Friday, July 31, 2009

We Put Their Wings Into Our Mouths

PM: 75 Minutes Trainer, 35 Minutes Run

Got caught in a major downpour tonight and it was awesome. I went on the trainer because it looked like it was about to lash but it never did and then during my run a loud clap of Thunder and bang, some of the heaviest rain I have ever run in. I was running with a smile on my face and concern about my knee drifted away to an afterthought. Although I was concerned about my iPod, however all was good in the end and I capped off a lovely afternoon session sitting on the steps with some cytomax recovery watching the rain flood the streets. These are the kinds of things I miss about not being able to run.

Love Kel

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Ain't Afraid Of No Blackbird

PM: Run 6 Miles, 35:10

Only had time for a training run today. Got caught up doing stuff at work and then had an evening engagement with some good friends from Reebok. Solid run mind you and extremely hot too. I am not going to complain because we have had such a poor Summer it is great to finally feel humidity although trying to stop the sweat when there is no AC is a challenge. I need to meet people to run because I go too quick when I am by myself. Either that or I use my Garmin for what its for and actually look at my pace!

Off to NYC tomorrow so will have a day off because it will be early start and late return. Its all good though. The legs could do with a break, especially my knee. I will pick things up on Friday!

Love Kel

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby

PM: 2 Hours Bike, 5 Miles Run (28:30)

You think you have good form on the bike and then you try to do some single leg drills and it all goes to crap. Thats what happened me. I did single leg drills for about 1 minutes and my legs, especially my left leg were exhausted. Its amazing how you cheat in the full pedal stroke even though the perception is that form is flawless. I need to do a lot more of this stuff. I kept my ride aerobic out side of the drills and toward the end pushed the pace a little. I took about 5 minutes before I went out running. My knee was a little sore today but I felt better as I increased pace. I was surprised to see that I was running below six minute miles. I felt pretty good and had my knee not hurt I could have run another 5 at the same pace. I know its not lightening fast but again it solidifies the fact that I have basic fitness from the bike and if my knee was not sore I could probably push through to low 5 minute mile pace on my runs. Too quick of course but thats what happens when I run 25 miles a week.

Went to BRUNO tonight and my expectations were very low so I was pleased that it was much funnier than I had anticipated. It is still very awkward and some of it looks fixed but there were scenes that had me in fits of laughter while other scenes were basically Borat repeated. During the film we were evacuated from the cinema because of a false fire alarm. It was a first for me along with getting evacuated from San Diego airport a few months back. I didn't like either scenario. Although we did get free movie tix with this one so Frankie and I will go and see the 500 days of summer flick when its on.

I have been lacking on the music front lately. My computer is acting the jock and I can't get online to my trusted blog sites. I could search using this computer but I can't be bothered. It will be more exciting for me when my computer is fixed. The old powerbook is going on 5 years old this fall so it may be time to upgrade to some new action. Until tomorrow,

Love Kel

Monday, July 27, 2009

Broken Branches Trip Me

AM: 36 Minutes Run, Core
PM: 30 Minutes Trainer (pathetic)

Soft day of training. Feeling flat and lethargic.  Good thing I ran at 11 bells when it was really warm. That felt great. Nothing like the sensation of burning skin. I did a loop from Reebok through the trails which did offer some protection. I'm not complaining though. We have been waiting a long time for summer and now that its here I am pleased. Great run with mild knee pain. 

I got home with intentions of doing a hard hour on the trainer but it did not work out. I was really hungry clearly not eating enough during the afternoon. I had nothing in the tank at all and really should've bagged the session, however my mindset was to get through 45 minutes of spinning. That didn't really workout and overall I gained nothing except the need to shower.

Busy week ahead so I will have to anti up and get my ass out for some early morning and late evening training. All good in the East Side hood,

Love Kel

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just In For A While

AM: 4:10 Bike Ride

After slow start, meandering up through North Providence I finally woke up and got into the energy of the bike ride. I thought I was going to bag it after about 30 minutes because I felt really flat. However, my oatmeal and coffee kicked in on one of the long climbs along rt.112 and I began to feel amazing. I went into Lincoln woods for a few laps and decided to do an impromptu tempo. 10 laps of the woods equates to roughly 25+ miles and that is what I did. Since it is all rollers in the woods my session turned into a glorified hill workout. It was really tough and really enjoyable. Went down to the Blackstone bike path to get in more time in the saddle and continued to hammer home. Overall it was an easy opening hour followed by 3+ hard hours. Very cool. My body is pretty exhausted now. 

