Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Doing No Harm

AM: 1:45 Trainer Ride
PM: 4.2 Miles, 25 Minutes, Core

What an amazing Race Of Truth. Bottom line Alberto Contador is amazing. He can climb like a demon and ride time trials like a thoroughbred. For a skinny little climber like Contador to beat Fabian Cancellara is just silly. Great ride by Andy Schleck too. For someone who was supposed to be awful at the TT he did well and deserves to be on the podium. Can't say he is gaurenteed to win one of these things because he will have to deal with AC for many a year to come. Larmstrong did well too but his buffer over Frank Schleck and Kloden is tight making the Saturday Mt. Vontoux a potentially epic day. I cannot wait. While watching this morning I rode my trainer. I had planned on doing 2:15 but I went a little hard early on and I became somewhat dehydrated. My sweat rate was super high due to the humidity in my apartment. I decided to get off 30 minutes early because I felt I was over doing it and getting to that point where the fitness gains are actually turning to losses.

In the afternoon I decided to run again. I did the same blvd lap that I usually do. It is just shy of 4.2 miles (4.17) and I ran it basically the same speed as last night. I felt great and my knee feels good running faster. I had a second opinion today on my last MRI and it was agreed that I have a little defect that will need to be fixed. I am waiting for it to get very sore again because so far its been bearable. I am going 6 miles tomorrow so that will tell me something.

My friend Nick sent me a link to a Miles Fisher cover of This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads. The video features the talented Fisher acting as Christian Bale aka Patrick Bateman in one of my favorite movies, American Psycho. He has it down. I thought his impressions of Tom Cruise were good but this is really perfect. He has the voice and the mannerisms down to perfection. Brilliant, albeit a little graphic. We will put a "Mature Viewing" on this you tube clip.

Also, Check out Vinny has started his own personal training service and will be offering training schedules, fitness programs, and general tips to motivated clients. There will be a lot of fitter, happier, and more productive people in the Dublin area after Vinny is done with them.

Love Kel

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