Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Won't Get Heavy

PM: 65 Minutes Trainer Ride, 32 Minutes Run

Another day of heavy rain here in P-Town. This is the worst summer since I moved to America and something is off. Middle of July and the temps in the middle of the day max out at 65 degrees? However I don't mind the cooler weather to be honest. I still decided to do a quick hour on the trainer rather than go outside. I jumped off the bike and met up with Coxy for a steady 30 minutes. Knee wasn't too bad. Its ironic that I decided to have the surgery and since we set it up I have been feeling better while running. Naturally it is just coincidence and I know after a few runs it will be back to stabbing pain. But there is always a chance......

I have not been listening to any new music. Its all about Thom's solo performance these days. I actually cannot stop listening to "Present Tense", the song is fantastic and very beautiful. New U2 video out yesterday. Its pretty cool and different for the boys. Makes me feel sad in a strange way. Check it at youtube embedding has been disabled. And before bed I am revisiting some M83 action.

Love Kel

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