I did no training yesterday. I woke up to an inflamed sciatic nerve and I found it difficult to bend over. In the old days I would have trucked on but I chose a dose of anti-inflammatory pills and a lot of rest. Just the ticket really. And the rest also allowed me to do a quality session today so rest days do actually work! My week has been set up for some great work but without the Tour there will be a void. I am very sad its all over.

Love Kel

Friday, July 24, 2009

This One's For The Critics, And Their Disappointed Mothers

AM: 60 Minutes Trainer
PM: 64 Minutes Trainer, 35:11 Run (about 10k) - Blvd

A great day of training. Kicked things off with an early 60 minutes on the Trainer. Only had time for an hour so stayed inside and banged hard. Felt amazing too but had to get to a planned call with an account. After a work from home day and copious amounts of coffee I was raring to go in the afternoon. My plan was just a run but the lure of the bike for another hour was too much (does this mean I am starting to love the bike?) After a 10 minute warm up I rode tempo for 40 minutes before a 14 minute cool down. Right off the bike I hit the road for my 6+ mile loop (6.2) and I thought I was running slow but clearly I was running sub 6 minute pace. This is too quick and silly. My body is still sore from running but getting off the bike leads to fast running every time. I need to meet people in order to slow down. P-Town does not have the running crew it once had unfortunately. I might have to stop these 'brick' sessions. I had no intention of running tempo but given my current fitness level, 5:50 pace is tempo and even though it feels pretty comfortable I could only race a little quicker. I have only done a hand full of runs with my knee being so banged up so I have no idea why I am running quick. I need to JOG or my knee is going to explode!

I'm off for some Burrito and Gansett down at AS220. The Blessing is on tonight and I would love to be down there but alas I'm not able for 10 miles. Tomorrow is the peak of the tour. I am prob taking a day off because my hammy is a little tweaked. I may go for a Jog but I need a day off the bike.

Know the below track from Sasha's Involver 2 album. This original is really good. Need to get this new Engineers album.

Love Kel

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Doing No Harm

AM: 1:45 Trainer Ride
PM: 4.2 Miles, 25 Minutes, Core

What an amazing Race Of Truth. Bottom line Alberto Contador is amazing. He can climb like a demon and ride time trials like a thoroughbred. For a skinny little climber like Contador to beat Fabian Cancellara is just silly. Great ride by Andy Schleck too. For someone who was supposed to be awful at the TT he did well and deserves to be on the podium. Can't say he is gaurenteed to win one of these things because he will have to deal with AC for many a year to come. Larmstrong did well too but his buffer over Frank Schleck and Kloden is tight making the Saturday Mt. Vontoux a potentially epic day. I cannot wait. While watching this morning I rode my trainer. I had planned on doing 2:15 but I went a little hard early on and I became somewhat dehydrated. My sweat rate was super high due to the humidity in my apartment. I decided to get off 30 minutes early because I felt I was over doing it and getting to that point where the fitness gains are actually turning to losses.

In the afternoon I decided to run again. I did the same blvd lap that I usually do. It is just shy of 4.2 miles (4.17) and I ran it basically the same speed as last night. I felt great and my knee feels good running faster. I had a second opinion today on my last MRI and it was agreed that I have a little defect that will need to be fixed. I am waiting for it to get very sore again because so far its been bearable. I am going 6 miles tomorrow so that will tell me something.

My friend Nick sent me a link to a Miles Fisher cover of This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads. The video features the talented Fisher acting as Christian Bale aka Patrick Bateman in one of my favorite movies, American Psycho. He has it down. I thought his impressions of Tom Cruise were good but this is really perfect. He has the voice and the mannerisms down to perfection. Brilliant, albeit a little graphic. We will put a "Mature Viewing" on this you tube clip.

Also, Check out Vinny has started his own personal training service and will be offering training schedules, fitness programs, and general tips to motivated clients. There will be a lot of fitter, happier, and more productive people in the Dublin area after Vinny is done with them.

