Saturday, November 29, 2008

Carrots and Sticks

AM: 13 Miles Easy, Blackstone Bike path, 1:22

Ran on Blackstone with Martin Fagan and Mark Carroll. Great run and fantastic weather. I felt amazing and the actual run and distance felt really short. Basically the run was perfect except for my continued quad pain. I am starting to get worried to be honest. I have not felt great in a few days and I think it may be getting worse. It got sore during the run and rather than force me to stop it just irritated me. But now I feel pain in the outside just under the IT band. I am taking tomorrow off and I am going to do some light biking. I may take a few days off unless there is significant improvement. I get very paranoid and concerned about things like stress fractures and chronic injuries. Not sure why this is hurting so much but I am going to put this post to bed and be satisfied that I had a fantastic run this morning and week 5 was great training.




  1. I hope you can read what you are writing. Take care of that leg. Off or bike tomorrow and off or bike before getting a good massage. Let the massage take before running Tuesday. Promise you'll be right as rain by Tuesday.

  2. 3 day golden rule...always works....agree with john your own post and don't fall into bad've gotten into good shape now so just float along with a few days off and you'll be right as rain...