Sunday, January 4, 2009

And Fade Out Again

AM: 90 Minutes Bike, Trainer, Providence Bike
PM: 8.2 Miles, 51:45, Fruit Loop, Blvd

It is slightly embarrassing that I didn't post in 2 days but my reasons are sound. First off, I went out on Friday night and intended on returning home to post my training but alas the Gansett down in the Wild Colonial was so nice that it passed the hour of midnight when I arrived home. I figured since it would show up on Saturday I'd just post both training sessions on Saturday night, and the same thing happened so here I am on Sunday catching up with all the training. 

Let me tell you that today was beyond fantastic in terms of training. I was scheduled for a 4 + 8 double but I could not turn down the opportunity to participate in the Training ride down in Providence bike at 7:30 in the AM. I was a little too tired to run so I opted to replace the morning run with the ride rather than supplement. The afternoon eight miler was easy, bouncy, and extremely uplifting. I listened to The Smiths all the way and I may have looked like I was on acid since I had a smile across my face all the way. 

Yesterday I did 13 miles with D Wykes and Tarpy. That run was also amazing despite the late night prior. Due to my complete love for all things running I tend to think about the next morning when I am out these days so I go easy on the scoops and just enjoy the pub scene without getting bolloxed. Its always lovely.

So Week 10 Ended:

Monday: PM: 8.2 Miles Easy, 53:20
Tuesday: AM: Workout, 3, 2, 1 Mile. 15:30, 10:18, 5:07 (total 12 Miles), PM: Yoga
Wednesday: AM: 8 Miles, 56 Minutes, Snow
Thursday: AM: 11 Miles, 74 Minutes, PM: Yoga
Friday: AM: 8.2 Miles, 57 Minutes, Easy
Saturday: AM: 13 Miles, 1:25:15, Easy/Steady
Sunday: AM: Bike, PM: 8.2 Miles, 51:45

Week Total: 68.6 Miles, 7 Runs, Bike, Yoga.

My best week so far. Felt amazing on every run and had an overall general feeling of joy. Its weeks like this that make me realize how much of an idiot I was to constantly over do my training over the last few years. If I can maintain this for 6 months I'll be strong enough to compete at a decent level again.

In other news and events this weekend. I got tix to see M83 perform at the Fillmore in Irving Plaza NYC. I will be meeting my mate from Ireland and we will be hitting up this religious experience with Francine and Grace. I truly can't wait and I'll have some pics to share with you all.

We had a little gathering on Saturday night that saw myself and Mark Carroll sup pints with a bunch of old skool Rhode Island runners including Charlie Breagy and Geoff Smith. Loved it. Love the chat and love meeting people. I was in stitches laughing and also very inspired. Geoff won a couple of Bostons so its hard not to feel motivated after talking to him.

Anyway, I'll be back to regular posting this week. I am really happy to be back in routine. Lots of tough training and amazing music to discuss over the next 7 days. I also have some races lined up so time to get the intervals and strides rolling. The dream is alive and well,

Love Kel

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