Love Kel

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its Not A Hill, Its A Mountain

AM: 2:06 Ride, Blvd, East Bay Bike Path
PM: 1 Hour Trainer Ride, 4.2 Miles - 25 Minutes

Myself and Scopes met early this AM for a nice ride. He was doing a little longer than me but after it was done I had wished I went further too. We went out to Bristol's Colt State Park and I felt fantastic. Great morning ride. In the PM I decided to do more riding while watching a replay of the fantastic stage. I spun hard for an hour and quickly put on the shoes and ran to the top of the Blvd and back. Its amazing how good my knee feels when I run straight after riding. I am not saying I feel particularly good fitness wise but my knee is not sore. The irony of decision making continues.

I listened to "The Present Tense" by Thom Yorke about 25-30 times today which is a little disturbing. I can't help it and I get like this with songs I fall in love with. This song is so amazing and there is about 30 seconds in the middle which may be the most satisfying seconds of music and voice I have heard in many a year. Thom Yorke is a genius.

The lady who posted the present tense video is introducing new clips all the time. Everything In Its Right Place is below. Check it.

Love Kel

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Won't Get Heavy

PM: 65 Minutes Trainer Ride, 32 Minutes Run

Another day of heavy rain here in P-Town. This is the worst summer since I moved to America and something is off. Middle of July and the temps in the middle of the day max out at 65 degrees? However I don't mind the cooler weather to be honest. I still decided to do a quick hour on the trainer rather than go outside. I jumped off the bike and met up with Coxy for a steady 30 minutes. Knee wasn't too bad. Its ironic that I decided to have the surgery and since we set it up I have been feeling better while running. Naturally it is just coincidence and I know after a few runs it will be back to stabbing pain. But there is always a chance......

I have not been listening to any new music. Its all about Thom's solo performance these days. I actually cannot stop listening to "Present Tense", the song is fantastic and very beautiful. New U2 video out yesterday. Its pretty cool and different for the boys. Makes me feel sad in a strange way. Check it at youtube embedding has been disabled. And before bed I am revisiting some M83 action.

Love Kel

Monday, July 20, 2009

Atoms For Peace

AM: 2:05 Ride, North Providence, Linclon Woods
PM: 4.2 Miles run, blvd

Met up with Liam Scopes, a NZ native who is a pro triathlete living the dream for the summer on the USA circuit. He had a solid showing at the RI 70.3 last week and this weekend he races NYC Tri. We did an easy ride around North Prov, Lincoln Bike Path, and the Woods. Twas lovely, not too quick and lots of conversation.

In the afternoon I ran the Blvd. Knee wasn't too bad but that is because I have not run in a week. I am going to see how many days in a row it takes before the pain comes back. Should be tomorrow morning but we shall see. Now that I know I am getting the surgery I feel like banging away because its not like I can make it worse running 30 odd miles a week, and I want to be as fit as possible prior to surgery to limit recovery time.

Frankie and I went to see Food Inc. the other night at the Avon on Thayer street. The information was not new since we have been reading a lot of books on similar subjects mainly to do with the meat industry. This film is not just about meat is not just aimed at vegetarians. It is about knowing exactly where the food we see in supermarkets comes from and it uncovers the nature of the industry and the fact that very few, huge corporations actually make the food we eat everyday. The process, the marketing, the lobbying, and the deception are all revealed. It was a very interesting 90 minutes ans I recommend everyone watch it. And believe me you will want to support your local farmers market and be willing to pay the extra few bucks. There is a lot of evil in the food industry.

And I also recommend everyone watch more Thom Yorke solo from the Latitude Festival.

Love Kel

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can You Live With The Way They Make You Look Unreal?

AM: 4:15 Ride, Hard, Rolling Hills.

Rode with Dan Davenport this AM in Conneticut. It was really hard. I have been dealing with allergies so I was flat from the off. We rode hard all the way and after it was all said and done I went to Starbucks and got meself a large Frappacino drink. Completely cooked I was! But what a fantastic ride. Beautiful countryside and monster hills, dirt road sections, and quaint little towns. Epic end to the week.

