Sunday, November 2, 2008

Expo Legs

Thursday AM: 7 Miles, Central Park.

Ran with Fitz, Pat, TK, Ray Flynn and Keith Dowling. Started off easy and picked it up with Dowling. Nice run, good times.

So I have not posted my training on here for the last couple of days. There are a couple of reasons for this. Mainly though its because I have done zero running in two days. Had planned on meeting John Clark for some AM running on Friday but didn't sleep a wink. I came down with a bad head cold and coupled with a day on the legs at the expo it made no sense to run at all. Lashed the Zicam all day Friday which helped and another day off yesterday helped too. So had a bucketfull of pints last night in Rosies and now I am ready for some running.

First things first, the NYC marathon and a cup of coffee. Feeling beat up after the expo but its all good. Just need some legs in the air action and an easy run this morning. Peace and love.



  1. i love the legs in the air action. i'm feeling like getting the legs in the air myself. i've been inspired my kell getting back racing, and i am getting back out on my bike too.

    Legs in the Air action.

    love it


  2. Buddy, how come I got left off the list of running mates that day. Just because you and Dowling dusted me, doesn't mean I didn't run half way with you.