Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Most Amazing Weekend.......In The History Of The World, Maybe.

Back from three days in Canada and what a three days it was. I am not going into too much detail because it does not make for great reading. The highlights were the two shows we attended. On Friday night we hit up Lee's Palace for Sunset Rubdown. Frankie and I met up with Pete Watson and kicked things off in Fresh, an amazing vegan restaurant local to the city of Toronto. Got stuck into a bowl of brown rice and veggies, washed down with some organic ale. We hit the venue early in order to get a good spot. Landing up front was pretty much as good as it gets. After that it was just an amazing 80 minutes of Sunset. Check the video I captured below. Camera is not great but you will get the idea.

The next night we went to the Breaks, Beats, and Culture Festival on Toronto's Harbor Front. It was a great event with lots of families and cool people in attendance. There were three stages one of which was a big tent with slamming techno. It was here we kicked the evening off. The main event was Broken Social Scene. Originally they were scheduled to play a festival on Toronto Island for $60 lids but when the public works of Toronto went on strike meaning no boats would be shuttling over to the island they chose to play for free. Since this was the case we were not expecting too much. How wrong we were. It was incredible. They played hard for over two hours and pretty much the whole original line up was there. After the opening song they brought out Feist, amazing. Then for the next tune they brought out Amy Millan of Stars, and next they brought out Emily Haines aka Metric. They played there own songs with the band and then for the next 9o minutes they all played together and had tonnes of fun. Feist on drums for one song, then singing, then guitar, then dancing like crazy. Carnival atmosphere really. And to boot the shoe was professionally filmed for a DVD documentary. We are privileged to have been witness to such a historical occasion. Kevin Drew is a fantastic lead guy and he really connected with the raucous crowed in attendance. Forget it being a free gig, this was simply a legendary gig.

I took some video but it came out pretty bad due to all the bumping and energy in the crowd so I stole some from youtube. Check it out. As for training, well I got in 40 minutes easy running today and thats about it. This weekend was all about sounds, good food, and good times.

Love Kel

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