Wednesday, October 22, 2008

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

I am not going into details of running injury history because I don't particularly want to go through it and to be honest self loathing is not what I need right now. Anyway, its all positive moving forward so lets just say since 2001 I have not put 5 months of running together. And of the past 7 years I have missed a combined 3+ years of running.

Most recently I had knee surgery. This was at the end of March on the eve of my trip to the World Cross Country Champs. My then roommate Dylan Wykes was representing Canada and my house guest James Carney was representing the USA. It was a dark week for me. Since the surgery I have been dealing with constant knee pain due to arthritis and other general problems. After 5 months off and some bike riding I managed to get some strength back in the joint. Now that brings me to September. I did about 20 miles a week through the month. All very slow. But I got through it, hence the comeback!

Last week I did about 40 miles give or take. Remember I keep awful track of my running. And this week I consider myself to be back training, not just jogging. Tonight I will do a session.........

On another note, I've been listening to the new Oasis album - Dig Out Your Soul. Apparently this was a new direction for the band bringing them back into the spotlight. The best work since Whats The Story etc........So I gave it a thorough listen through and I find it very difficult to come up with any positives. "Falling Down" is a good track. When I first heard it I thought it was brilliant and I was well impressed with the new direction, until I realized I was listening to a Chemical Brothers remix. Finally I did hear the original and its not bad. The rest of the album is sub par. Same old shite from the self proclaimed best band on the planet. And Noel really needs to stop lashing out at Thom Yorke and Radiohead. It just makes him look extremely foolish and sad. Dig Out Your Soul is not worth a trip to iTunes let alone the store. Oasis filled a void in Britain (and Ireland for that matter) in the early 90's and they were great but while their peers either evolved or faded away Oasis just kept hanging on. This album does not point in any new directions as far as I'm concerned. Average music from a very average band.

While Oasis has been giving me a headache, Maps has been giving me nothing but endless joy. Maps is the recording name for a bloke named James Chapman from the UK. Although he has been producing music for the last 2 years I only really got into him as a result of listening to a James Zabiela DJ mix. "To The Sky" is currently my favorite track and is on endless rotation on my playlist. For better times check him out sharpish.



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  1. Keith--i wasted my entire saturday morning on this. I dont even know what i typed but im positive its enough to dispel your arguements.