Thom Yorke performed a solo show at the Latitude Festival in the UK today. Naturally it depresses me that I miss these events. I would love to see Thom solo and I get very envious when I watch live shows on the web. Anyway, it was an amazing performance as usual. Thom is simply on another level, end of story. And to make the day even better, Thom played a NEW song. Its called "Present Tense", and it sounds fantastic. I included it on the youtube clip below. I have been listening to this gig non stop since it leaked onto the web. I have not found perfect recordings of the songs but BBC played two tracks this afternoon so they have a full recording and they need to unleash it to the Radiohead die hards!!!
Some one got the set list and nice enough to post it on some fansites. Needless to say I am in top form based on new Radiohead material starting to see the light. I am not going to Reading or Leeds festivals but the lucky punters who are better have some kick ass recording equipment!

Love Kel

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Sails Are Flapping In The Wind

AM: 2:10 Trainer Ride

The Tour stage this morning was epic. I jumped on the trainer because I figured I would watch a bit of the intro and head outside but I ended up watching the entire stage and found myself racing in the breakaway, pounding the pedals with a fan blasting in my face. It was a great ride and I felt fantastic. It was certainly a little odd that I didn't go out side considering the weather was perfect but watching big George Hincapie trying to grab yellow was too enthralling to miss.

After the ride I got a phone call from Dr. Brian McKeon. What ortho rings a patient on the weekend to discuss issues relating to the patients injury when in all fairness it is nothing compared to the problems that some people have to deal with. I thought this was truly amazing, especially given the fact that the surgeon who did my knee op last time has never enquired as to my health even though he is the Providence College team Doctor. Its because he is average and does a good job. Dr McKeon is amazing and there is a reason he is hard to become a patient of. He understands the need of an athlete and working with the Celtics has given him perspective. When I told him that Kevin Garnett is not in my league in terms of desperation to compete again I figured he understood. He disagreed at first but after several visits he started to come round. The phone call today solidified my belief in the guy and I know if he can't fix me no one can.

The surgery will take place in Sept to allow me time to build up my glut and quad. He wants me to put on a few inches of mass because I will be immobile for 12 weeks post-op. The procedure he is going to do is known as OATS. Basically he will remove a plug of healthy cartilage from one part of my knee that does not bear much weight and transplant it into the defect. There will be some game day decisions so if its bad he will do some microfracture, a procedure he hopes to avoid. Either way he will do what ever he can and he will be brutally honest. If the surgery is not going to be a success he will tell me as soon as I wake. He is that kind of Doctor and that is why I want to work with him.

So where does that leave me in terms of running? Simply, running is an after thought. I need to get healthy, I cannot continue to walk around in pain and I certainly cannot continue to jog in agony. I believe I will be able to run again but I know I will never be able to pound again. All I want is the ability to get out 5 or 6 times a week for pain free running. I will continue to bike and I am planning on learning how to swim more efficiently so I can do some triathlon to fulfill my competition needs. However, if I can run there is no doubt I will be giving another XC title a crack in 2010. It may be inter-counties in November 2010 but I have no doubt that if the pain goes away I will indeed be back.

Another journey is about to start and I am really looking forward to it. Until then its the music makers and the dreamers of dreams.......

Love Kel

Friday, July 17, 2009

Give Some Meaning To The Means

PM: 70 Minutes Trainer Ride

Feeling like complete rubbish today. What ever ailment I have needs to be remedied asap. Not going out to Boston tonight which sucks because I was looking forward to it. Felt flat on the bike, no energy and a really bad headache to boot. Basically little to be positive about so I'm not going to force it. Will be speaking to Dr. McKeon tomorrow and I am looking forward to that.

Peace and Love,


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Drink Your Milkshake

PM: 70 Minutes Trainer Ride

My friend Marshall Armitage arrived in town today so I only had the energy to do a quick ride on the trainer. I have been dealing with a nagging head cold and it is getting worse with these allergies I am having to deal with at the same time. I rode pretty steady and had lost a lot of fluids, it was very humid.

I might take a day or two off because my knee is actually really sore and very frustrating. I contacted Dr. McKeon and I will be chatting with him tomorrow regarding the next steps. I might have him go in with a camera and look at the damage. In the meantime, it is music and friends to get through the tough times.

