Monday, July 27, 2009

Broken Branches Trip Me

AM: 36 Minutes Run, Core
PM: 30 Minutes Trainer (pathetic)

Soft day of training. Feeling flat and lethargic.  Good thing I ran at 11 bells when it was really warm. That felt great. Nothing like the sensation of burning skin. I did a loop from Reebok through the trails which did offer some protection. I'm not complaining though. We have been waiting a long time for summer and now that its here I am pleased. Great run with mild knee pain. 

I got home with intentions of doing a hard hour on the trainer but it did not work out. I was really hungry clearly not eating enough during the afternoon. I had nothing in the tank at all and really should've bagged the session, however my mindset was to get through 45 minutes of spinning. That didn't really workout and overall I gained nothing except the need to shower.

Busy week ahead so I will have to anti up and get my ass out for some early morning and late evening training. All good in the East Side hood,

Love Kel

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