Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One More Chance

AM: 5.5 Miles Steady Run, Blue Hills
PM: 80 Minutes Trainer, Hard Workout, 10 Min Tempo, 6 x 2 min, 6 x 1 Min HARD

It is a little bit like being caught in a round-about. Big Ben, Houses Of Parliament, Sore Knee. So I am not going on too much about it. Felt great running but knee was sore every step of the way. Ran at a decent clip focusing on landing mid-foot to ease the pain. What a great day for a run too, 78 and no humidity. Lovely.

I got home late in the day so opted to do my session on the trainer. After a nice 20 min warm up I rode a hard 10 min tempo. Brief recovery followed and then I launched into 6 x 2 min big gear hard with 1 min steady float in between. I had another short recovery and then did 6 x 1 min really hard - max effort with min float recovery. I was shattered after the session and had feelings of complete and utter joy. Hard training is something I cannot get enough of..........and I wonder why my body is broken?

Whole on the old trainer I listened to some uptempo tracks and I've got to admit I am a big fan of remixes and uplifting synth sounds during hard efforts. Its like a soundtrack to the session. Today I actually repeated on of my tunes. It was Bloc Party - One More Chance (Alex Matric Remix) You can download it here. These sounds can typically be held in sharp contrast to my actually techno favorites but I have always been a glutton for uplifting pianos.

Check out the youtube and let me know if its cheese ball. It will prob only last a few weeks on the iPod but I am lovin it. New Sally Shapiro out too which is fantastic. Some Imogen Heap to come. This will be a good week for sounds.

Love Kel

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