Love Kel

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All For The Best

PM: 2:20 Bike W/ 40 Minutes AT

I get once a year allergies. Seasonal I guess. It usually happens in May but this year it didn't. I figured it was a case of not running so no real stress. But that doesn't make sense because I was riding like a mad man. Anyway, the reason it didn't happen is because this summer the weather has been on crack. The allergies decided to come and pay a visit this weekend. And this week in particular. My allergies arrive in the form of flu like symptoms and a sore throat. I feel like I'm breathing through a straw. They first hit me my senior year of college when I raced the NCAA 10k in Oregon. I was bollixed and didn't know why. I felt like I had the flu but had no temperature and no runny nose. Just a feeling of exhaustion and inability to take deep breaths. Now I know exactly what it is and I expect it every April/May. It just came later this year and after a week of drugs it should go away.

So because of the wind and high pollen count I opted to do my workout on the trainer with the door wide open and Le Tour on the box. I rode steady for the first hour, starting out real easy and winding it up until I hit 1:20. I broke out the iPod, some techno sounds, and I lashed into AT effort or harder. Did that for 40 minutes until the sweat was unbearable and cooled down for another 20 minutes. Great session.

Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs Of Mark Mulcahy is a tribute album to benefit Mark since his wife (album cover) passed leaving him with twin 3 year old daughters. Its very sad and I must admit I don't know much about Mark or his band Miracle Legion. What I do know is that Thom Yorke is a fan and he contributed to the album covering the song "All For The Best" by Miracle Legion. The song can be heard HERE. Its lovely. The rest of the album contributions can be seen at the link aswell.

Stereogum was inundated with video footage from the BSS show in Toronto. I liked this video of Anthems Of A Seventeen Year Old. It captures the joy of the evening.

Love Kel

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One More Chance

AM: 5.5 Miles Steady Run, Blue Hills
PM: 80 Minutes Trainer, Hard Workout, 10 Min Tempo, 6 x 2 min, 6 x 1 Min HARD

It is a little bit like being caught in a round-about. Big Ben, Houses Of Parliament, Sore Knee. So I am not going on too much about it. Felt great running but knee was sore every step of the way. Ran at a decent clip focusing on landing mid-foot to ease the pain. What a great day for a run too, 78 and no humidity. Lovely.

I got home late in the day so opted to do my session on the trainer. After a nice 20 min warm up I rode a hard 10 min tempo. Brief recovery followed and then I launched into 6 x 2 min big gear hard with 1 min steady float in between. I had another short recovery and then did 6 x 1 min really hard - max effort with min float recovery. I was shattered after the session and had feelings of complete and utter joy. Hard training is something I cannot get enough of..........and I wonder why my body is broken?

Whole on the old trainer I listened to some uptempo tracks and I've got to admit I am a big fan of remixes and uplifting synth sounds during hard efforts. Its like a soundtrack to the session. Today I actually repeated on of my tunes. It was Bloc Party - One More Chance (Alex Matric Remix) You can download it here. These sounds can typically be held in sharp contrast to my actually techno favorites but I have always been a glutton for uplifting pianos.

Check out the youtube and let me know if its cheese ball. It will prob only last a few weeks on the iPod but I am lovin it. New Sally Shapiro out too which is fantastic. Some Imogen Heap to come. This will be a good week for sounds.

Love Kel

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Most Amazing Weekend.......In The History Of The World, Maybe.

Back from three days in Canada and what a three days it was. I am not going into too much detail because it does not make for great reading. The highlights were the two shows we attended. On Friday night we hit up Lee's Palace for Sunset Rubdown. Frankie and I met up with Pete Watson and kicked things off in Fresh, an amazing vegan restaurant local to the city of Toronto. Got stuck into a bowl of brown rice and veggies, washed down with some organic ale. We hit the venue early in order to get a good spot. Landing up front was pretty much as good as it gets. After that it was just an amazing 80 minutes of Sunset. Check the video I captured below. Camera is not great but you will get the idea.

