Monday, July 20, 2009

Atoms For Peace

AM: 2:05 Ride, North Providence, Linclon Woods
PM: 4.2 Miles run, blvd

Met up with Liam Scopes, a NZ native who is a pro triathlete living the dream for the summer on the USA circuit. He had a solid showing at the RI 70.3 last week and this weekend he races NYC Tri. We did an easy ride around North Prov, Lincoln Bike Path, and the Woods. Twas lovely, not too quick and lots of conversation.

In the afternoon I ran the Blvd. Knee wasn't too bad but that is because I have not run in a week. I am going to see how many days in a row it takes before the pain comes back. Should be tomorrow morning but we shall see. Now that I know I am getting the surgery I feel like banging away because its not like I can make it worse running 30 odd miles a week, and I want to be as fit as possible prior to surgery to limit recovery time.

Frankie and I went to see Food Inc. the other night at the Avon on Thayer street. The information was not new since we have been reading a lot of books on similar subjects mainly to do with the meat industry. This film is not just about meat is not just aimed at vegetarians. It is about knowing exactly where the food we see in supermarkets comes from and it uncovers the nature of the industry and the fact that very few, huge corporations actually make the food we eat everyday. The process, the marketing, the lobbying, and the deception are all revealed. It was a very interesting 90 minutes ans I recommend everyone watch it. And believe me you will want to support your local farmers market and be willing to pay the extra few bucks. There is a lot of evil in the food industry.

And I also recommend everyone watch more Thom Yorke solo from the Latitude Festival.

Love Kel

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