Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just In For A While

AM: 4:10 Bike Ride

After slow start, meandering up through North Providence I finally woke up and got into the energy of the bike ride. I thought I was going to bag it after about 30 minutes because I felt really flat. However, my oatmeal and coffee kicked in on one of the long climbs along rt.112 and I began to feel amazing. I went into Lincoln woods for a few laps and decided to do an impromptu tempo. 10 laps of the woods equates to roughly 25+ miles and that is what I did. Since it is all rollers in the woods my session turned into a glorified hill workout. It was really tough and really enjoyable. Went down to the Blackstone bike path to get in more time in the saddle and continued to hammer home. Overall it was an easy opening hour followed by 3+ hard hours. Very cool. My body is pretty exhausted now. 

I did no training yesterday. I woke up to an inflamed sciatic nerve and I found it difficult to bend over. In the old days I would have trucked on but I chose a dose of anti-inflammatory pills and a lot of rest. Just the ticket really. And the rest also allowed me to do a quality session today so rest days do actually work! My week has been set up for some great work but without the Tour there will be a void. I am very sad its all over.

Love Kel

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