Thursday, October 30, 2008

Euro Trendy, Obama Chic

Wednesday>AM: 8 Miles, One lap of Central Park with Add-On. Easy Running

Ran with the Reebok Crew, Paddy Joyce and Ted Fitz. Also had Abdi tag along for a few miles. The run was nice and a lap of central park was just what I needed to kick start a great day and to discuss a great previous night.

So, I experienced my first Stylist event. It was described by Fitzy as Euro Trendy, Obama Chic so I had to get involved. Aside from the pretentious hipsters and average tuneage selection by the DJ the event was a fantastic. The kind of stuff you see on the Tele. Loft in the Tribecca area of the city, tripped out furniture, DJ, full bar, fashion everywhere and of course the stylists.

The role of the stylist is to pick out pieces of apparel and footwear to give to the celebs they dress. I imagine it was very b-list but all good none the less. If I learned one thing from the event it is that i need to work on my own personal fashion. Nothing like a bunch of hipsters in lower manhattan to make you feel like you have zero style.........but then again some of the clobber I saw was very bottom shelf and laughable.

So post run, and post expo set up I met Marc Davis for a trip to the Old Castle pub and the Liverpool Portsmouth game. It was one-nil to the reds and another three points. This however was the lowlight of the afternoon. The Spurs Arsenal game was much better ending in a 4-4 draw at Arsenal. And the bunch of cockney lads around us cheering for Spurs kept the energy high. But when Roger Daltry of The Who was in the bar cheering for Arsenal it made for a classic NYC scene. The Who played a sold out show last night in the Big Apple but the afternon belonged to football and sitting in a bar with true supporters, Roger Daltry and assorted members of The Who crew makes for a nice day. Got a pic but have zero ability to load it from my crackberry to the computer. A very nice gentleman by the way. And he was more than willing to exchange pleasentries and discuss the game with wit and openness. Might have to revisit The Who post expo.

Anyway, nothing but good old fashion Win-Wins on Wednesday. The rest of Marathon weekend awaits.

Love Kel


  1. Keefer,
    I thought this was supposed to be about your training...I see pubs and football watching and little about your commitment to one last hurrah...focus man, focus!!!!

  2. don't mind him....i was inspired by the roger daltry story...the stuff of legend....considering doing my own blog now as yours has had and influence on me...might do one on the run up to the london marathon 09, starting with a hernia op next week!!!.....would love to be in ny this weekend..always loved marathon weekend there....