Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Ain't Afraid Of No Blackbird

PM: Run 6 Miles, 35:10

Only had time for a training run today. Got caught up doing stuff at work and then had an evening engagement with some good friends from Reebok. Solid run mind you and extremely hot too. I am not going to complain because we have had such a poor Summer it is great to finally feel humidity although trying to stop the sweat when there is no AC is a challenge. I need to meet people to run because I go too quick when I am by myself. Either that or I use my Garmin for what its for and actually look at my pace!

Off to NYC tomorrow so will have a day off because it will be early start and late return. Its all good though. The legs could do with a break, especially my knee. I will pick things up on Friday!

Love Kel

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