Sunday, January 18, 2009

Midnight Souls Still Remain

AM: 10 Miles 63 Minutes, T-Mill, BSC
AM: Bike, 1:30, Wild Colonial Pub

I had a fantastic day of training today. I kicked things off this morning with a 10 miler at BSC. We got another 5 inch snow fall out of nowhere. It came down all morning so I decided to hit the T-Mill. I really enjoyed it and again hit up the 80's channel for some Hall & Oats, Kim Wilde, Wham, The Police etc. The time went by so quick.

After the workout was over I went down to meet Brian Lang and Ben at the Wild Colonial where we set up out trainers for a nice hour and a half ride which included many reps at various paces. I was pretty cooked after the ride but it was great just to be in a pub, a place where we typically lash down pints on the bikes hammering each other. Loved it!

Week 12 Ended As Follows:

Monday: AM: 10 Miles, 63:50, T-Mill, BSC
Tuesday: AM: 4.25 Miles, 27:55, Blvd, Easy
PM: 8.56 Miles, 55:40, Milton Loop From RBK, Steady. YOGA
Wednesday: PM: 10 Miles, 63:50, Blvd
Thursday: AM: Workout Indoor, 1 x 2220M, 4 x 400, 1 x 1780M (Total 11 Miles)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: AM: 14.3 Miles, 1:23:40, Hard Running
Sunday: AM: 10 Miles 63 Minutes, T-Mill, BSC
AM: Bike, 1:30, Wild Colonial Pub

Week Total: 68.11 Miles, 7 Runs, 1:30 Bike Ride, Yoga, Core.

Despite the day off this was a great week of training and another great, and very positive step in the right direction. I am really pleased with where I am for the middle of January. It is so early!

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  1. Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hangin'On or Kids in America? I used to think she was so hot.