Thursday, October 30, 2008

Euro Trendy, Obama Chic

Wednesday>AM: 8 Miles, One lap of Central Park with Add-On. Easy Running

Ran with the Reebok Crew, Paddy Joyce and Ted Fitz. Also had Abdi tag along for a few miles. The run was nice and a lap of central park was just what I needed to kick start a great day and to discuss a great previous night.

So, I experienced my first Stylist event. It was described by Fitzy as Euro Trendy, Obama Chic so I had to get involved. Aside from the pretentious hipsters and average tuneage selection by the DJ the event was a fantastic. The kind of stuff you see on the Tele. Loft in the Tribecca area of the city, tripped out furniture, DJ, full bar, fashion everywhere and of course the stylists.

The role of the stylist is to pick out pieces of apparel and footwear to give to the celebs they dress. I imagine it was very b-list but all good none the less. If I learned one thing from the event it is that i need to work on my own personal fashion. Nothing like a bunch of hipsters in lower manhattan to make you feel like you have zero style.........but then again some of the clobber I saw was very bottom shelf and laughable.

So post run, and post expo set up I met Marc Davis for a trip to the Old Castle pub and the Liverpool Portsmouth game. It was one-nil to the reds and another three points. This however was the lowlight of the afternoon. The Spurs Arsenal game was much better ending in a 4-4 draw at Arsenal. And the bunch of cockney lads around us cheering for Spurs kept the energy high. But when Roger Daltry of The Who was in the bar cheering for Arsenal it made for a classic NYC scene. The Who played a sold out show last night in the Big Apple but the afternon belonged to football and sitting in a bar with true supporters, Roger Daltry and assorted members of The Who crew makes for a nice day. Got a pic but have zero ability to load it from my crackberry to the computer. A very nice gentleman by the way. And he was more than willing to exchange pleasentries and discuss the game with wit and openness. Might have to revisit The Who post expo.

Anyway, nothing but good old fashion Win-Wins on Wednesday. The rest of Marathon weekend awaits.

Love Kel

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain Down, Rain Down On Me

PM: Workout. 3 Mile Tempo Run, 15:20. 3 Miles WU/CD Total: 9 Miles

Did this Tempo run on the outside Res Loop in Central Park, NYC. Lets get one thing straight, when you don't live in NYC, running in Central Park is fantastic. I was loving life despite the freezing wind, rain, and general air temps. Very cold, and a significant shift from how its been over the last few weeks. Pace on the tempo felt ok but the ground was heavy and in good old bookies speak it was going soft.........It didn't help that I was wearing training shoes. Flats will feel like magic when the time comes to wear them. The NYU XC team was out working out and I got flash backs to the good ol days with the PC boys hammering reps out in Goddard park.

Warmed up with Paddy Joyce and then stuck on Sasha's Involver 2 album on the headphones. Its not great and Sasha has not done a a decent mix CD since Global Underground Ibiza. However it was nice tempo tunage and cooling down I shifted the vibe to some In Rainbows Disc 2 action. Go Slowly is one of my favorite tracks from In Rainbows and I agree with Jonny Greenwood, it should have been on the album rather than the B-Sides.

So the NYC action has started on a positive note. The next few days will be full of great energy and I will be on high on caffine for the rest of the week. Then again I am high on Caffine every day so its basically same old. Back to the park with the Reebok team in the morning. Lovely stuff.

Peace and Much Love,


Monday, October 27, 2008

In Pitch Dark

7AM: 7 Miles Easy, Easy.......Houghtons Pond, Green Street, RBK HQ

Ran with Coxy and Dan Mazzocco. We had a complete recovery day with some nice conversation. It was exactly what I needed after some days of up-tempo running with my iPod.

Last night I spent a lot of time listening to music from French Producer Fred Falke This put me in a jovial mood before I went to bed and has wetted my appetite for more of the same disco/nu-wave infused dance music.

Big week ahead at the NYC marathon and I will have to keep focused to stay on schedule with this running game. I have purposely avoided checking event listings. The last thing I need is to see a great DJ or Live Music show in the middle of expo mania.

