Thursday, October 23, 2008

And Life Is Wine

6PM 8.3 Miles (49:57) Fruit Loop and Blvd.

Might have run too quick considering this was a recovery day. Started out slow but got rolling when it got dark. I love running in the evening and particularly in the dark. It reminds me of the good old days running with the club at 7pm back in Drogheda. Lashing fartlek sessions through smog ridden, terraced streets. No technical running gear (although I did have a pair of Ron Hill run pants complete with stirrups) and just hard core working class lads.

It didn't help that my shuffle started playing SCSI-9, nice groovy techno from Russia. I need to start meeting people to run, especially on recovery days. Tomorrow will be much easier. And as for knee pain after last night, well there wasn't any, at least not until the very end. Pleased.

"But there are days in this life when you see the teeth marks of time"


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  2. been using this "very nice" program to download videos from youtube and put them onto my ipod...thought you might like it....its

    right now downloading this to the pod

    we were there!!! if you read the comments below the video i think one of them encapsulates this gem..."perhaps the best song ever written"

    ...thats just the way it goes....