I was perfectly content to let him off. He was dropping me on the reps so it was exactly the kind of help I needed. Its so much easier to push when someone is pulling ahead.

After a day of Job hunting and phone calls I went to Yoga. I missed last week so it was great to get back into the mellow session. As usual the practice was perfect. Very uplifting stuff and I got the hips nice and open. I had to work on my back. Its always hard when your hunchback like myself but yoga really helps fire up the muscles.

I didn't listen to any new music today. However I will be taking a listen to Ryan Hall's suggestions. I love Andrew Bird but his new album didn't hit home like his first one did. However I do like what I hear from Frightened Rabbit so its more Scotland on the iPod for tomorrow in the gym......yes the gym, we are getting 6--8 inches of snow tonight so this dismal winter, like the economy or my Job prospects, shows no signs of improving.

When its all said and done, workouts like I did today, make everything a little better.

Peace and Love,


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  1. Dude, I told you I had a job here for you. Actually, got a call from Kevin today about coming out next week to meet with him and the president. Would love to talk some with you too before I go out. Obviously, if we could catch up in Boston that would be great.