Wednesday, October 22, 2008



2 x 2miles, 2 min recovery. 3 mile WU/CD. Ran 10:15, 10:07. Total: 10 Miles

Did the first rep with Paddy Moulton which was nice. Was on my tod for the second one. Felt like I had no workouts done in a long time, which is actually the case. Pace felt fast and awkward. But on a major positive note, I had little or no knee pain and even now several hours later I feel great. Tomorrow morning will be another story however. Second session in the bag and the long road ahead is becoming more clear.

"And if you must, go to work tomorrow. Well if I was you I really wouldn't bother, for there are brighter sides to life and I should know because I've seen them but not very often"


  1. Kel,

    Good news about your good news, I think you should do a
    "Kelrock-umentary". I'll be following your positive moves, don't be afraid to rest and don't be too eager to get moving faster too fast, a famous man once said "...a little a lot is better than a lot a little.."

    Good times my friend and warm health to you in this cold approaching winter...

  2. Loving the blog buddy!!! keep it coming and keep the'll get there and you'll more than likely enjoy the journey way more than the destination this time around....delighted to see you're working towards something and enjoying it at the same time...if i see any of the old habits creeping in i'll be onto you!!! vinzer