Thursday, January 1, 2009

Today, the same as yesterday.

AM: 11 Miles, 74 Minutes, Fruit Loop, Blvd, Pawucket
PM: Hatha Yoga, 2 hours

This morning myself, Dylan Wykes and Paddy Moulton hit the roads for about 10 miles. It was freezing cold but the roads around the Blvd were pretty clear and overall the footing was fine. We got talking and cruised around a loop that ended up being 74 minutes and right around 11 miles. It was a fantastic start to the new year. Speaking of which, this whole new year thing means little to me. I am looking at today as another day closer to being back in racing mode. But inside I am happy to kick off 2009 with a great day of work.

We hit up Eyes Of The World  for a 2 hour hot yoga class. It was awesome and I feel really elevated since I did it. In fact we all got a bit hyper so we went for pizza down at Fillini's Pizza and then went to The Wild Colonial for a pint. I love the Colonial because not only is it just a cool, thinking persons spot but one of the main bar tenders is a good friend and local Runner. It makes for good times and great conversation. If you ever find yourself in P-Town and you want a drink, this is a place you should look up. 

Better times ahead,

Love Kel


  1. Kel,

    I was able to Google this Website..."technologe." Love the blog, your passion for running, and the no-nonsense approach to the New Year. Indeed, it is merely another day, and I can do without the "Happy New Year" bollox. I rather vibe off my 1/1/09 7 miler through the Newton hills and your well-documented passion for sport and caffeine! So, no "Happy New Year" wishes from me to you. Just stick on the kettle and KEEP GOIN'!


  2. yo kelrock,

    when u were in cambridge, hanging with the mackster, u had mentioned shoes, and that u had loads of them, is there anyway u could send me a pair?? whats the price??? i am a size 12. and the pair u train in looked to be pretty good. thanks mate.