Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby

PM: 2 Hours Bike, 5 Miles Run (28:30)

You think you have good form on the bike and then you try to do some single leg drills and it all goes to crap. Thats what happened me. I did single leg drills for about 1 minutes and my legs, especially my left leg were exhausted. Its amazing how you cheat in the full pedal stroke even though the perception is that form is flawless. I need to do a lot more of this stuff. I kept my ride aerobic out side of the drills and toward the end pushed the pace a little. I took about 5 minutes before I went out running. My knee was a little sore today but I felt better as I increased pace. I was surprised to see that I was running below six minute miles. I felt pretty good and had my knee not hurt I could have run another 5 at the same pace. I know its not lightening fast but again it solidifies the fact that I have basic fitness from the bike and if my knee was not sore I could probably push through to low 5 minute mile pace on my runs. Too quick of course but thats what happens when I run 25 miles a week.

Went to BRUNO tonight and my expectations were very low so I was pleased that it was much funnier than I had anticipated. It is still very awkward and some of it looks fixed but there were scenes that had me in fits of laughter while other scenes were basically Borat repeated. During the film we were evacuated from the cinema because of a false fire alarm. It was a first for me along with getting evacuated from San Diego airport a few months back. I didn't like either scenario. Although we did get free movie tix with this one so Frankie and I will go and see the 500 days of summer flick when its on.

I have been lacking on the music front lately. My computer is acting the jock and I can't get online to my trusted blog sites. I could search using this computer but I can't be bothered. It will be more exciting for me when my computer is fixed. The old powerbook is going on 5 years old this fall so it may be time to upgrade to some new action. Until tomorrow,

Love Kel

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