Thursday, November 20, 2008


AM: 4 Miles, Easy Easy on Blvd. PM: 7 Miles, 44:04, Steady Running, Fruit Loop and Blvd

This morning was bitter. Had to go full winter clobber and running on the blvd was like running on the road. It was about 19 degrees and for mid-November that is pretty cool. Anyway, despite the wind cutting the face off me it was a joyful morning jaunt. I took it slow and thought about the coffee I was going to have in the Exchange when I was done.

The PM run was the same with some fruit loop action thrown in. Not as cold as the morning but still brisk. I felt flat due to being hungry, a feeling that was made significantly worse when upon leaving Francine arrived home with Sushi and other treats.

The shuffle was on form tonight and after some nice tracks from The Cure, Interpol, and Yubaba I stuck on a DJ mix by my old housemate and fellow raver Sean Donnelly. There is a link to the mix below. Its mellow and groovy with some nice melodic numbers near the end. My favorite track is the second to last tune, Ade remix of Andi Teichmann "Tape", a superb piece of tunage.

Right Click And Save SCD -- Saving Sien

I will post more DJ mixes as I have a good collection here. I also have a slab of other tunes from various artists across all genres that need uploading. Speaking of which I was surfing the blogosphere today and came across 6 new Killers tunes. I don't want to post downloads since I am not sure how the label would feel given that their new album "Day And Age" is not out yet. Youtube links will have to sufice. Anyway, the tracks are the exact same as what was on Sams Town. OK there are slight differences, new sounds etc but not much. It is to Sams Town what Sams Town is to Hot Fuss. If you liked it, you will like these. Same uplifting, Synth Heavy, big sound, and Brandon Flowers powerful voice. Pretty good and energetic but no Cut Copy. The Killers are an OK band in my opinion. They put on a good live show but I am not buying the album. I heard the tracks, Neon Tiger, Losing Touch, The World We Live In, Joy Ride, Spaceman, and Human. There are additional tracks available on youtube but these are the ones I listened to. Does Brandon Flowers sound like Bono sometimes? Man, I dunno, maybe I do like the Killers but just don't want to admit it to myself? I kind of put them in the same catagory as Coldplay. I think the songs are catchy but I like them for that reason only. The lyrics and actual music don't do it for me. I'm waffling I know.

My friend turned 33 and got himself a new Ball Chair. It looks like this \/

Peace and Love,



  1. funny you should post about the killers as i was having the same dilemma myself until i realised i actually do really like the killers.i got the new stuff and i really like it. they remind me of a bit of new order/cure/u2/bruce springsteen/depeche mode and thats good company to be the way did you know where they got their name from??? Check out New Order's video for has New Order playing in a ficticious band called The Killers....I respect that big time!!

  2. by the way listen to the song this is your life on the killers album...can't listen to it without hearing road to nowhere by talking heads...

  3. Be careful what you say about Coldplay. I'd hate to have to cut my orders should you get personal. Just a warning.

  4. that chair is amazing where is it from? i have been looking around for one of those for me!! :)