Tuesday, October 21, 2008

At Ease

After 8 years of consistent running injuries, coupled of course with frustration, depression, and general feelings of "let-down", I have decided to mount ANOTHER comeback. Now there are comebacks, and there are combacks, what kind of comeback will this be?

My good friend Tom McArdle has suffered a similar fate to mine, although he is an aspiring lawyer studying at Cornell and I work in sales. Nevertheless he knows what it is like to want nothing more than a few years of uninterrupted training and racing, something neither of us had since our final college year. So, like me, he too is on the comeback for a final hit.

I decided to blog this comeback for a number of reasons. First and foremost I have always kept poor quality training diaries. There has been no consistency in my upkeep of the essential training log.........this is about to change. Second, I cannot hide what I am doing from Ray Treacy. Obviously I could lie but that would defeat the purpose of doing this. Third reason is that I love the internet and since loads of other people do it I thought why not get involved. My appetite to blog the return to the running game was particularly enhanced after speaking with Matty P about it the night before he won Baystate Marathon. Fourth reason is that when I fall into old habits (which is bound to happen) my friends will hopefully be the voice of reason. And finally, I think it will be a good laugh and a way to poke fun at myself (and Tom) about how pathetic our lives as runners have become.

And please excuse my non running related rants about music, culture, society, and all the general musings and/or bollix that I will frequently post here. Thats just the buzz and there is feckall I can do about it.

Peace and Lovism



  1. KK,

    Good to see you on the blog roll. I'll be joining you on the comeback trail soon as my broken behind mends.

    In the meantime, Run Easy (or better yet, jump on the spin bike).


  2. Way to get back on it Keith. Hopefully we can catch a run next time I swing through PVD. As Tom taught me... Live The Dream.