The next night we went to the Breaks, Beats, and Culture Festival on Toronto's Harbor Front. It was a great event with lots of families and cool people in attendance. There were three stages one of which was a big tent with slamming techno. It was here we kicked the evening off. The main event was Broken Social Scene. Originally they were scheduled to play a festival on Toronto Island for $60 lids but when the public works of Toronto went on strike meaning no boats would be shuttling over to the island they chose to play for free. Since this was the case we were not expecting too much. How wrong we were. It was incredible. They played hard for over two hours and pretty much the whole original line up was there. After the opening song they brought out Feist, amazing. Then for the next tune they brought out Amy Millan of Stars, and next they brought out Emily Haines aka Metric. They played there own songs with the band and then for the next 9o minutes they all played together and had tonnes of fun. Feist on drums for one song, then singing, then guitar, then dancing like crazy. Carnival atmosphere really. And to boot the shoe was professionally filmed for a DVD documentary. We are privileged to have been witness to such a historical occasion. Kevin Drew is a fantastic lead guy and he really connected with the raucous crowed in attendance. Forget it being a free gig, this was simply a legendary gig.

I took some video but it came out pretty bad due to all the bumping and energy in the crowd so I stole some from youtube. Check it out. As for training, well I got in 40 minutes easy running today and thats about it. This weekend was all about sounds, good food, and good times.

Love Kel

Thursday, July 9, 2009

All Points North

AM: 40 Minutes Easy Run, Steady at End
PM: 2 Hours Ride, Seekonk

I went into the office today in order to finish up some work stuff and mail out packages. I ran with Paddy Joyce from the office. It was great to do the old work loop since I have not done any since my knee injury. Coupled with the fact that I've been on the road a lot lately. Pat bagged the run early due to a chronic calf issue so I trucked on and ended up running quicker at the end. Knee was screaming but I blocked out the pain and got back to campus.

Met up with Coxy for an easy ride this PM. Lee is getting ready for the Providence 70.3 so he only did 45 minutes easy to keep the legs loose. I added on and picked up the tempo. I really miss bike riding and hopefully I will get more in over the next few weeks.

The road trips continue tomorrow however it is not work related (I may stop in and say hello to an account in Albany) its all pleasure. Sunset Rubdown tomorrow night at Lee's Palace and Broken Social Scene on Saturday night down at the harbor front. I am beyond excited. I feel like a kid at Christmas and I never want this feeling of excitement I get before I see great music to die.

I'm very pleased with the day of training and I will continue to suck up the pain and run over the next 3 days in Toronto. A few cold ales and lots of music should make for a magical weekend.

Love Kel

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


AM: 75 Minutes Trainer with 30 mins tempo
PM: 30 Minutes Trainer, 40 Minutes Run w/ Rhode Runner

Writing this blog entry while listening to Chloe Harris on Proton Radio, lovely. The sounds are techy with a nice melodic feel. They call the genre minimal techno but I think of it as post progressive. A fusion of the intensity of techno and the melodic tones of prog house. Its perfect. Chloe is a great DJ and is helping my buddy Shawn D progress his own career withing the techno scene so much respect.

I did a wonderful trainer ride this morning with a tempo while watching Tomas Voeckler win a great stage of the Tour. It was brutal weather outside too. For those who don't believe our weather patterns are changing come to New England. Its almost the middle of July and today was 65 and rain. Its like this every day!

I did more riding in the PM just because I felt like it and then joined the group after some floor time at Rhode Runner. I even did a pick up to see if my knee felt any worse while running fast. Fast as in right around 5:50 pace for 3 miles. It was the same level of pain so if I can endure through this maybe I will be able to take on a higher workload? I am not running fit but the smile on my face while running down the Blvd could be seen by everyone. I must have looked like I was on drugs because nothing gives me joy like running. Knee is sore now but that was expected.

I am really excited about Sunset Rubdown on Friday night and I have stopped listening to any music by the band. I am immersing myself in post-rock and techno right now. I don't talk enough about the techno sound but I will put up a mix of mine as soon as I get the technology to record one of my mixes and a place to host it. The below youtube will give you an indication of the sounds I enjoy, I bought this ep by Gui Boratto this morning. Awesomness........