Peace and Love


Sunday, October 26, 2008

You'll Never Walk Alone

AM: 10.2 Miles ( No Time), Blvd, Pawtucket.

Felt great this morning although my Garmin decided to stop working after 4 miles. I kept getting "Low Battery" jumping on the screen. Eventually it just blanked. I was running about 6:15-20 pace which is exactly what I wanted and I felt nice. Ran by myself with the sounds of the underground at full volume in my ears.

The week ended up looking like this:

Monday: PM 8 Miles, slow
Tuesday: AM 6 Miles (38:40)
Wednesday: Workout, 2x2miles, 10:15, 10:07, 3 mile warm up/down Total 10 Miles
Thursday: PM 8.3 Miles (49:57)
Friday: PM 8.3 Miles (53:40)
Saturday: AM 7.7 Miles (44:45)
Sunday: AM 10.2 Miles, Steady

Week Total: 56.5 Miles - Great first training week, and I'll be keeping it here for the time being.

In other news, Mayors Cup was today and it was great to get out on Franklin Park again. The Womens race was won in a CR by Mary Cullen, and the Mens race was more tactical won by Jacob Korir in just under 24 mins.

However, the biggest news of the day is of course Liverpools win at Chelsea. It is the first time Chelsea have lost at home in 86 games. The stars are aligning for the 'pool. They are grafting out the wins like Man United have been doing for the last 15 years. Its early doors, but the smile remains.

Love Kel

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Its A Competitive World

AM: 7.7 Miles (44:45), Fruit Loop, Blvd

TOO QUICK AGAIN. I went running accompanied by my iPod Shuffle and a lash of straight up melodic Techno from This Guy and This Guy.

I felt great though and I find it hard to understand how I feel comfortable running sub 6 min miles in training after 3 weeks of light Jogging and 5 months off? I guess biking actually does keep one fit.

Anyway, great run and another positive day of training. The rest of the day was spent watching the "To The Point" 5 mile road race down in Narragansett. Pat Tarpy cruised to an easy win and Frankie won the womens race with Mylene second. It was a nice day and capped off with some Narragansett Larger in a local, dodgy beach side bar.

Good luck to Carroller, Vin, and Spring Break in the Great South Run 10 Miler tomorrow. Little bit of Mayors Cup action tomorrow too and of course the biggest league game of the season so far between the 'Pool and Chelski.

"Everything Counts In Large Amounts"

Putting the Oasis argument to bed

My friend Ryan Hall, a true music fan and frequent scenester on the Chicago live music front has taken offense to a small comment made earlier in the week regarding my educated opinions on the new, hyped up, Oasis Album, "Dig Out Your Soul". See

Ryan, your argument is fine as a stand alone argument, however as a rebuttal to my comments it is clear you have missed my point. The thesis of your argument is that I claim Oasis have not evolved musically like Radiohead. However I never said that. To compare Oasis to Radiohead is embarrassing and belittling to the Oxford Quintet. Lets start pulling apart your comments.

I said that Oasis, unlike other bands of the time have hung onto Brit Pop while said other bands have eveloved or faded away. A better example of a Brit Pop band, and another band who are superior in my opinion to Oasis is Blur. They saw how shoddy and boring Brit Pop came and the culture around it so they stepped back and wrote the self titled album, Blur which set in motion a string of amazing work and creativity that actually resulted in the band splitting up. "13" is arguably their best album although since you are up the asses of Oasis you may think "Parklife" is their best work.

While you may have been wearing dockers, sweaters and cologne 13 years ago, I was DJing at all night raves, wearing black Levis, Man City Jersey and wore my hair thick and pushed forward so I could look as "Madchester" as possible. Like I said, it filled a void. I was consumed with dance music and rave culture and Oasis came just as I started hitting pubs and lashing back the pints of Csrlsberg. I am even a die hard Liverpool fan but anything Man City was acceptable since it represented Oasis. My first Oasis concert was March 1996 in the Point Depot Dublin. I went to the second of two nights and yes it was amazing. Noel played Wonderwall and the whole crowd sung while he sat in silence. Beautiful. Later that summer I saw them in Cork with the Bootleg Beatles and the Prodigy (who actually blew them off the stage IMO) This was a fantastic summer and the beer, hedonism and Oasis Maina had peaked for me. It was all downhill from here.

