Saturday, November 15, 2008

4:13 Dream

AM: 8 Miles, No Time, Steady, Fruit Loop & Blvd
PM: 5.2 Miles, 34:00, Blvd

It lashed rain all day today. It was also very humid and warm. These are some of my favorite conditions. This morning my run was nothing short of fantastic. I don't have the words in a 5 minute post on a blog to describe how good it feels to be back in action but incredible, despite not being the right word is the first word that comes to mind.

I listened to Wolf Parade, and in particular the track "An Animal In Your Care". Its such a good track that I listened to it three times in a row before I progressed on the new Cure Album which is the subject of this blog.

In the afternoon I listened to The Cure again and went 5.2 miles feeling like I was floating. I ate a LOT of chocolate today, namely Ritter Sport with Cornflakes. Francine found it the other day and its a taste sensation. So I bounced along in the rain tonight and I had an aging Robert Smith sing melodies into my ear.So there are a few great moments and a few average moments on the album. I mean, lets be honest, its an up-hill struggle for the Cure because they are going to be compared to everything they have done since their inception in 1978. The fact that they are still putting out quality music 30 years later is in itself an accomplishment that not many bands can stand by. Furthermore Robert Smith has not aged gracefully, unlike say Bono or Morrissey, but he still has the pipes and can belt out tunes. The whole recording process must be difficult too, and Mr Smith himself stated somewhere that he found himself at times feeling alienated from his band mates and friends. 30 years would do that to any singer.

The opening tune is very cool and somewhat epic. A nice start to the album, and its followed by a typical Cure sounding tune "The Only One", a tune that would sound strong along side Friday I'm In Love or Just Like Heaven, before "The Reasons Why", my own personal favorite so far. Its pretty dark, but very beautiful and uplifting in a twisted way. "I won't try to bring you down about my suicide. Got no need to understand about my big suprise"

The album trucks along with more highlights than lowlights including another great tune, "The Hungry Ghost", and finishes off with "Its Over", a typical ending in terms of lyrics but more of a belter than the average Cure track. With the current 80's revival littered with bands sounding like early Depeche Mode or Echo And The Bunnymen its refreshing to hear some seasoned veterens show us that you can have The Killers all you want but nothing sounds as good as the real thing.


Peace and Love

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