Peace and Love,


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July Evenings

AM: 75 Minutes Trainer Ride.......Watching the TTT
PM: 40 Minutes Easy Run, 20 Minutes Trainer

Todays Team Time Trail was amazing. It had all the drama, lots of crashes and of course an amazing race for yellow. In the end it came down to tenths of a second. Edge of the seat stuff. I did my morning ride on the trainer because I needed to watch this and I knew I had no time to go after. It was lashing rain anyway so its all good.

In the afternoon I ran with Francine and fortunately it was nice and easy. My knee was sore and then would get a little better before getting sore again. Its really, really frustrating and tough to deal with. The fact that I cannot ice or stretch is annoying. I am trying to land more mid-foot which seems to help a little but not as much as I'd like.Today I started listening to a band from Montreal called "Below The Sea". They are post-rock with a beautiful sound. Catching up on office work I needed some new shoegazing sounds to get me through. Never underestimate the power of music. I was in a marginal mood and after 40 minutes of these guys I felt really good. The album I listened to is called "Blame It On The Past". I think its from about 2005. I will do some more research and actually buy something off these fantastic musicians.

So finally a decent day of training. Lots more of this to come. My knee is very sore but operation push on through until surgery is inevitable is in full effect. Nicely.

Love Kel

I also listened to some of this action while doing a sneaky 20 minutes fast spin tonight after my run......

Monday, July 6, 2009

Handsome Furs

No training today. Knee was hurting for some reason. A combination of general tiredness and dehydration. I decided to catch up on a lot of work I missed while on the road last week. I was pretty successful and with working from home I should get it finished tomorrow. The TTT is another reason I'm working from home tomorrow. The Tour is a highlight of the year for me, always has been, even during those summers of running. All athletes can appreciate the Tour and the drama that unfolds over the three weeks. The Team Time Trial could see Lance back in yellow which is just madness. It makes for an epic trip to the mountains however so I hope it happens.

Tonight myself and Frankie joined Terry and Carly for a beer at Sunset Grill before heading over to Great Scott for Handsome Furs. The gig was great and surprisingly not too packed. We had plenty of room and ended up getting right up the front. There were a couple of Joe College muppits up there but it didn't take away from the epic gig. I have made no secret of my preference when it comes to the lead men of Wolf Parade but Dan was still really good. His wife plays synths and drum machines and she is nuts. The energy was really high and the whole show had a basement, punk feel. The guys were really cool too, setting up their own equipment and just walking into the bar to meet everyone after the show. I've seen more pretentious college rock and pub bands. They sold no CD's or Merch other than a poster. Just a couple who enjoy this side project and have zero attitude, playing music they love. Awesome.

Hoping the knee will be better tomorrow. Peace,


Love Kel

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Perminant Daylight

Back to the homestead and looking forward to getting back into a routine for the week. And what a week I have planned. Not only will I be doing lots of hard training but I will be attending three concerts. Tomorrow night is Handsome Furs it will be epic and I am fired up for it. After that I will bang out a week of miles on the bike and even a few on foot, hopefully. Next weekend Frankie and I will be making the trip to Canada and catching Sunset Rubdown, which will be amazing and the following night we will see Broken Social Scene, amazing.

I have been saying this a lot lately but tomorrow is back to normal training and music posting. I am very annoyed at the past week with regard Internet access and general free time. Part and parcel of the job. So some Broken Social Scene below and the good times will keep rolling.

Love Kel

Friday, July 3, 2009


Slammed at Peachtree. I have no good news other than the great sounds I'm listening to and the fact that we are kicking ass at the Peachtree Expo. Good energy here in the city. Its my first Peachtree experience and the fact that I'm not running is kicking in right about now and making me really depressed. Thems indeed are the breaks.
Love KEL

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fleet Feet

Down at the Fleet Feet Conference. Its been a crazy busy few days and I have no free Internet in the room so I haven't been able to blog. The bright light is that there is free Internet down in the expo. I have been running a little over the last couple of days. Nothing serious but decent paces. Yesterday morning, off little sleep, I did a comfortable 5.5 miles and although the pain in the knee decided to wake up with me it stayed pretty low on the scale. I actually felt more comfortable running steady and the grass surface certainly helped. I am off to Atlanta today, hopefully I don't have to pay 16 bucks for Internet down there. Things are not too bad.

Love Kel