Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All For The Best

PM: 2:20 Bike W/ 40 Minutes AT

I get once a year allergies. Seasonal I guess. It usually happens in May but this year it didn't. I figured it was a case of not running so no real stress. But that doesn't make sense because I was riding like a mad man. Anyway, the reason it didn't happen is because this summer the weather has been on crack. The allergies decided to come and pay a visit this weekend. And this week in particular. My allergies arrive in the form of flu like symptoms and a sore throat. I feel like I'm breathing through a straw. They first hit me my senior year of college when I raced the NCAA 10k in Oregon. I was bollixed and didn't know why. I felt like I had the flu but had no temperature and no runny nose. Just a feeling of exhaustion and inability to take deep breaths. Now I know exactly what it is and I expect it every April/May. It just came later this year and after a week of drugs it should go away.

So because of the wind and high pollen count I opted to do my workout on the trainer with the door wide open and Le Tour on the box. I rode steady for the first hour, starting out real easy and winding it up until I hit 1:20. I broke out the iPod, some techno sounds, and I lashed into AT effort or harder. Did that for 40 minutes until the sweat was unbearable and cooled down for another 20 minutes. Great session.

Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs Of Mark Mulcahy is a tribute album to benefit Mark since his wife (album cover) passed leaving him with twin 3 year old daughters. Its very sad and I must admit I don't know much about Mark or his band Miracle Legion. What I do know is that Thom Yorke is a fan and he contributed to the album covering the song "All For The Best" by Miracle Legion. The song can be heard HERE. Its lovely. The rest of the album contributions can be seen at the link aswell.

Stereogum was inundated with video footage from the BSS show in Toronto. I liked this video of Anthems Of A Seventeen Year Old. It captures the joy of the evening.

Love Kel

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  1. So let me get this were "riding like a madman"???? fair enough!!!