Friday, January 16, 2009

Brewing Up A Storm


Day off from running. I was scheduled for an easy session of 5 miles but my knee was tender after the indoor session yesterday and since it was really cold and I am still suffering from insomnia I decided to bag the run and take my first day off in a few weeks. I have a long run tomorrow. I am fried right now, mentally drained with so many thoughts going through my skull! Save the info for tomorrow, I'm off to try and get some kip,

Love Kel

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  1. KK! It's your old pal Scotty Jones. I just spent a couple of days with J. Earle on my way across the country and he turned me on to your blog. Wanted to chat at Radiohead back in May, but the monsoon prevented it. Get at me on FB. Just got on there. We are in the same boat job-wise, so I mean it when I say, Y.N.W.A.