Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Sails Are Flapping In The Wind

AM: 2:10 Trainer Ride

The Tour stage this morning was epic. I jumped on the trainer because I figured I would watch a bit of the intro and head outside but I ended up watching the entire stage and found myself racing in the breakaway, pounding the pedals with a fan blasting in my face. It was a great ride and I felt fantastic. It was certainly a little odd that I didn't go out side considering the weather was perfect but watching big George Hincapie trying to grab yellow was too enthralling to miss.

After the ride I got a phone call from Dr. Brian McKeon. What ortho rings a patient on the weekend to discuss issues relating to the patients injury when in all fairness it is nothing compared to the problems that some people have to deal with. I thought this was truly amazing, especially given the fact that the surgeon who did my knee op last time has never enquired as to my health even though he is the Providence College team Doctor. Its because he is average and does a good job. Dr McKeon is amazing and there is a reason he is hard to become a patient of. He understands the need of an athlete and working with the Celtics has given him perspective. When I told him that Kevin Garnett is not in my league in terms of desperation to compete again I figured he understood. He disagreed at first but after several visits he started to come round. The phone call today solidified my belief in the guy and I know if he can't fix me no one can.

The surgery will take place in Sept to allow me time to build up my glut and quad. He wants me to put on a few inches of mass because I will be immobile for 12 weeks post-op. The procedure he is going to do is known as OATS. Basically he will remove a plug of healthy cartilage from one part of my knee that does not bear much weight and transplant it into the defect. There will be some game day decisions so if its bad he will do some microfracture, a procedure he hopes to avoid. Either way he will do what ever he can and he will be brutally honest. If the surgery is not going to be a success he will tell me as soon as I wake. He is that kind of Doctor and that is why I want to work with him.

So where does that leave me in terms of running? Simply, running is an after thought. I need to get healthy, I cannot continue to walk around in pain and I certainly cannot continue to jog in agony. I believe I will be able to run again but I know I will never be able to pound again. All I want is the ability to get out 5 or 6 times a week for pain free running. I will continue to bike and I am planning on learning how to swim more efficiently so I can do some triathlon to fulfill my competition needs. However, if I can run there is no doubt I will be giving another XC title a crack in 2010. It may be inter-counties in November 2010 but I have no doubt that if the pain goes away I will indeed be back.

Another journey is about to start and I am really looking forward to it. Until then its the music makers and the dreamers of dreams.......

Love Kel


  1. Pretty awesome how you always look for the positive in everything. Best of luck and keep spinning on your bike. Have you considered aqua jogging as an alternative? Its very similar to cycling and there are many benefits.
    Too bad George Hincapie missed out on the yellow jersey but it is going to make for quite a stage today!