Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain Down, Rain Down On Me

PM: Workout. 3 Mile Tempo Run, 15:20. 3 Miles WU/CD Total: 9 Miles

Did this Tempo run on the outside Res Loop in Central Park, NYC. Lets get one thing straight, when you don't live in NYC, running in Central Park is fantastic. I was loving life despite the freezing wind, rain, and general air temps. Very cold, and a significant shift from how its been over the last few weeks. Pace on the tempo felt ok but the ground was heavy and in good old bookies speak it was going soft.........It didn't help that I was wearing training shoes. Flats will feel like magic when the time comes to wear them. The NYU XC team was out working out and I got flash backs to the good ol days with the PC boys hammering reps out in Goddard park.

Warmed up with Paddy Joyce and then stuck on Sasha's Involver 2 album on the headphones. Its not great and Sasha has not done a a decent mix CD since Global Underground Ibiza. However it was nice tempo tunage and cooling down I shifted the vibe to some In Rainbows Disc 2 action. Go Slowly is one of my favorite tracks from In Rainbows and I agree with Jonny Greenwood, it should have been on the album rather than the B-Sides.

So the NYC action has started on a positive note. The next few days will be full of great energy and I will be on high on caffine for the rest of the week. Then again I am high on Caffine every day so its basically same old. Back to the park with the Reebok team in the morning. Lovely stuff.

Peace and Much Love,


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