Saturday, October 25, 2008

Its A Competitive World

AM: 7.7 Miles (44:45), Fruit Loop, Blvd

TOO QUICK AGAIN. I went running accompanied by my iPod Shuffle and a lash of straight up melodic Techno from This Guy and This Guy.

I felt great though and I find it hard to understand how I feel comfortable running sub 6 min miles in training after 3 weeks of light Jogging and 5 months off? I guess biking actually does keep one fit.

Anyway, great run and another positive day of training. The rest of the day was spent watching the "To The Point" 5 mile road race down in Narragansett. Pat Tarpy cruised to an easy win and Frankie won the womens race with Mylene second. It was a nice day and capped off with some Narragansett Larger in a local, dodgy beach side bar.

Good luck to Carroller, Vin, and Spring Break in the Great South Run 10 Miler tomorrow. Little bit of Mayors Cup action tomorrow too and of course the biggest league game of the season so far between the 'Pool and Chelski.

"Everything Counts In Large Amounts"

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