Your comments on the rest of their albums, all sub par and insignificant compared to the first two are opinion and I respect it. I like some moments from all these albums but nothing stands out and nothing is inspiring. Oasis make rock music that is their own sound (mainly because of Liam's voice) and it does nothing for me anymore. It is boring and played out. Regardless of whether or not they sell out stadiums in Ireland, to me they had their peak in 1996 and most Oasis fans I know agree. Back then it was silly how much of an impact they had, hence why they started to actually think of themselves as God like figures. Now they are a straight up rock band and I never set forth to disagree, I just think straight up rock is kinda boring and does little to motivate me, especially when the lead singers are so full of themselves.

Further points you make are irrelevant or inaccurate. The Rolling Stones are a band I know little about. I have never been into that style of music and just because they have legendary status I am not going to pretend I like them. The same can be said although less so for Led Zep. However to say that U2 never evolved is just plain wrong. You mentioned 2 of three albums that were a major departure from the Joshua Tree and Rattle & Hum. Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and Pop were all a risky direction and all amazing. They returned to their stadium rock sound after the fact and they can do what ever they like as far as I'm concerned because they are always with the times. Coldplay is catchy pop music, simple.

Ryan, I have not wanted to "pogo" around my apartment listening to Oasis since 1996. And I completely disagree that you cannot listen to Radiohead to get fired up. Good music is joyful to the listener and clearly you have not been paying attention. If Idioteque can't fire you up then you have no soul. Music is not just about basic Noel Gallagher guitar cords and Liam Gallagher shouting. That is enough to make me not want to go out. Now, I will sing along to a drunken rendition of Live Forever or Whatever because these were important songs in my evolution. But thats it.

So to conclude my own rant I will say again that I am not comparing Oasis to Radiohead, please acknowledge that the differences are worlds apart. The only reason why Noel constantly attacks Thom Yorke is because he is Jealous that he is seen as a true musician and vocalist while Noel packs out stadiums to sing glorified pub songs. You answered your own question about Oasis when you described a night of half eaten burritos and failure to score with the local female population........this is what Oasis and their music is all about. Something that I am not interested in. Finally, to say that they are the only true Rockstars left is a fair assessment although next time Ian Brown is in Chi Town check him out. You may see a resemblance to Liam Gallagher but thats because Liam completely ripped off his style and stage presence. Pity he couldn't rip off Ian's singing abilities.

Oasis, were good and will always be a significant part of my youth. But I would have to dig a long time to find any soul in current Oasis music. Thanks but no Fucking Thanks.

Love Always,


Friday, October 24, 2008

The Sanest Days Are Mad

6PM. 8.3 Miles (53:40) Fruit Loop, Blvd

Ran same loop as yesterday with Paddy Moulton. Obviously ran a proper recovery pace and felt great doing so. Legs are fresh and knee pain is minimal. Very happy with tonight and need to focus on running without the sounds of the techno. Meeting friends is much better!

On another note, I received a comment from Vinny Mulvey linking this Morrissey Clip
Its from when we saw the Moz in Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City last October. It was this time last year that I tore my calf while running with Vin on trails in New Rochelle. Despite the agony I was completely lost in emotion at the show. The track is "Why don't you find out for yourself", one of his greatest solo tracks from the album Vauxhall And I (1994)

"Don't rake up my mistakes, I know exactly what they are"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

And Life Is Wine

6PM 8.3 Miles (49:57) Fruit Loop and Blvd.

Might have run too quick considering this was a recovery day. Started out slow but got rolling when it got dark. I love running in the evening and particularly in the dark. It reminds me of the good old days running with the club at 7pm back in Drogheda. Lashing fartlek sessions through smog ridden, terraced streets. No technical running gear (although I did have a pair of Ron Hill run pants complete with stirrups) and just hard core working class lads.

It didn't help that my shuffle started playing SCSI-9, nice groovy techno from Russia. I need to start meeting people to run, especially on recovery days. Tomorrow will be much easier. And as for knee pain after last night, well there wasn't any, at least not until the very end. Pleased.

