Monday, July 6, 2009

Handsome Furs

No training today. Knee was hurting for some reason. A combination of general tiredness and dehydration. I decided to catch up on a lot of work I missed while on the road last week. I was pretty successful and with working from home I should get it finished tomorrow. The TTT is another reason I'm working from home tomorrow. The Tour is a highlight of the year for me, always has been, even during those summers of running. All athletes can appreciate the Tour and the drama that unfolds over the three weeks. The Team Time Trial could see Lance back in yellow which is just madness. It makes for an epic trip to the mountains however so I hope it happens.

Tonight myself and Frankie joined Terry and Carly for a beer at Sunset Grill before heading over to Great Scott for Handsome Furs. The gig was great and surprisingly not too packed. We had plenty of room and ended up getting right up the front. There were a couple of Joe College muppits up there but it didn't take away from the epic gig. I have made no secret of my preference when it comes to the lead men of Wolf Parade but Dan was still really good. His wife plays synths and drum machines and she is nuts. The energy was really high and the whole show had a basement, punk feel. The guys were really cool too, setting up their own equipment and just walking into the bar to meet everyone after the show. I've seen more pretentious college rock and pub bands. They sold no CD's or Merch other than a poster. Just a couple who enjoy this side project and have zero attitude, playing music they love. Awesome.

Hoping the knee will be better tomorrow. Peace,


Love Kel

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