Thursday, November 27, 2008

PM: 10 Miles, No Time, Easy Running. Fruit Loop, Blvd.

It was like a ghost town around the Blackstone blvd and the fruit loop today. I guess seeing as I went running at 2pm on Thanksgiving I should have expected as much. Either way the run was fantastic. My right quad was a little dead, at least not firing right. It usually means that I over stretched or ran too hard. I have no doubt the Linford Christie impersonation I did on the T-Mill 2 days ago certainly had a lot to do with it. However, 10 more easy miles in the bank is just what I needed before a few Gansett's

I was listening to some techno sounds, mainly minimal stuff out of Germany. I also went on a mission to find covers since I was loving listening to the Cure album I spoke about yesterday. I don't know much about Vampire Weekend, but I saw they did a cover of Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere", one of thier classic tunes. I have it available for Download Here. Grab it because I will take it down in a few weeks. I need to check out more from these guys. This is a solid effort.

The Manchester Road Race was today and Martin Fagan won in 21:41. A fantastic performance and a great confidence booster heading into Euro Cross Champs in three weeks. Mark Carroll had another great performance finishing in 7th place. Also a great boost before he joins the Irish team in Brussells for the Euros. I will be hosting Martin here for the next few days so I will be attempting to run with these two guys over the weekend. It will be good to leave off the tunes and actually get stuck into some conversation.

I'm off for some grub, taking advantage of any occasion that allows me to stuff my face. Now that the training is consistent food is more enjoyable. Not that I am weight conscious at all but as I get older the body doesn't bounce back as quick from anything, including excessive food consumption.

Not because its Thanksgiving but because I just feel like it, below is a live Radiohead track for you to watch over and over again. Plenty more where this came from too.........

Peace and Love



  1. Go easy on Martin this week and trying to prove that you should be representing at Euro's.