Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Its Not A Hill, Its A Mountain

AM: 2:06 Ride, Blvd, East Bay Bike Path
PM: 1 Hour Trainer Ride, 4.2 Miles - 25 Minutes

Myself and Scopes met early this AM for a nice ride. He was doing a little longer than me but after it was done I had wished I went further too. We went out to Bristol's Colt State Park and I felt fantastic. Great morning ride. In the PM I decided to do more riding while watching a replay of the fantastic stage. I spun hard for an hour and quickly put on the shoes and ran to the top of the Blvd and back. Its amazing how good my knee feels when I run straight after riding. I am not saying I feel particularly good fitness wise but my knee is not sore. The irony of decision making continues.

I listened to "The Present Tense" by Thom Yorke about 25-30 times today which is a little disturbing. I can't help it and I get like this with songs I fall in love with. This song is so amazing and there is about 30 seconds in the middle which may be the most satisfying seconds of music and voice I have heard in many a year. Thom Yorke is a genius.

The lady who posted the present tense video is introducing new clips all the time. Everything In Its Right Place is below. Check it.

Love Kel

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