Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can You Live With The Way They Make You Look Unreal?

AM: 4:15 Ride, Hard, Rolling Hills.

Rode with Dan Davenport this AM in Conneticut. It was really hard. I have been dealing with allergies so I was flat from the off. We rode hard all the way and after it was all said and done I went to Starbucks and got meself a large Frappacino drink. Completely cooked I was! But what a fantastic ride. Beautiful countryside and monster hills, dirt road sections, and quaint little towns. Epic end to the week.

Thom Yorke performed a solo show at the Latitude Festival in the UK today. Naturally it depresses me that I miss these events. I would love to see Thom solo and I get very envious when I watch live shows on the web. Anyway, it was an amazing performance as usual. Thom is simply on another level, end of story. And to make the day even better, Thom played a NEW song. Its called "Present Tense", and it sounds fantastic. I included it on the youtube clip below. I have been listening to this gig non stop since it leaked onto the web. I have not found perfect recordings of the songs but BBC played two tracks this afternoon so they have a full recording and they need to unleash it to the Radiohead die hards!!!
Some one got the set list and nice enough to post it on some fansites. Needless to say I am in top form based on new Radiohead material starting to see the light. I am not going to Reading or Leeds festivals but the lucky punters who are better have some kick ass recording equipment!

Love Kel

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