Friday, July 24, 2009

This One's For The Critics, And Their Disappointed Mothers

AM: 60 Minutes Trainer
PM: 64 Minutes Trainer, 35:11 Run (about 10k) - Blvd

A great day of training. Kicked things off with an early 60 minutes on the Trainer. Only had time for an hour so stayed inside and banged hard. Felt amazing too but had to get to a planned call with an account. After a work from home day and copious amounts of coffee I was raring to go in the afternoon. My plan was just a run but the lure of the bike for another hour was too much (does this mean I am starting to love the bike?) After a 10 minute warm up I rode tempo for 40 minutes before a 14 minute cool down. Right off the bike I hit the road for my 6+ mile loop (6.2) and I thought I was running slow but clearly I was running sub 6 minute pace. This is too quick and silly. My body is still sore from running but getting off the bike leads to fast running every time. I need to meet people in order to slow down. P-Town does not have the running crew it once had unfortunately. I might have to stop these 'brick' sessions. I had no intention of running tempo but given my current fitness level, 5:50 pace is tempo and even though it feels pretty comfortable I could only race a little quicker. I have only done a hand full of runs with my knee being so banged up so I have no idea why I am running quick. I need to JOG or my knee is going to explode!

I'm off for some Burrito and Gansett down at AS220. The Blessing is on tonight and I would love to be down there but alas I'm not able for 10 miles. Tomorrow is the peak of the tour. I am prob taking a day off because my hammy is a little tweaked. I may go for a Jog but I need a day off the bike.

Know the below track from Sasha's Involver 2 album. This original is really good. Need to get this new Engineers album.

Love Kel

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