Thursday, July 9, 2009

All Points North

AM: 40 Minutes Easy Run, Steady at End
PM: 2 Hours Ride, Seekonk

I went into the office today in order to finish up some work stuff and mail out packages. I ran with Paddy Joyce from the office. It was great to do the old work loop since I have not done any since my knee injury. Coupled with the fact that I've been on the road a lot lately. Pat bagged the run early due to a chronic calf issue so I trucked on and ended up running quicker at the end. Knee was screaming but I blocked out the pain and got back to campus.

Met up with Coxy for an easy ride this PM. Lee is getting ready for the Providence 70.3 so he only did 45 minutes easy to keep the legs loose. I added on and picked up the tempo. I really miss bike riding and hopefully I will get more in over the next few weeks.

The road trips continue tomorrow however it is not work related (I may stop in and say hello to an account in Albany) its all pleasure. Sunset Rubdown tomorrow night at Lee's Palace and Broken Social Scene on Saturday night down at the harbor front. I am beyond excited. I feel like a kid at Christmas and I never want this feeling of excitement I get before I see great music to die.

I'm very pleased with the day of training and I will continue to suck up the pain and run over the next 3 days in Toronto. A few cold ales and lots of music should make for a magical weekend.

Love Kel

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  1. just dropping a note. Good to see that you can still put a few happy steps together even though it hurts like shit. As a side note, I found some motivation in the stroke and stride, multisport may bring back a little drive Keith. I'll be going after this Stroke and Stride at the Rez this Thursday, really enjoyed the one last week and (humorously) almost got walked on the run, but managed to hold the lead from the swim...