"But there are days in this life when you see the teeth marks of time"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



2 x 2miles, 2 min recovery. 3 mile WU/CD. Ran 10:15, 10:07. Total: 10 Miles

Did the first rep with Paddy Moulton which was nice. Was on my tod for the second one. Felt like I had no workouts done in a long time, which is actually the case. Pace felt fast and awkward. But on a major positive note, I had little or no knee pain and even now several hours later I feel great. Tomorrow morning will be another story however. Second session in the bag and the long road ahead is becoming more clear.

"And if you must, go to work tomorrow. Well if I was you I really wouldn't bother, for there are brighter sides to life and I should know because I've seen them but not very often"

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

I am not going into details of running injury history because I don't particularly want to go through it and to be honest self loathing is not what I need right now. Anyway, its all positive moving forward so lets just say since 2001 I have not put 5 months of running together. And of the past 7 years I have missed a combined 3+ years of running.

Most recently I had knee surgery. This was at the end of March on the eve of my trip to the World Cross Country Champs. My then roommate Dylan Wykes was representing Canada and my house guest James Carney was representing the USA. It was a dark week for me. Since the surgery I have been dealing with constant knee pain due to arthritis and other general problems. After 5 months off and some bike riding I managed to get some strength back in the joint. Now that brings me to September. I did about 20 miles a week through the month. All very slow. But I got through it, hence the comeback!

Last week I did about 40 miles give or take. Remember I keep awful track of my running. And this week I consider myself to be back training, not just jogging. Tonight I will do a session.........

On another note, I've been listening to the new Oasis album - Dig Out Your Soul. Apparently this was a new direction for the band bringing them back into the spotlight. The best work since Whats The Story etc........So I gave it a thorough listen through and I find it very difficult to come up with any positives. "Falling Down" is a good track. When I first heard it I thought it was brilliant and I was well impressed with the new direction, until I realized I was listening to a Chemical Brothers remix. Finally I did hear the original and its not bad. The rest of the album is sub par. Same old shite from the self proclaimed best band on the planet. And Noel really needs to stop lashing out at Thom Yorke and Radiohead. It just makes him look extremely foolish and sad. Dig Out Your Soul is not worth a trip to iTunes let alone the store. Oasis filled a void in Britain (and Ireland for that matter) in the early 90's and they were great but while their peers either evolved or faded away Oasis just kept hanging on. This album does not point in any new directions as far as I'm concerned. Average music from a very average band.

While Oasis has been giving me a headache, Maps has been giving me nothing but endless joy. Maps is the recording name for a bloke named James Chapman from the UK. Although he has been producing music for the last 2 years I only really got into him as a result of listening to a James Zabiela DJ mix. "To The Sky" is currently my favorite track and is on endless rotation on my playlist. For better times check him out sharpish.



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At Ease

After 8 years of consistent running injuries, coupled of course with frustration, depression, and general feelings of "let-down", I have decided to mount ANOTHER comeback. Now there are comebacks, and there are combacks, what kind of comeback will this be?

My good friend Tom McArdle has suffered a similar fate to mine, although he is an aspiring lawyer studying at Cornell and I work in sales. Nevertheless he knows what it is like to want nothing more than a few years of uninterrupted training and racing, something neither of us had since our final college year. So, like me, he too is on the comeback for a final hit.

I decided to blog this comeback for a number of reasons. First and foremost I have always kept poor quality training diaries. There has been no consistency in my upkeep of the essential training log.........this is about to change. Second, I cannot hide what I am doing from Ray Treacy. Obviously I could lie but that would defeat the purpose of doing this. Third reason is that I love the internet and since loads of other people do it I thought why not get involved. My appetite to blog the return to the running game was particularly enhanced after speaking with Matty P about it the night before he won Baystate Marathon. Fourth reason is that when I fall into old habits (which is bound to happen) my friends will hopefully be the voice of reason. And finally, I think it will be a good laugh and a way to poke fun at myself (and Tom) about how pathetic our lives as runners have become.

And please excuse my non running related rants about music, culture, society, and all the general musings and/or bollix that I will frequently post here. Thats just the buzz and there is feckall I can do about it.

Peace and Lovism