Wednesday, July 8, 2009


AM: 75 Minutes Trainer with 30 mins tempo
PM: 30 Minutes Trainer, 40 Minutes Run w/ Rhode Runner

Writing this blog entry while listening to Chloe Harris on Proton Radio, lovely. The sounds are techy with a nice melodic feel. They call the genre minimal techno but I think of it as post progressive. A fusion of the intensity of techno and the melodic tones of prog house. Its perfect. Chloe is a great DJ and is helping my buddy Shawn D progress his own career withing the techno scene so much respect.

I did a wonderful trainer ride this morning with a tempo while watching Tomas Voeckler win a great stage of the Tour. It was brutal weather outside too. For those who don't believe our weather patterns are changing come to New England. Its almost the middle of July and today was 65 and rain. Its like this every day!

I did more riding in the PM just because I felt like it and then joined the group after some floor time at Rhode Runner. I even did a pick up to see if my knee felt any worse while running fast. Fast as in right around 5:50 pace for 3 miles. It was the same level of pain so if I can endure through this maybe I will be able to take on a higher workload? I am not running fit but the smile on my face while running down the Blvd could be seen by everyone. I must have looked like I was on drugs because nothing gives me joy like running. Knee is sore now but that was expected.

I am really excited about Sunset Rubdown on Friday night and I have stopped listening to any music by the band. I am immersing myself in post-rock and techno right now. I don't talk enough about the techno sound but I will put up a mix of mine as soon as I get the technology to record one of my mixes and a place to host it. The below youtube will give you an indication of the sounds I enjoy, I bought this ep by Gui Boratto this morning. Awesomness........

Peace and Love,


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