Sunday, July 5, 2009

Perminant Daylight

Back to the homestead and looking forward to getting back into a routine for the week. And what a week I have planned. Not only will I be doing lots of hard training but I will be attending three concerts. Tomorrow night is Handsome Furs it will be epic and I am fired up for it. After that I will bang out a week of miles on the bike and even a few on foot, hopefully. Next weekend Frankie and I will be making the trip to Canada and catching Sunset Rubdown, which will be amazing and the following night we will see Broken Social Scene, amazing.

I have been saying this a lot lately but tomorrow is back to normal training and music posting. I am very annoyed at the past week with regard Internet access and general free time. Part and parcel of the job. So some Broken Social Scene below and the good times will keep rolling.

Love Kel

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  1. Finally got to the backpages of my NE Runner and enjoyed reading the piece about you (although your blog is better). I thought your performance warranted a spot closer to the front of Fitzy's rag.